20+ Timeless Kitchen Remodel Ideas Before and After 2024

Kitchen is considered as one of the essential areas in a house. Not only as a place for cooking and serving food but also as a gathering area with friends and family. Furthermore, considering its comfort and functionality is essential to have a room that is suitable for our needs. Revamping your kitchen can breathe new life into your living space. To create a timeless kitchen that enhances your new house, consider smart budgeting. Saving money during your kitchen remodel can expedite your journey to homeownership. 

Opt for classic design elements that won’t go out of style, maximizing longevity and appeal. Repurposing existing items and comparing prices diligently can also save significant costs. With prudent choices, you’ll have a stunning kitchen and be one step closer to turning your dream of owning a new home into reality

Renovating a kitchen is both a fun and a hard job to do. It takes a lot of effort and ideas during and before the process. As a result, getting information as much as possible is essential, especially comparing before and after results from other people’s remodeling projects. Besides, it will help to inspire and give a picture of what we should and shouldn’t do. Don’t waste your time scroll down below to see our Kitchen remodeling blog.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas Before and After

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Finding ideas and inspirations before starting to remodel a kitchen is essential to avoid terrible mistakes during the process. It gives us a picture of how are we going to transform the kitchen. Additionally, looking at before and after kitchen renovation pictures often give us fair comparisons. Thus, before you begin remodeling your kitchen, take a look at these fantastic kitchen transformations to inspire your design.

1. Small Kitchen Makeovers

Too many empty spaces don’t always mean good, just like this one. It looked old-fashioned with few old elements including dark wood cabinets and a tiny island. Moreover, the homeowner did a total renovation. Now, it looks fancy and modern with new design and colors. There are also some appliances and great arrangement. Finally, the kitchen is not only large but also fits perfectly with the whole elements.

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2. Before & After Kitchen Renovation

small country kitchen ideas
Photo by GCW Custom Kitchens & Cabinetry Inc.

Similar wood accents on the cabinet and floor along with lack of lights make this kitchen looked dark and dreary. Also, old appliances and awful arrangements showed a weary atmosphere. However, after a renovation, this kitchen looks brighter and cleaner. With new tools and excellent management, it also looks large and elegant. In short, this room made a remarkable improvement.

3. Small Kitchen Design

traditional country kitchen ideas
Photo by BJ Floors and Kitchens Inc

With the installation of less window, the kitchen looked dark and needed more lights. It also looked small and tight. Therefore, the homeowner transforms it into a better one. There are also some changes on the floor, lightings, and some furniture. Furthermore, lots of windows increase the quality of natural lights from outside. As a result, the kitchen looks way brighter and cleaner.

4. Indian Style Kitchen Design

traditional country kitchen ideas
Photo by Ellis Custom Homes LLC

An Indian style is excellent for those who love to have a rustic kitchen in their house. In this kitchen, there are so many unique and classical fixtures, including lightings and colorful appliances. It looks fascinating and different from other ordinary kitchen styles.

5. Modern Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen trends 2020 uk
Photo by Walnut Studiolo

This trendy kitchen has a little change in its cabinets. Even though these shaker cabinets have a new style, they still apply with white just like the previous ones. Additionally, there are wooden and granite countertops that blend nicely with the room.

6. 1950s Kitchen Remodel

newest kitchen trends 2020
Photo by Michelle Lord Interiors

Remodeling this mid-century kitchen takes some changes in accents and layout. As we can see, the homeowner transforms the orange cabinets and island into wooden. It looks brand new and fresh with a new fixture and lots of lightings. In short, the whole combination of colors, materials, and layout in this room is astonishing.

7. U-shaped Kitchen Remodel Before and After

how to remodel kitchen cabinets cheap
Photo by Good Life New England

Before the renovation, this kitchen had little space in the corner of the room. It looked too simple and seemed empty with few appliances and cabinets. Then, a small renovation was applied to the walls, fixture, and arrangements. Now, it looks fresh and new with U-shaped layout and an industrial style.

8. Kitchen Expansion Before and After

small kitchen remodeling ideas on a budget pictures
Photo by Barnett Adler

By installing a new fixture and apply a different layout, this kitchen looks cozy with a perfect atmosphere. Moreover, the room looks beautiful and homey with traditional style and new appliances. In short, this kitchen is entirely different than its previous design.

9. 70s Kitchen Remodel Before and After

kitchen remodel for $3000
Photo by Randolph Construction Company

An old kitchen needs to redesign after standing for a long time. This traditional kitchen had a 70s design, and the homeowner decided to remodel it. Although still taking its classic style, this room now looks elegant and timeless. Furthermore, this design will not bore our eyes with its homey atmosphere.

10. Country Kitchen Remodel 

kitchen remodel ideas on a budget
Photo by Decorum Interior Design Ltd

Plain and too simple were a definition of this previous kitchen design. There was mostly a combination of beige and white on the entire kitchen elements. With a small remodeling, it looks more colorful and has a bit of country touch with grey cabinets and wooden countertops.

11. Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel 

Photo by Cynthia Bennett & Associates

From traditional to farmhouse style, this kitchen remodeling has successfully transformed. Before the renovation, the room had a dominant wood accent on cabinets and floor. Then after changing a little part of it, now the place has a combination of traditional and farmhouse style. It looks elegant and more arranged than before. 

12. Kitchen Remodel Ideas with Island

kitchen remodel ideas with island
Photo by Fiorella Design

On the previous kitchen design, there was no island, and the homeowner decides to have one after remodeled it. With the addition of the island, the room looks tidy and provides more space for storage. Moreover, it also looks stylish and fancy.

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13. Galley Kitchen Remodel

galley kitchen remodel ideas
Photo by Jill K Greene of Boca Kitchens & Baths

From traditional to modern, this kitchen has a very intense transformation. Before a renovation, it looked too simple with white covering almost on the entire room. With new design and appliances, the kitchen finally looks colorful and contemporary. A combination of bold colors blends perfectly with the quality of lightings. In brief, this kitchen renovation result is stunning.

14. Simple Kitchen Designs

kitchen remodel ideas 2020
Photo by Hammer Contractors

Simplifying kitchen design is a way to make the room easy to maintain and organize. As we can see, this kitchen used to look messy and uninteresting. Although the room was large, it looked tight with so many stuff everywhere, and there was not enough space for storage. Now, it seems more simple but tidier with the new layout. Also, most of this kitchen is white and has a little touch of patterns. 

15. Old House Kitchen Renovation Before and After

how to remodel kitchen cabinets cheap
Photo by Carpenter & MacNeille

A total renovation applied not only on the front side of the house but also the kitchen. It was a simple and traditional kitchen with dining area. Most of the room looked dull and old with classic furniture, white wall, and curtain. However, after the renovation, this kitchen looks more charming and bright. Even with traditional style, it doesn’t look old like the previous one.

16. Small Condo Kitchen Makeover

modern country kitchen ideas
Photo by From a Seed Interiors

Warm and full of wood accent used to be part of this kitchen characteristic. It had dim lightings and disorganized appliances. Now, it shows its fresh look with soft color and bright lights. Although the kitchen is small, it looks charming and well-organized with some additional storage and new fixtures. 

17. Traditional Westchester Kitchen Before and After

kitchen makeovers on a budget before and after
Photo by Bilotta Kitchens

Tight and gloomy were the first things that came to mind when we see this kitchen before a renovation. There were some old cabinets which were limiting the room space. After the renovation, the room looks completely different. We can see it transforms into a luxurious and elegant room. Besides, a traditional touch combines beautifully with classical accessories. 

18. Before & After Kitchen Remodel with Blue Cabinets in Rockaway

kitchen remodel before and after with cost
Photo by JMC Home Remodeling

From wooden to blue accent, this kitchen shows its incredible transformation. Before this kitchen turns to be blue and contemporary, it used to be traditional and crowded. There are few small changes on the furniture, including on the cabinets, appliances, and flooring. In conclusion, the room looks completely new, with blue and white on the cabinets and walls.

19. Eclectic Kitchen Remodel 

transforming a 70s kitchen
Photo by Wander Designs

A small change can transform a simple standard room into a great one. This eclectic kitchen used to have a dark tone with a gray wall and simple accessories. By adding flowery wallpaper to the white wall and beautiful hanging lamps for additional lightings, the kitchen finally looks fresh and bright. Moreover, the homeowner decides to keep the old red curtain, and it fits perfectly with the wall accent.

20. No More Gloomy Kitchen


From the gloomy look to a tidy white kitchen. The mix of all-natural lighting with electrical is something that you can’t resist. Adding beachy shade to some cooking area pieces of stuff match well with the atmosphere. In addition, there is not much things on kitchen counters make it elegant. It is a remarkable example of kitchen area remodel.

21. Dull to Beautiful Kitchen Remodel

split level kitchen remodel before and after
Photo by bowersdesignbuild.com

Don’t worry if you still have an old-fashioned kitchen. There’s always a good way to make things better. The island was very small in the past due to its limited space. After making some changes, a large wooden island can be attached to the floor. Then, the unique chandelier hangs freely to help stick to the traditional touch.

Kitchen Remodel Tips

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Commonly, a kitchen considered as the primary source of the house where the homeowner can store and prepare some foods. There are so many essential appliances to help the owner during cooking, serving food, or even storing some stuff. For these reasons, it makes the owner spends more money on it than the rest of the room in a house. 

Kitchen remodeling project takes some plans and strategies. It cannot be done randomly if the owner wants to get a perfect result. Therefore, take a look at these seven tips on what you should do before remodeling a kitchen.

1. Set Your Remodeling Budget

Kitchen remodeling cost depends on the quality of materials, durability, and how much time to spend. It means that the better quality and longer the time, the more budget you will need. However, you can solve this case with a right planning before remodeling the kitchen. If you have prepared the budget, make sure you also add an extra funds to avoid any additional needs during the process. Moreover, it helps you to finish the project perfectly based on what you have planned.

2. Do Some Research

Before starting to remodel a kitchen, don’t forget to take some Kitchen Remodel Ideas from many sources. By doing some researches, you can consider what you will need and how much you should afford. For example, try to visit a showroom and home storage to get information about the cost of items. Also, consider attending a neighborhood home tour to get inspired by their kitchen designs..

3. Consider “Hidden” Costs

The additional fund is essential to prepare to avoid a delay during the process of remodeling a kitchen. In this case, if there is a lack of money in the middle of the renovation, you still can continue the work with the ‘hidden’ money to get the materials that you need. On the other hand, if you don’t prepare it, there might be a chance of delay, and it might be half-finished. Besides, it also needed for paying taxes or delivery costs. Therefore, consider having additional funds for your Kitchen Remodel Ideas .

4. Think about quality

Best quality materials will produce a great result. If you apply high-quality materials and functional items for your kitchen, there will be less possibility for you to repeat the renovation. Besides, those kitchen elements are also durable. On the other, the best quality often means high prices. But don’t worry, if you have a limited budget, try to re-paint the old cabinets or buy some used items from online sellers.

5. Evaluate Your Needs vs. Wants

Make sure you get what you need first, instead of what you want. Because buying unnecessary items might be fun, but will spend some funds that you can use for buying the important ones. Therefore, consider purchasing basic things that you need and use for kitchen remodelings, such as cabinets, fixture, and main appliances. Nevertheless, you can also get other fancy items after getting those priority ones.

6. Kitchen Space Planning

While planning to organize the space in the kitchen, there are few things to consider. Firstly, pay attention to the counters. Provide at least 36 inches space for preparing the food, 24 inches near the sink and 18 inches for additional space. And then, don’t forget about appliances. Add enough space around 30-40 inches in front of them for the door and walking area. Lastly, provide a space for the walkway about 42 inches in the middle of the counter and island. Besides, it gives enough space for walking and working.

7. Communicate Clearly With Your Remodelers

Inviting and communicating with your remodelers or designers is a final step before doing the renovation. Although it is the last, it is essential to discuss with the professionals about your plans and design. They will help you in making your house look convenient and based on a professional standard.

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Kitchen Remodel Design Tool

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There are so many alternative ways to create a design for a kitchen. One of the most functional and modern kitchens design tools that can help is available on the internet. Kitchen planner is a 3D online drawing software to help you design your kitchen plans. Besides, this simple tool also provides most of the things that you need while deciding on the design.

Kitchen planner works by providing a space where you can illustrate your design. Whether in L-shaped, U-shaped, or many others, it can handle easily in this tool. You only need to read the instruction and go on drawing your design using the device. Moreover, there are so many selections of colors and materials. Lastly, it also helps you to contact the professionals.

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In conclusion, getting Kitchen Remodel Ideas from many sources is essential. It gives a picture of how the homeowners plan to decide their future kitchen. Furthermore, it is excellent to compare before and after kitchen renovation results that are available so that it will inspire both the design and process of remodeling. Therefore, try to see and compare other people kitchen transformations. Check Out our new article here.

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