5 Absolute Ways to Avoid Kitchen Remodeling mistakes

Kitchen remodeling mistakes-. It’s obvious to get bored with the dull and same outlook of your kitchen when you have several options and the newest trends to make a shift. An aesthetically pleasing and equally organized kitchen never fails to please anybody! One may encounter many kitchen remodeling mistakes but these must be avoided for an appealing outlook.

When it comes to letting go of stress after a tiring day at a job or either it’s about to spend a warm Sunday at home. A very confined, nicely put together and visually appealing kitchen takes away all the stress and adds fun into whatever you do. Beginning from making yourself a favourite meal to prepare a fancy lunch for a bunch of your friends, the environment adds to your energy. 

Knowing your desire to shift towards a trendier outlook for your kitchen, there are a bunch of ideas for a great transition to make your kitchen look more vibrant, spacious, and equally organized, but usually, such ideas cost a great amount of money. There are 6 common kitchen remodeling mistakes, out of which spending an excessive amount of money still stands as the biggest mistake.

Let me assure you, there is nothing for you to be worried about! Before jumping into this bandwagon, proper planning is extremely crucial to avoid the misconception that a good renovation would always cost a great amount of money. Thankfully! It is not the only truth. The enhanced visuals and aesthetic outlook for a kitchen can be gained by carefully carrying out the creative use of available resources and kitchen remodel gadgets.

Here we have five ways to avoid overspending on a kitchen remodel, along with kitchen remodel tips and what not to forget while you start with your new venture:

Set up Plan:

Ever wonder what things can go wrong in a kitchen remodel? To avoid all such common mistakes of remodeling, a prior set up of plan plays a vital role. A proper set of planning with clear ideas and a directed mind always leads to less consumption of time as well as money. When it comes to redoing and renovating your kitchen there would be multiple ideas and an abundant amount of options to choose from but meanwhile, there would be a lot where you may go wrong.

Decide From The Mind Not From The Heart:

The feeling of redoing your kitchen can get overwhelming. You step out to check what’s new and what are the prevalent designs or what would suit best in your kitchen and somehow you end up buying a lot of extra stuff that you would not ever practically use. To avoid spending money on irrelevant stuff, planning is extremely crucial to have a clear set of priorities ahead which helps you spend more effectively.


The pro tip to begin with remodeling is to start with the very basics. Once you have a clear idea of how much you can spend to remodel your kitchen, all subsequent steps would get so much easier. Having a specific estimation in mind, you can opt and select among oodles of options as per your range to avoid expensive kitchen remodel mistakes.  

Focus on What’s Necessary:

There could be a lot of reasons for renovation, including the need for more space, the need for a new effect, or the incorporation of a new style. Whatever be the reason, if you are sure of it, this would give you a better idea of what you should change to make it look as per your required demand and imagination. This prior understanding would keep you from spending on unnecessary things. Therefore, every purpose would require a different set of steps to redo your kitchen.

Utilizing The Same Material:

If you already have durable and long-lasting material deployed in your kitchen, there is no need to go for new stuff. Highly unique and creative DIY’s save you not only from spending a great amount of money but also permit you to do it your way!

kitchen design mistakes

Since, redoing your cabinets cost a lot, usually starting from scrap and building everything with repetition of the same steps, just getting a new outlook is by no way an intelligent choice to make. Therefore you must go through creative tricks to remodel your kitchen. Make your personal research and go through images of remodeling mistakes for a better insight. 

Paint your Cabinet:

Adding a crisp of color to your cabinets is going to give a warm and executive outlook to your kitchen. Depending upon the choice and idea of how you have visualized your kitchen to look like you can choose among a variety of shades.

Although it takes a lot of time, results to come out to be worth the wait. Solid grey or vibrant hues, both are capable of magically changing the entire aura of a kitchen.                                   

Structural Changes:

Well, who doesn’t like to have pulled out storage cabinets but remember them to be very expensive!

Utilizing and not wasting the cabinets helps you in this regard while effectively avoiding kitchen remodel disasters! Getting the old cabinets transitioned into pull-out storage cabinets costs you less but gives you equally organized space and a luxurious vibe to the kitchen. For more spacious and organized storage, it is advised to remove packaging before making the placement of stuff into drawers and cabinets. 

kitchen remodel cost per square foot

3. Lighting is Everything:

A sudden swap with vintage hues, warm colours, or even neon lights can change the entire outlook of a kitchen. The only change in lighting adds to a drastic change in one’s perception and visuals. When surveyed what to consider when remodeling the kitchen, lighting turned out to be the utmost choice for many!

 Pendant Lights:

The newly introduced hanging pendant lights have the power to completely transform your kitchen and make it look a more cozy and comfortable place to unwind from all your stress. The new incorporation of lighting effects independently changes a lot about a place.

kitchen remodel nightmares

Led Lighting:

Who doesn’t know about the new adjustable lighting upheaval going around? A kitchen can go with every sort of neutral and warm lighting but remodeling it in your way can make it look even more appealing and luxurious. You may check our recomendation for the light ” Festoon Lights

The placement of LED lights under cabinets or anywhere in the kitchen adds a sudden vibe and vibrant mood to the place.  Proved by various studies, the environment does impact your performance and so would these lights in your kitchen! You can find many variations of LED lighting at ArchiPro

4.  Replacing Sink and Faucets:

Seeming to be insignificant, sink and faucets make your kitchen look much younger while adding a blingy outlook to the kitchen. Want to know of major kitchen remodeling mistakes to avoid? Before you end up buying a new set of sink and faucets, it is advised to clean it with some detergent to bring back their long-gone shine and lustre. To do so, it requires an easy set of steps to avoid kitchen remodeling mistake:

All you need is a foamy sponge and a moderate quantity of diluted detergent to clean the faucet.
For the sink and additional places like the stove, it is advised to crucially check for the avoidance of any sharp material, as it may result in irreversible scratches while you clean it up.
Hence, Redoing the entire kitchen while missing out on a rusty sink would destroy the appealing aspect of the entire kitchen.

5.  Incorporate Colors in the Kitchen:

Bored with the dull appearance of your kitchen? No need to worry anymore! By being considerate about your limited budget, painting the entire kitchen is not a clever choice as it may get you budget out of your hands!

Vibrant Décor:

Colors are likely to impact one’s perspective of a certain place. Visiting a very dark and congested place would make you feel a lot more agitated and occupied therefore, we bring you a creative way to use vibrant décor to enhance the visuals of your tiny kitchen.

Instead of going for mainstream ideas circulating all around, you can incorporate the art of blue pottery for an instant impact of beauty and uniqueness. Imagine yourself styling these handmade crafts in your kitchen and you can already visualize them lighting up your entire kitchen. 

expensive kitchen remodel mistakes

Furthermore, without dwelling on plain decor or regular food jars for your shelves. The incorporation of greenery and fresh organic plants add a fresh breath of air to your kitchen while simultaneously illuminating the appearance.

Abstract Backsplash:

A minimal space ascribed to a backsplash may not look as significant to remodel a kitchen. But,what if I tell you that it does a lot! A simple DIY method can help you make a variety of designs as a backsplash, which is likely to make a lot of change once done. To do it on your own, with a unique design you wish to have, All you have to do is:

  • Take a hard material to cut a stencil out of it. Once sure about the pattern you like to have, cut the stencil appropriately.
  • Put the stencil against a backsplash and draw through it the pattern, you desire to have!
  • Fill in the places missed out with stencil.
  • Finally, make the final touch up


Now that you finally have a clear idea of what possible steps you can take to remodel your kitchen while keeping your budget under a friendly range. You must be convinced to say that even less can be more, only if you know and have a proper pre-hand idea of how you should move along.

 Nothing can make your kitchen look as appealing and luxurious as minimized remodelling mistake and usage of core items that add to the intricate details of the kitchen hence, result in making an aesthetically pleasing kitchen to work in!

Unfortunately, many home renovators believe spending an abundant amount of money to be the only solution, if you want to remodel your kitchen but as far as you have such creative tricks and DIY hacks to work with, you don’t need to spend bucks of money! 

Written By : Julie Thomas

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