40 + Stunning Beach Kitchen Ideas & Photos 2022

Beach Kitchen Ideas– many old houses often adapt conventional kitchen styles. Those simple kitchens that only consist of plain color and small artistic touches are considered boring nowadays. Moreover, a great kitchen is based not only on what it consists of but also on its looks. For some people, the appearance and atmosphere of the kitchen are essential. It makes them decide to choose various styles and designs.

One of those styles that we can apply to a kitchen is a beach style. This unique style is perfect for beach houses and any houses with a fresh touch from inside and outside. Therefore, if you are interested in beach kitchen design ideas, here we have several astonishing pieces of information that might be useful.

Beach Kitchen Designs

As we know, the beach kitchen style is identical to a fresh and coastal view. It provides a different impression than other kitchen styles that we have seen in many houses. Usually, this style consists of properties, colors, or designs that remind us of the ocean. Thus, finding the right information about this design is also important. 

Additionally, there are plenty of examples and pictures of beach kitchen designs everywhere. However, choosing the best ones should not be done randomly. Besides, we have found some of the best designs that are perfect for inspiring on transforming your kitchen with a touch of coastal look. Therefore, take a look at these beach house kitchen photos and designs below.

1.Tropical White Kitchen

coastal living kitchens
Photo by houzz.com

As one of the best coastal beach kitchen ideas, this white room also offers a tropical look. It combines the use of wood furniture and steel appliances. The coastal and tropical atmosphere fit perfectly with the use of medium tone wood floor and white properties. 

2. Sizable Coastal Room

modern coastal kitchen
Photo by Lisle Architecture & Design

A beach house looks splendid with its kitchen facing the coast. Similar to this design, it has a large area with an open concept room. Moreover, there are no barriers between the dining area and lounge. It makes this concept look unique and inspirational.

3. Soft Color Tone

coastal kitchens 2020
Photo by Mike’s Factory Direct

Since blue is identical with the ocean, this beach themed kitchen design appears with that color on its backsplash. Other than that, the use of medium tone wood floor combined naturally with a wood island and white cabinets. Also, the cooking space is arranged near the window where the owner can also enjoy the view.

4.Elegant Bright Beach Kitchen Ideas

beach house kitchen cabinets
photo by Cardamon Design

A combination of soft colors and the use of bright lightings is what makes this room look special. Besides, green tile backsplash, white cabinets, and island help to reflect the light so that the room looks brighter. Then, the installation of an undermount sink near the window always looks refreshing.

5. Simple Eat-in Kitchen

beachy kitchen cabinets
Photo by Built Custom Homes, LLC

Some beach style kitchens also show simplicity as the main charm. As we can see, this room has that simple look but still memorable. In the middle of the kitchen, the island and the dining area are placed. It saves more space and is well-ordered. Also, the installation of gold pendants provides a charming view from inside.

6. Beach House Kitchen Ideas

coastal kitchen design ideas
Photo by SAGA Construction & Development

A house close to the coast is perfect for this type of kitchen design, especially a mid-sized kitchen. Additionally, this kitchen has a perfect dining area arrangement. Furthermore, it allows us to see the lovely view of the ocean. 

7.Vintage Dining Room

small beach house kitchens
Photo by Elite Design Group

Among so many beach home kitchen ideas that we choose, this one looks vintage and artistic. Its unique look presented not only the use of classic style furniture but also its arrangement. Like other kitchens, this one also has white shaker cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and an island with white countertop. However, a window seat near the dining area makes it different from other kitchen designs.

8. Transitional Coastal Kitchen

beach themed decor
Photo by Anna Hackathorn Interior Design

A large kitchen area in this transitional beach house provides more open space. It is not only sizable but also well-ordered. Furthermore,there are several stainless steel appliances on the cooking and cleaning side, white shaker cabinets, a farmhouse sink, and tile backsplash. Meanwhile, in the middle of the room, we can see a raised breakfast bar with black countertop on the island and a round dining table. 

9. Inviting Mid-sized Kitchen

beach themed kitchen
Photo by BeeTree Homes

A modern coastal kitchen always looks fascinating and luxurious. It often shows a dominant white color on its walls and furniture. Besides, the quality of the lighting is never disappointing. Here, this kitchen also has stunning pendants above the island and white subway tile backsplash.

10. Dominant Wood Touch

nautical kitchen decor
Photo by Walker Home Design

If you want to have a new experience as if cooking and eating in a yacht, this beach house kitchen design is something you should try. In this u-shaped kitchen, the dark wood floor and the choice of pendants are absolutely stunning. It is also completed with a farmhouse sink, white shaker cabinets, marble countertops, an island, and stainless steel appliances.

11. Small Bohemian Touch

beach themed kitchen decorating ideas
by KGA Studio Architects, PC

Similar to some open concept rooms, this one also puts its kitchen with longue in one place. It also looks clean and neat with white shaker cabinets, tile backsplash, island, and even white appliances. Other than that, there are some natural touches that the room gets from the dark wood floor and rattan chairs.  

12. Modern Neutral Touch 

small coastal kitchen ideas
Photo by KBG Design

An elegant navy island in the middle of this kitchen provides a stylish and modern look. Also, there are some other neutral colors such as white walls, shaker cabinets, countertops, brown wood floors, and bar chairs. Furthermore, to create a fresh atmosphere, placing some green plants in the corner of the room would be an excellent idea.

13. Wood and Steel Combinations

coastal kitchen cabinets
by Waterview Kitchens

A light blue island, white shaker cabinets, a window seat, and dark floor show a natural atmosphere. At the same time, the appliances and bar chair seem sturdy with steel. Both materials fit wonderfully and represent a lovely beach style in this kitchen.  

14. Country Beach Decor

coastal kitchen backsplash ideas
by Freestyle Interiors

On the shiplap ceiling, there are white pleated pendants surrounded by tiny lightings. Moreover, this l-shaped kitchen consists of an undermount sink, white recessed panel cabinets, stone slab backsplash, and stainless appliances. In the middle of the room, the island looks completely elegant with white marble countertop and wooden chairs. 

15. Pastel Green Kitchen

beach kitchens colors
Photo by Benson Interiors, Inc.

Coastal kitchen ideas are not always identical with blue or white as their main color options. As in this kitchen, the most dominant color is pastel green. Its soft color shade fits well with a grey linoleum floor, beige tile backsplash, and white appliances. Besides, all of the kitchen components make a perfect beach style and turn it into an antique mode. 

16. Coastal Galley Kitchen

coastal kitchen decor ideas
by Francie Milano Kitchens inc

A great open window of this galley kitchen leads our view directly to the outdoor scenery. It will both create an amazing and refreshing feeling. Besides, the addition of turquoise blue furniture reminds us of the beautiful sea. 

17. Trendy Gray Kitchen

coastal kitchen dinner
Photo by Real Wood Floors

An artistic touch and modern accent are strong with this design. Starting with the installation of luxury steel pendants and patterned tile backsplash. Then, some stainless steel appliances are also available. Lastly, both white cabinets and island is a nice idea and makes the room look more up-to-date.

18. Fancy Storage Room 

beach inspired kitchen
Photo by Francie Milano Kitchens inc

Since the kitchen needs plenty of storage space, this beach kitchen provides us with a great idea. It has a wooden island with drawers to store some utensils. Moreover, if we look at the entire room design, most areas have wood accents, whether on the furniture or the room’s component itself. 

19. Blue Shades Kitchen

beach style kitchen makeover ideas
Photo by Klaybor & Associates, Inc

Any blues are identical with beach style kitchens, including these blues on the island and walls. Those blues are soft baby blue and sky blue. However, this color shade fits elegantly with white shaker cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

20. Family-Friendly Kitchen

coastal decor 2021
Photo by Kat Nelson Designs

Besides cooking, the kitchen can also be a place for gathering. That is why this kitchen has a family-friendly design. It has a long dining table with a luxurious round pendant light. Moreover, some artistic decorations are entertaining and will not bother the function of the kitchen itself. 

21. Colorful Tiny Kitchen

nautical kitchen decor 2021
Photo by Northwest Home Renovation

Light wood cabinets, multi-colored backsplash, and white appliances make this room full of color. As well as its beautiful color combination, the use of materials is also marvelous. It includes mosaic glass tile backsplash with blue as its base color and granite countertops. 

22. Charming White Blue Combo

coastal kitchen decor ideas 2021
Photo by Francie Milano Kitchens inc

Combining white ceiling, shaker cabinets, and island with blue walls are both cute and unique. Also, to create an aesthetic accent, there is a multi-colored mosaic tile backsplash and limestone countertops. Lastly, the use of stainless steel appliances is never disappointing.

23. Comfy Eat-in Kitchen

beach house kitchens photos
Photo by Katie Rosenfeld Design

A kitchen can also be one of the most comfortable areas which also applies in this ocean-front house. In this large room, the color tones blend beautifully and create a bright and updated look. Other than that, the beaded blue pendant matches the chair, and those white cabinets look magnificent with dark wood floors, and some living plants.

24. Unique Kitchen Decoration

small coastal kitchen ideas
Photo by Francie Milano Kitchens inc

Although the room only has a small part of blue on its wall, most of the furniture represents the beach style. Besides, the kitchen looks charming with white shaker cabinets, mosaic tile backsplash, and limestone countertops. To sum up, those who love to have a unique kitchen decoration, this design can be a wonderful inspiration.

25. Contemporary L-shaped Kitchen

coastal kitchen backsplash ideas
Photo by Houzz.com

Those who love to have plenty of lighting in their kitchen, pick this l-shape design as an inspiration. Not only those lightings but also natural light from outside comes easily through the window. Also, the use of updated furniture and wood accent offers a contemporary characteristic.

26. Outdoor Beach Kitchen Ideas

country coastal kitchen ideas
Photo by @inspired_by_kitchens

Beautiful scenery and fresh atmosphere are two perfect things we can experience in this kitchen. Its veranda is facing the coast so that the ocean looks very close and clear. To conclude, this area is not only perfect for the kitchen but also a place to relax.

27. Stylish Modest Kitchen

Photo by @pvhighend

A beach style kitchen does not always be luxurious or too natural but also can be modest and stylish. In this beach house, the l-shaped kitchen faced the ocean through its open windows and doors. Although only a few accents or colors are being used, the room still looks beautiful with a black marble countertop island, wood cabinets, and some stainless steel appliances.

28. Natural Open Kitchen

coastal kitchen st simons menu
via @instagram

Enjoying the view of the ocean from this open kitchen could create refreshing thoughts. Besides, the large door allows the sun to shine directly into the kitchen. It makes us healthier, and the room can be lighter. Furthermore, the use of natural kitchen accessories provides a fresh and lively atmosphere.

29. Small Kitchen Area

coastal kitchen del mar
Photo by noble_kitchen_designs

A limited kitchen area should never stop our idea of decorating it, especially by using beach style kitchen makeover ideas. Moreover, designing a small kitchen like this one in l-shape is an excellent idea. We can also see a tiny island with white countertop and undermount sink in the middle. Then, the light blue pendants look suitable with the backsplash color and represent the beach style flawlessly.

30. Cute Turquoise Furniture 

coastal kitchen st simons island
Photo by @kitchenenvycabinets

A big open window is a key to this kitchen’s beautifulness. Besides that, the use of wood material on the shaker cabinets, floor and ceiling increase its natural atmosphere. Furthermore, some furniture in turquoise blue allows us to experience an oceanic aura from inside the room.

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31.Outstanding Ocean View

coastal kitchen ideas 2021
Photo by @mainstayluxuryestates

A super large window facing the bay creates an extraordinary experience through this kitchen. Apart from that, the kitchen decoration prefers to have dark furniture and stainless steel appliances. To conclude, the room looks both contemporary and refreshing.

32. Round Kitchen Bar

Via @sandbridgehouses

As usual, the wood accent in this kitchen provides a natural look. However, what makes this room look exclusive is its round bar. Moreover, it has several classic pendant lights above and surrounded by wooden chairs.

33. Perfect Sunset Spot

Photo by sandy_sunrise_nsb

Beach houses always have a perfect spot for watching sunset and sunrise, including this house. It offers a cozy experience and let us enjoy the sea while sitting. In brief, all of the house areas, including the kitchen, provide an enjoyable space.

34. Breezy Summer Room

via @janebeilesphoto

A kitchen with skylight offers a bright quality of light and relaxing air. Not only that, these skylights are right above the island, which let the natural light shone the entire room. Besides, the dominant white wall and colored furniture fill this kitchen with simplicity.

35. Classic Blue Island 

via janebeilesphoto

Even though this kitchen is large and open, there are plenty of lightings surrounding the ceiling. Despite the lights, what makes this room special is its classic light blue island. It also has a raised bar and looks complete with steel pendant lights above.

36. Dazzling Spring Decor

Photo by @batrarealestate

Similar to the coastal look, spring decor can also apply in a beach style kitchen. Its bright quality of light comes from the choice of white and soft color. Above all, that is what makes this kitchen look charming and brilliant.

37. Dreamy Ocean House

Photo by granitebydesignchs

Another summer beach inspired kitchen is here. Besides, it welcomes the ocean view through big windows, making us feel close to the sea. From the outside, summer’s warmth also emerges from the green backsplash, wood, and patterned cabinets from inside.

38. Cottage Inspire Kitchen

Via @designgalleriakitchenandbath

A beach cottage kitchen here brings us a back to nature atmosphere. It looks beautiful with mahogany cabinets and some vintage furniture. Moreover, several functional stainless steel appliances are also available.

39. Homey Crowded Beach Kitchen ideas

via @

  As one of the best small beach kitchen ideas, there is no problem with space in this room. Its cooking space faces the dining area and ocean view. Then, we can see the whole accessories and furniture are functional and fit the design.

40. Huge Kitchen Space 

@Huge Kitchen Space

Spacious space and astonishing experience are two things we can get from this kitchen design. If you live near the open sea, the idea of having super large windows is fascinating. Moreover, the design mixes simplicity and luxury in one place.


In conclusion, a beach house style kitchen can always fit a house with a fresh and natural atmosphere. Since most of us often spend more time in the kitchen, this style should never leave behind. Besides, the choice of color tones, furniture, and accessories always bring joy and relaxing feelings. Therefore, do not hesitate to adopt this style and choose the best designs above to your kitchen.

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