25 + Kitchen Style (Popular Type, Ideas & Photos)

Kitchen Style – Kitchen, long days ago, were identical with dreary workspaces, staying hidden from sightseeing. Nowadays, kitchens turn to become a showcase for special-occasion events and sometimes acts as the compliment for family rooms, offices and the rest of the room.

As the development of kitchen into modern ways of living, you may either design your kitchen matching with other rooms style, or plan your kitchen in open space style and look just like surrounded by the whole home. Many kitchen styles names can be mention here.

We give you some kitchen styles ideas below to help you consider your choice. Pick the style which reflects your lifestyle and personal taste.

Most Popular Kitchen Style

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The modernisation of lifestyle gives a significant effect on the growing demand for furniture in showstopping kitchens. Manufacturers offer cabinets, countertops and fixtures of the most popular design styles from open-space style to industrial, fresh coastal to country cozy.

These days, the country kitchen style is becoming the most popular as its warmth and homeless refers to traditional style. You can prefer timber or stone, then pair them with custom kitchen cabinet door fronts that are always on point for every age. This popular style also happens for open space style as well.

On the other hand, the Tuscan kitchen style lays in the last position. The old look, combining the natural wood and metal, together with fancy mouldings requires quite a lot of money.

Many users pick one who requires less cost but gives a maximum look. Another way, instead of buying expensive furniture in the kitchen showroom, you can widen your options by ordering them from furniture designers or furniture makers.

Different Kitchen Styles

Sometimes picking a design for your kitchen is much easier when you have already had an overall style for your home, on the other hand, you might think it’s nice to get something different for the kitchen area.  We hope our kitchen designs below can help you choose.

1. Farmhouse Style Kitchen

kitchen styles ideas
Photo by J.Holderby – Renovations

Farmhouse style kitchens have a wide range of look, from the natural rustic, thematic country vibe, to a more contemporary style. Offer you a combination of intimate, cozy look and highly utilised decorative adornment; farmhouse rises into a trendy design concept.

When modern kitchens bring out high quality and types of simple construction with sharp lines and timeless frames, the farmhouse kitchen is containing personal details. The statement design includes vintage door knobs and pulls, ornament cabinets and other very individual character details.

The ceiling and the flooring are exposed in natural texture and tone of woods, unexpected brick accents, and radiant colour. This one of the example of stylistic kitchens style.

2. Country Style Kitchen

country style kitchen table and chairs
Photo by Susan Serra

Bring warmth and joyfulness, a country style kitchen creates a welcoming atmosphere that comes from the look of the space itself.

Covering the kitchen with hard-wearing timber and porcelain farmhouse furniture, the design of country-style kitchen opts for traditional vibes such as timber or stone and combining them with classic kitchen cabinet door fronts that never age.

Put more country charm by adding some antique crockery, wooden chairs, raw beams, and a bucket of whether freshly picked or dried flowers to finish the country vibe.

3. Galley Kitchen

galley style kitchen layout
Photo by Kate Thompson Photography

A galley kitchen is designed in a layout that shows an aisle among two parallel cabinets and kitchen appliances which are facing each other. This layout intends to maximise the efficiency of small kitchens in a vehicle like boats or RVs.

It’s why the galley kitchen is popular between those whose space is small or limited. If you choose a galley kitchen ideas makeover as the style for your new kitchen, you have the best layout you can for small spaces.

Moreover, you can’t lay only at the design to create a great kitchen for your limited space, but also depend on how well you manage your space.

You should calculate how much space you want to be available between the two sides of the kitchen. Remember, if the space between the two sides of the kitchen is too spacious, your kitchen might even lose safety as well as efficiency.

4. Spanish Style Kitchen

spanish style kitchen design ideas
Photo by Carved Custom Cabinets

The Spanish style kitchen offers a warm and welcoming environment. Just like the name, the architectural and interior of this style is inspired by the Spanish colony details. The Spanish style kitchen provides charming old-days appeal, while still combining with contemporary visual of the interior.

For the statement, the floors frequently utilise the style in unique hexagonal-shaped terracotta tiles. Other hints; stone, sheetrock, and corvette products, included with cabinets and furnishings constructed generally from walnut, develop a Spanish kitchen environment.

5. Tuscan Style kitchen

tuscan style kitchen cabinetry
Photo by J. W. McCarter & Associates

Featuring natural wood and metal, with stone dominates the finishing, Tuscan-style kitchen will show you an Old World look. Stone veneer applies over the Tuscan walls. The cabinetry will consume an enormous amount of kitchen space.

Woodwork applications will occupy the Tuscan kitchen as you need to spend a little extra on cabinets with a radiant look.

The floor will dominate in human-made terracotta or a natural stone product like travertine tiles. Hence, this will give your flooring Tuscan look. Another way to create the look of Old World wood into your kitchen is to install artfully nicked and battered plank flooring.

6. Craftsman Style kitchen

craftsman style kitchen design
Photo by DeWils Custom Cabinetry

Started to become known by the public in the early 20th century Arts and Crafts movement during the industrial revolution, Craftsman-style kitchen gains its popularity through the combination of unique, inviting, and comforting earthy sensuality.

The material of the kitchen appliances is primarily made of natural materials. Woods will be available in the form of furniture or sleek black cabinets and countertops, definitely in various hues of brown.

7. Industrial Style Kitchen

industrial style kitchen faucet
Photo by Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Industrial style kitchen identicals for open, airy spaces with showering lights. It’s why it’s better if the area is not burdened by walls, just let it as open space. Since the industrial kitchen is inspired by what we find in old factories, the kitchen should imitate the factories’ unfinished look.

Installing brick as the kitchen background and overhead joists are also the easiest ways to introduce an industrial aesthetic into your kitchen.

Moreover, you can leave the window bare open to let the natural light get into the kitchen. Placing metal and stainless steel appliances or frames can be a great option to show another prominent feature.

For the flooring, hardwood flooring works well in an industrial kitchen. However, even for its low price, concrete also works well for the industrial kitchen.

8. Cape Cod Style Kitchen

cape cod style kitchen design
Photo by Main Street Kitchens at Botellos

Classic never goes old; Cape Cod-style kitchens is famous by its light and bright painted wood cabinets, beadboard on walls, airy layouts, and nautical themes.

Comfortable yet guest-friendly feel, the design of Cape Cod-style kitchen comes from vacation vibes or summer homes found in traditionally tony Cape Cod. Plenty of storage area plays a vital role in Cape Cod-style kitchen.

Choose light colour schemes such as whites, beiges, bright yellows, blues and greens for the primary colour and the darker for the furniture for the contrary.

Complete the Cape Cod-style by adding backsplashes, tile work and wallpaper similar to create visual interest and to memorise the historical heritage of Cape Cod.

9. Cottage Style Kitchen

cottage style kitchen
Photo by Witt Construction

Cottage style kitchen has a casual, relaxing and lively vibe, inspired by traditional or summer cottages. The cottage-style kitchens include painted cabinets, beadboard on walls, light and bright colour schemes as its hallmark.

Moreover, storage is a must element for this style, as they not only allow you to store your kitchen wares and appliances effectively but also as a stylish and casual manner display of all the appliances.

Another way, you can have an open-cabinet to show your cooking appliances in case of displaying a relaxed and ready-to-cook atmosphere.

When the standard homeowner of Cottage kitchen get whites, beiges, and light yellows as the kitchen base colour, the floor and furniture may hint with a contrasting colour such as sturdy dark wood or stainless steel

10. Transitional Style kitchen

small kitchen ideas
Photo by KraftMaster Renovations

Transitional style kitchens bring the best side of both traditional and contemporary design concepts. It combines the comfort the traditional kitchen offers to the beautifully clean and simple minimalist of modern design.

While the transitional design is majorly influenced by elements from both styles, sometimes other elements from other styles are utilised as well. Transitional style balances in proportions, materials, and harmony.

11. Traditional Style Kitchen

traditional style kitchen design
Photo by Calvis Wyant Luxury Homes

A traditional kitchen style defines cleanliness and comfort in its style. It’s classic in design and offers elegantly timeless features by its fresh colour selection. White tiles, paint and accenting transform to clean look and help reflect light.

 Paneled or glass doors on cupboards come along with a personal touch of details such as coordinating backsplashes, dark hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, and marvellous marble countertops.

12. French Style Kitchen

french country style kitchen
Photo by Mike Smith / Artistic Kitchens

Mixing a combination of high end, quality materials and an elegant, comfortable design, French kitchen design goes from an idea of cooking and entertaining-focused French country kitchens. The design effortlessly shows the imagination of long, warm conversation and fine dining in a luxurious kitchen.

Mixing a combination of high end, quality materials and an elegant, comfortable design, French kitchen design goes from an idea of cooking and entertaining-focused French country kitchens. The design effortlessly shows the imagination of long, warm conversation and fine dining in a luxurious kitchen.

Many of French kitchen designs have an open, airy kitchen space with L-shaped, one-side or-shaped-with-peninsula wall designs. A classic farm-style also sink is often available in French kitchens.

The furniture is in antique or antique-looking design and constructed from the finest quality woods. The antique vibe creates the casual but still Old-World atmosphere and offers features with sturdy hardware in silver, bronze or iron.

13. Victorian Style Kitchen

victorian style kitchen pictures
Photo by Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Victorian style kitchens get inspiration from the elegant, romantic Victorian era in Europe. The design of this style often features excellent quality materials, luxurious Old-World look furniture, soothing colour palettes and vintage details.

The design is usually in an open kitchen space with open U-shaped and L-shaped designs, classic farm-style sinks and cabinets in the Victorian style. The furniture often features intricately carved cutouts, crown moulding and other traditional designs in crafting floral.

We can get the countertops and floors a bit of contrast to what might otherwise be a romantically soft, light and bright design. They can be in black granite or dark woods 

Finally, we can play with lighting as a vintage detail of the look. You can choose striking chandeliers to provide both illumination and elegance.

14. Mediterranean Kitchen

traditional kitchen designs for small kitchens
Photo by Kaufman Construction

Mediterranean style kitchens implement Grecian style that is reminiscent of the art, culture and geographical beauty of this ancient locale. To replicate the Mediterranean style, we can look for Provencal fabrics in rich tones of russet, cobalt and ochre, wooden cabinetry in warm colour, and handmade ceramic accessories

You can find another critical point from terracotta accents, intricate tile mosaics, gorgeously unique backsplashes, and furniture constructed from the most beautiful quality hardwoods. Moreover, rough-hewn textures, copper pots and rush seats give more Mediterranean style vibrant.

15. European Kitchen

european style frameless kitchen cabinets
Photo by M.J. Whelan Construction

European kitchen design is mostly inspired by the luxury midcentury modern design that was initially created in the Nordic countries. It contains both dramatic angles, and flowing curves shown in the furniture, cabinets, accessories and even colours preference.

The style will have laminate, ceramics and moulded plastics. Another great way of getting European vibes is the use of natural matter, like granite countertops, sleek hardwood floors and aesthetically beautiful wooden furniture. It’s between modern and traditional luxury kitchen style.

16. Italian Kitchen

italian style kitchen decor
Photo by Wendi Young Design

Italian kitchen is famous for its natural hues and vibrant colours. The Italian kitchen delivers a relaxed and elegant Italian lifestyle in natural tones and vibrant shades like ocher, orange sunset, terracotta, gentle yellows and light blue.

For any surfaces like floors, countertops and backsplashes, the Italian design is utilised more natural appearances like countertops in stone or granite, floors in terracotta or slate, and backsplashes in unique mosaic designs.

Exposed wood ceiling beams are frequently apparent in Italian kitchens, as for appliances varies from simple stainless steel to vintage or more modern styles in bright and bold colours. 

17. Scandinavian Style Kitchen

scandinavian style kitchen tables
Photo by Jarrell Signature Inc

Scandinavian style let the kitchen shine in design. The design is much more than just white walls, wooden floors. The design is minimal yet straightforward. It’s all about wooden floors, a striped rug, wide-paned cabinets and futuristic hanging lamps.

With the domination of ornaments in wood, this space exudes simplicity. Comfort and chic chair pillow will complete the look.

18. Ranch Style Kitchen

ranch style kitchen remodel
Photo by Orion Design, Inc.

Ranch-style kitchen, or ramblers, is a structurally low-pitched roof and characterised with minimum exterior maintenance. The design is easy to match with popular modern, retro cabinets and furnishings.

Light colour palette dominates the plan, as well as antique accessories and open storage. You can also get custom cabinetry done by the local furniture maker to have a simple minimum storage item.

19. Open Style Kitchen

very small kitchen design
Photo by Feinmann, Inc.

Open style kitchen offers you a versatility space that is used for a variety of tasks, in case it makes you get kitchen-dining-living in one wide space. It’s a plan for a convenient way to live.

You can do cooking, dining, relaxing, working and entertaining at once. This design will suit best for those who own limited space and look for small kitchen styles.

Get your kitchen breakfast bars to create an enjoyable conversation. Skylights showers from the highest point of the kitchen roof to flood this open kitchen and another space with light. Hang artwork and marvellous pendant lights to attract the eye to explore the area.

20. Contemporary Style Kitchen

Photo by Luxury-Designer

If you get your kitchen remodelled in the near future, you may consider a contemporary style kitchen. The look of this highly popular design is a mix of materials: new and old, casual yet luxurious to give an aesthetic finish.

Nowadays, contemporary kitchens feature a more geometric look than the previous one. It’s minimalist but also aesthetic in the strong and bold colour selection. Any features just like concrete flooring, silver knobs, artfully chrome and lacquer detailing, and tiny pops of contrast colour offer an industrial vibe softened by visual appeal.

21. Japanese Kitchen

Photo by Kitchen Studio Monterey

Serenity and harmony, it’s the atmosphere once you enter a Japanese style kitchen. The Japanese kitchen design is all about balance, simplicity, and cleanliness; it’s a kitchen without any clutter, mess, and stress.

To get that minimalist beauty, keep your kitchen in minimalist decor and earthy tones. Choose a neutral colour for your kitchen, for instance, beige or stone. Install simple lighting fixtures, such as wooden shades.

Moreover, both the dining table and chairs should be monotone, simply comfortable and minimalist. You can choose wood, ceramic, or stone to get a serene atmosphere that is the characteristic of this design.

Place as minimal as d├ęcor and items on your countertops, and store away anything that is not used every day.

22. Mexican Style Kitchen

Photo by Dickinson Cabinetry

Fulfilled with warm and spicy ambience,  Mexican style kitchen completely creates your kitchen’s decor with bold tones, decorative tiling and beautiful Mexican detailing so your kitchen can take on a new character.

Installing the edge of the wall or only a side of the wall with patterns contributes majorly to jazz the atmosphere up. A brave selection of colours will make this style of the kitchen look fabulous, such as a pair of yellow and pink or brown and electric blue. An option for terracotta tiles for your flooring provides more warmth to the kitchen, making it look classic.

23. Colonial Kitchen

photo by interiordesign.lovetoknow.com

This colonial style kitchen will give those with historical eagerness feel satisfied. The inspiration of the kitchen comes from the American Colonial era of the 17th and 18th centuries. This one is also great for simple kitchen designs.

The colonial kitchen often features traditional colours, with high-quality wood cabinets and furniture. Most fixtures and hardware is covered in metals like oil-rubbed bronze.

Cabinet in the colonial kitchen is straightforward in design, either coloured in a range of natural shades or stained in the varieties of colour. It’s made of fine quality hardwood and a trademark of the original American kitchen, as well as in the selection for furniture and floor.

24. Southwestern Style Kitchen

Photo by Forte’ Homes Construction LLC

Many cultures strongly influence Southwestern style kitchen; no wonder it’s become a popular design choice. Influenced heavily by the Native American, Mexican and Spanish. The heritage’s design altogether displays simplicity, repetition of patterns or motifs, rustic materials and earthy colour. It’s also boasting a warm and casual atmosphere. 

The design is rich in earthy ornament, for instance, red tile roof, brick or flagstone floors, ornamental ironworks, and colourful ceramic tiles. Some of the interior designers recommend the implementation of old-style design for plumbing and lighting to give more rustic approach, like a copper or oil-rubbed bronze faucet. Today’s design house gets influence from this design.

25. Beach/ Coastal Style Kitchen

Photo by Creative Design Construction, Inc.

Related from the title of this design, beach style kitchens offer the best design for those who fancy a coastal vibe. The beach style kitchen, also known as coastal style kitchen, comforts the zone of your own home. Cool shades of blue, coastal theme accents just like seagrass, sand, and seashells produce a relaxing and fun ambience just like in the beach.

The shade of blue and white dominates each part of the kitchen. The sheer, airy window gives the kitchen plenty of warm sunlight. A coastal theme for the backsplash combined with white painted wall can be implemented for the coastal feeling around the kitchen. The addition of seashells or other ocean replicas can create a calm beach sensation and bring vacation vibe to your kitchen every day

26. Log Kitchens

Photo by The Cabinet en-Counter, Inc

Originally, the log cabin style doesn’t need any nails or anything else. It only consists of big solid wood. With a unique design in every corner, you can see a huge contrast to the other kitchens. Big wood on the ceiling adds a sensational feeling eats under the tree. Natural color from the wood and beachy color blends very well. This black and gold kitchen faucet is good adition to this kitchen style


Kitchens are a hidden treasure that can finish your house design in one delightful package. We know kitchen is a place for cook our meal, but it’s also where nourishment is created. We hope by reading our list above can help you complete the dream house you have always wanted.

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