Open Kitchen Design (20+ Ideas That You’ll Love)

Open Kitchen Design -Most of the homeowners determine that the kitchen becomes a priority room in their house. It happens because this room is a source of energy, which means why a kitchen needs to have a good design with the right materials. Additionally, the kitchen model comes in many kitchen style and concepts. Each model shows its own aesthetic and helps the owner with their activities. One of the most appealing designs is an open kitchen.

Usually, we can find an open kitchen design in a cafe or restaurant where a cook needs a generous space for cooking. This design shows a public view of the customers from their tables so that they can watch every activity inside the kitchen. Not only in a cafe or restaurant, but we can also apply this concept to our house. Thus, with the right model and functional plans, you can also transform your old kitchen into an open concept kitchen.

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What is Open Kitchen Design?

open kitchen designs photo gallery

Having a functional kitchen is a dream of every homeowner. People might know the open kitchen as a useful and complete kitchen design. It maximizes its appearance in space and opens to other rooms such as a dining room or a living room.

Instead of applying a wall to separate other places, this one breaks the boundary by not using it. Inside an open kitchen, there are multiple rooms combined into one space where cooking, eating, and gathering happen in the same place. Also, this design adopts simplicity and practicality to its decor and structure, which makes the room looks spacious. Furthermore, an open kitchen is a modern term of making a cooking space into a more welcoming place.

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Open Kitchen Design Ideas

combining kitchen and dining room remodel

Designing a kitchen takes a lot of efforts and processes. However, the most important thing to consider is to get design ideas, especially if you plan to have an open concept kitchen in your house.

There are a lot of great design inspirations available, but here we provide some of the best ones. Therefore, take a look at these open kitchen design ideas to complete your future kitchen design.

1. Open Kitchen Designs With Living Room

open kitchen design images
( Photo By Mark Dziewulski Architect )

Combining a kitchen with a living room is an excellent concept in this design idea. In this place, there are two areas combined into one.

As we can see, the owner put cooking appliances next to a sofa, which represents a kitchen and a living room placed side by side.

Moreover, this design shows an open and bright area which become one of many benefits of an open concept kitchen.

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2. Beach Style Open Kitchen Designs

open kitchen design ideas
( Photo By DESIGNenvy Interiors)

A beach style in an open kitchen design that shows a beautiful view from both inside and outside the room. Just like this kitchen design, it has a beautiful coastal architecture. Started from the ceiling, there are beams to increase the room lighting. Also, in the middle of the room, there is a kitchen island with seating.

The owner also installed an open window to enjoy the view while sitting on the dining table. Furthermore, we can also see a living room directly from this spacious kitchen. Lastly, the whole room design looks fresh with a combination of white and blue on the wall and furniture.

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3. Open Kitchen Design For Small House

open floor plan kitchen living room design
( Photo by Urbanspace Interiors )

An open kitchen design not only suitable for a big house with a large area inside but it also great for a small one. Small open kitchen design is ideal, especially for an apartment or a home with limited room area. This apartment shows an open kitchen combined with a contemporary living room.

In the center of the room, a kitchen island and living room furniture placed side by side. While on the right side of the island, there is a dining area near an open window. With no wall to separate those two areas, the apartment looks way larger and open now.

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4. Open Kitchen Designs With Dining Room

open kitchen ideas for small spaces

A kitchen with a dining room in one area is a great combination, especially with the right design. Here, this design shows a trendy and luxurious look with elegant white covered the whole room. Most of the items of furniture are functional and correctly filled the area, such as flat-panel cabinets and white island on the left side while on the other we can see a seating area for relaxing. On the ceiling, there are beautiful tiny beams above a seating and dining area. Additionally, to make the room brighter, the owner also builds a large skylight on the ceiling.

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5. Small Kitchen Living Room Combo

open kitchen cabinet design

When a small open kitchen combined with a living room, it will bring a fantastic design idea. In this kitchen model, there is a multi-colored combination of fixtures and appliances, such as beige wood island and countertops, orange window and door frames, and grey cabinets. Besides installing an open window and glass door, there are two skylights surrounded by tiny beams and vintage lighting on the ceiling to increase more lights. Although the room is small, this design makes it looks broader and open.

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6. Open Kitchen Ideas For Small Spaces

open plan kitchen dining living room designs
( Photo By Fine Design Interiors, Inc )

A kitchen with island always becomes a favorite for some of the homeowners because of how it functions. Similar to this design, there is a large island and a dining table in the middle. Although the space is quite small, it fits perfectly with this open kitchen. Moreover, a natural wood accent covers most of the kitchen equipment, and it brings a tropical style. Lastly, with multiple open windows, this open kitchen can get more natural lights from the outside.

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7. Small Open Kitchen With Island

open galley kitchen design
( Photo by Gilberte Interiors, inc )

It’s time to try a kitchen design with a coastal vibe. With dominant white color applied on the wall, ceiling, and furniture, the kitchen looks stylish and elegant. In addition to the lighting, there is a beautiful chandelier above the dining table and also two pendant lights above a small island. 

There are lots of open window in this mid-sized beach style dining room. Besides to enjoy the outside view, the installation of open windows is to involve more natural lights. Moreover, some luxurious furnishings bring a fancy look with a beautiful arrangement. In conclusion, the combination of white painting, lots of light fixtures, natural light, and oak wood floor make the room looks clean, spacious, and bright.

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8. Open Kitchen Remodel Ideas

open kitchen design in hall
(Photo by Panorama Cabinets )

A contemporary kitchen often shows its simplicity but elegant look. Here, we can see those two criteria. Started from the space, it has a spacious area that a whole family can fit and enjoy the room. Then, the owner applied some best quality materials, including concrete floor, quartz countertops, an undermount sink, and paneled appliances. Also, for the addition of lighting, there are three hanging lamps above an island bar and a big glass sliding door to help to get more lights from outside. Lastly, to complete the kitchen, there is a combination of accent and colors, including black, white, and wood accent on the cabinets and shelves.

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9. Contemporary Open Kitchen Design

open country kitchen design
( Photo by Loop Design )

As a contemporary kitchen in open concept design, this room has a unique and fresh look. There is a combination of three colors applied, including a green wall, white wall and ceiling, and blue island. Also, the room has an excellent quality of lightings from small beams above a blue island, track lighting, and pendant light above the sink. In addition to furniture, the owner installed wood cabinets, open shelving with hidden brackets, quartz countertops, and stainless steel appliances. In conclusion, those complete kitchen equipment make the room great for cooking and entertaining.

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