Farmhouse Style Kitchen(70+ Ideas, Designs & How to Decorate 2024)

Farmhouse Style Kitchen – Among many styles available to decorate a house, a farmhouse style house becomes one of the favorites. It is inspired by farmhouses in the Middle Ages where there were only limited rooms available. Commonly, the homeowner applied it in some parts of the house, including a bathroom, bedroom, and also a kitchen. 

A farmhouse kitchen is very functional, and it is famous for preparing the food, dining, and gathering space. However, most of the homeowners use it for cooking and food preparation. Similar to its name, this kitchen style known for its natural materials such as stones or handmade tiles. 

Farmhouse style kitchen provides many variations of designs, and it brings a balance between traditional and modern. There are some specific details that we can find in a farmhouse kitchen, such as homemade elements, old materials, and distressing texture. Besides, it has a casual look and very functional, which makes the room feel warm and welcoming.

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Trends

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This data shows, farmhouse style kitchen trends grow over time. Back in 2004, the statistic went upside down, showing just a few people interested in this kitchen style. Suddenly, it is rising in 2016 and shows good potential in the next few years. Now, the trends look good and climb up every month. If you decide to apply farmhouse style kitchen on yours , it will still work well.

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Sink and Faucet

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While choosing a kitchen sink and faucet, you do not have to focus on the most popular or expensive ones. Instead, choose the one with the best quality performance, especially for a farmhouse style kitchen. Fortunately, we provide some sink and faucets recommendations for your farmhouse kitchen.

1. Farmhouse Style Kitchen: Copper Sink

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Photo by Venegas and Company

A copper farmhouse sink and a classic faucet is a great combination to install in your farmhouse kitchen. Moreover, the sink is antibacterial compared to stainless steel, and it is also easy to maintain.

2. Farmhouse Style Kitchen : Ceramic Sink and Chrome Finish Faucet

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Photo By Callow Design and Construction

White ceramic sink and chrome finish faucet show their elegant looks, especially if they installed on white cabinets. With magnetic spray head and locking diverter, this faucet has a simple design but efficient use.

3. Farmhouse Style Kitchen : Drop-in Sink and Wall Mounted Faucet

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Photo By Smith & Vansant Architects PC

When it comes to choose a sink and faucet in a classic kitchen model, try to install a drop-in sink and wall mounted faucet. Also, the double sink helps us to work fast, and it matches perfectly with the faucets.

4. Farmhouse Style Kitchen: Apron Sink

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Photo By Dragonfly Designs

An apron sink has a distinct look and large sized. Usually, the homeowner installs it to fit a space between kitchen counters. This type of farmhouse sink is suitable with many countertops materials, such as wood, laminate, or natural stone countertops.

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Farmhouse Style Kitchen Table

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A dining table is one of the most priority furnishings in a spacious kitchen. Some smaller kitchens also provide it to replace an island. When it comes to choosing a farmhouse table, we need to consider its suitability with the kitchen design. Here, we provide some ideas of the farmhouse kitchen tables.

1. Farmhouse Style Kitchen: Wood Table

what is a farmhouse style home
Photo By Gabriel Holland Interior Design

A light wood table looks attractive to apply in a bright color room. Its unique material and beautiful design fit perfectly with the room atmosphere. Besides, the table presents its aesthetic and fresh looks, which shows its combination of farmhouse and beach style kitchen

2. Antique Wood Table

traditional farmhouse kitchens
Photo By Ben Herzog

A traditional dining room with an antique table is a fantastic combination. The table is made of wood and surrounded by cream walls. Also, Its dark wood material is suitable with the lack of bright color applied in the room.

3. Long Dining Table

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Photo By KellyBaron

A long table doesn’t always fit in a large kitchen, and this one finds its home in a smaller room. It is made of dark wood material and completed with two dining chairs. Additionally, the kitchen looks homey and peaceful with white color and wood accent applied side by side.

4. Table with Bench

farmhouse kitchen decorating
Photo by Van Wicklen Design

Choosing a table for an elegant dining room could be tricky. For this reason, try a dining table with a bench. In this kitchen, the table entirely made of wood and the seat has a backrest. 

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Island

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Sometimes a large kitchen left some empty spaces, especially a farmhouse kitchen. If you want to fit them, consider adding more functional farmhouse style furniture, for example, an island. Not only useful for eating and food preparation, but it also brings an intense atmosphere to the room. Therefore, we provide some ideas for choosing a marvelous island in your kitchen. Now, take your time to check these examples of the farmhouse kitchen island.

1. Farmhouse Style Kitchen: Oversized Island

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Photo By Arturo Palombo Architecture

If you plan to maximize the use of your large kitchen, try to add an oversized island in the middle of the room. It is possible to do many kitchen activities on this island because the island includes some functional fixtures, such as sink, refrigerator, and cutting board.   

2. Farmhouse Style Kitchen: Dark Island with Wood Countertop

rustic farmhouse kitchen
Photo By The Aldrich Group, LLC

A mid-sized island is a center of attention in this farmhouse kitchen. There is a combination of black cabinets and wood countertop on the island. It is in contrast to the walls’ color but still looks astonishing.

3. Farmhouse Style Kitchen: Oak Countertop Island

what is farmhouse style furniture
Photo By Hill Farm Furniture Ltd

Addition of an island always helps the owner to do any kitchen activities, especially the one with complete fixture installation. In this kitchen, the island has a combination of grey cabinets, oak countertop, and farmhouse sink and faucets on its surface. Thus, it will be easier to work on this island.

4. Long and Narrow Island

what is a farmhouse style home
Photo By Van Wicklen Design

This kitchen island comes in a unique appearance with long and narrow shape. It has a marble countertop and completed with prep sink and faucet on the edge side. Moreover, a towel bar on the right side adds more functional space on the island.

5. Dual Island

farmhouse living room decorating ideas
Photo By timothyj kitchen & bath, inc.

If you are feeling bored with having only one island in a room, why not getting two at the same time. When you take a look at this example, there are dual islands applied in the kitchen. Both islands have marble countertop with distressing texture and greenish gray color.

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Cabinet

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When we enter the kitchen, most likely, the first thing we will notice is the cabinet. On the other hand, not only focus on its appearance, but we also need to pay attention to its material and functionality. Therefore, make sure to choose the right cabinets based on those previous three points. Below, there are some fantastic farmhouse style kitchen cabinets to help you transform your kitchen into a perfect one.

1. Wood Cabinets

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Photo By Mountaineer WoodCraft

Having many storage spaces can maximize the arrangement of smaller kitchen stuff. This kitchen has some cabinets made of medium tone maple wood. There are also some shaker cabinets built in large sized.

2. Gray Cabinets

why is farmhouse style so popular
Photo By Spectra Design Build

We can see some pretty grey cabinets and also shaker cabinets in this mid-sized kitchen. They match beautifully with stainless steel appliances and the whole room tones.

3. Blue Cabinets

farmhouse style living room
Photo By Dibello Architects, PLLC

Still, in a mid-sized farmhouse kitchen, there are some lovely cabinets and shaker cabinets designed in blue color. Additionally, the color matches with the island and solid surface countertops. 

4. Longleaf Pine Wood Cabinets

farmhouse style decor
Photo by Robert M. Cain, Architect

Most of this kitchen’s materials are wooden, including the cabinets. They made of longleaf pine wood and showed a beautiful visual, especially when there are lots of lights comes through the transparent window.

5. White Cabinets

traditional farmhouse kitchens
Photo By Michael Kim Associates

Similar to the whole room color, the cabinets also applied in white. These elegant cabinetry types are recessed-panel cabinets. It is a great inspiration to choose the cabinets in a small kitchen. 

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Curtains

farmhouse style kitchen cabinets

Adding a curtain in a farmhouse kitchen window is excellent treatment. Besides to make the room looks aesthetic, it also helps to cover the window from too many lights. Although some homeowners prefer to left their window uncovered, still some consider it is crucial. For these reasons, we give you these charming curtains to inspire your kitchen decoration. ( Best Curtains For You )

1. Shabby Chic Curtains

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Photo By The Kitchen Studio, Inc.

Covering small windows with shabby chic curtains will create a sweet and fancy look, especially if the kitchen has a vintage style. Moreover, the curtains warm color fit perfectly with the cabinets.

2. Valance Curtain

farmhouse kitchen decor ideas
Photo By Lisa Gabrielson Design

Valance curtain is the best choice for those who want to have their window half covered. Although the curtain covered the upper side of the window, the kitchen still receives more lights from outside.

3. Red Checkered Curtains

what is modern farmhouse style
Photo By Lisa Melvin Design

Not only for the window, but some doors also need to have a curtain, especially, a glass door or transparent door. In this kitchen, there is a glass door with red checkered curtains. Also, the addition of curtains increases a fresh atmosphere in the room, because the rest of the room’s colors are ivory. 

4. White Curtain

farmhouse decor cheap
Photo By Kemp Hall Studio

A white curtain always makes the room look elegant because of its simplicity. It fits with the whole kitchen tones and blends gracefully with the natural light from outside the window. 

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5. Handmade Burlap Curtain

farmhouse kitchen decor ideas
Photo By Jennifer Grey Interiors Design & Color Specialist

Sometimes a handmade curtain is better than buying — this one made by the owner using a burlap combined with ribbons and hangs on a tension rod. As a result, it looks vintage and very traditional.  

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Lighting

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If you plan to start decorating your farmhouse kitchen, you might want to start with installing the lights. Lighting fixtures in a farmhouse style kitchen comes in many variations. From antique to rustic, but still, have a modern touch. These are the variations of lighting that can be an inspiration for your kitchen decoration.

1. Dim Lightings

country cottage furniture
Photo By Ron Brenner Architects

Decorating a kitchen with these dim pendant lights bring a warm atmosphere into the room. All three lightings are small in size and completed with brown handles.

2. Mini Chandelier

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Photo By RLH Studio

A classic and luxurious look in the kitchen comes from two mini chandeliers over an island. They include four bulbs each and metal chain handles. ( Luxurious Chandelier)

3. Small Glass and Metal Pendant

farmhouse style sectional
Photo By In the Deets

Along with small beams on the ceiling, the pendant lights hanging over the island. There are three pendants with gold handles made of metal and small bulbs covered with glass. 

4. Spherical Pendant Lights

how to transition to farmhouse style
Photo By SH interiors

In this farmhouse kitchen, there is an appealing combination of a white bulb and a gold handle connected with the ceiling. Moreover, the lighting has a spherical shape, and it is hanging beautifully over an island.

5. Glass Pendant Lights

farmhouse furniture store
Photo By Ally Whalen Design

Creating an artistic shape of lighting is fun to have in the room. Similar to this glass pendant light, it has pentagon shaped glasses and a dark frame. Also, the frame and dim lightings are suitable for the island tone.

6. Metal Framed Chandelier

farmhouse style furniture white bear lake
Photo By The Good Home – Interiors & Design

After spherical and pentagon shapes, we also have this square frame chandelier. It made of metal and completed with four dim lighting bulbs. Additionally, the light gives a classic look and old style to the kitchen.

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Rug

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Besides walls and ceiling decoration, floor decoration should never be left behind. Kitchen rug is a fascinating decor on the floor. It functions to protect the carpets or hardwood from everyday activity. Besides, it also adds characters and texture. Thus, take your time to check these beautiful rugs to cover your floor below.

1. Ethnic Rug

is farmhouse style here to stay
Photo By Mike Knight Construction

An ethnic rug looks terrific with the wood floor. It also surrounded by dark wood cabinets. As a result, this u-shaped kitchen looks authentic and traditional. (Amazing Ethnic Rug )

2. Multicolor Rug

farmhouse style kitchen
Photo By Urban Homes – Innovative Design for Kitchen & Bath

Still, from a traditional kitchen, there is a small space between an island and cabinets. Additionally, there is a unique multicolor rug on the area. It has a combination of many patterns and colors. 

3. Harlequin Pattern Rug

rustic farmhouse furniture
Photo By Cummings Architects

This rug comes with a black harlequin pattern. It made of canvas material and laid in front of the door. Also, the color is in contrast with the floor but matched with the door.

4. Oval Rug

farmhouse table
Photo By DeGraw & DeHaan Architects

An oval rug often used on the bottom of the table just like in this kitchen. It has three medium colors and matched beautifully with the farmhouse dining table.

5. Natural Textured Rug

is farmhouse style here to stay
Photo By Town & Country Kitchen and Bath

Lastly, we have a natural textured rug. It looks very traditional and straightforward. With light brown color and soft material, the rug is suitable to apply in a farmhouse kitchen. 

How to Decorate a Farmhouse Style Kitchen?

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Decorating a kitchen takes a lot of ideas, especially if you try to transform your kitchen into a farmhouse style kitchen. A farmhouse kitchen has its uniqueness. Usually, the room has a natural atmosphere and country decor. Therefore, here are some tips on how to create farmhouse look in your kitchen.

1. Choose white, soft silver, or wood accent for the color scheme

Try to decorate the room with neutral colors, for example, white and silver. Also, don’t forget to add a wood accent on the shelves so that the kitchen looks stylish and beautiful.

2. Decorate your pantry door with a hanging chalkboard

Hide your pantry with a hanging chalkboard as a door. Besides functional, it also looks very artistic.

3. Create a beautiful display for your table

If you have a cake stand, you can use it as a fruit and flower display on a table. Arrange a smaller one on top of a bigger one, and the result will be magnificent. 

4. Beautify your display items with hand-lettered labeling

Arrange some functional objects as a display on your shelves. You can also decorate the items with hand-lettering labels such as flour and sugar or add farm plates as decor.

5. Turn your door into a dutch door

Installing a dutch door in a kitchen will give a breeze from the top side of the door, while the bottom side closed. Additionally, it provides a sweet look and protects the house from animal outside.

6. Add dry flowers to your display shelves

Decorate your bookshelf with display items like a vase with flowers and bread baskets. It will give a vintage look and beautiful country design.

More Ideas

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In conclusion, creating a farmhouse style in a kitchen needs a lot of ideas and inspirations. It has its special appearance for each item in the room. But most importantly, a farmhouse kitchen always gives a natural and rustic look. As a result, its warmth and simplicity bring tranquility into the room.

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