20+ Magnificent Laundry Room Remodel Ideas, Photos & Things to Consider)

Laundry Room Remodel – A laundry room is a space in which people wash clothes. In a more modern home, people use an automatic washing machine to ease the works.  It includes a dryer including a large basin, called a laundry tub, for hand-washing specific clothes such as sweaters and an ironing board to get it neater.  With the automatic washing machine, therefore, it helps you use your time efficiently and practically.

Nowadays, the laundry room has many elements following the trends. They beautify its performance and improve its work. Therefore, it is better to start remodeling your laundry room. You can keep some elements inside, add or omit some others. Therefore, your room will be fresher by laundry room layouts that work for the new one.

Laundry Room Remodel Tips & Things to Consider 

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Same with the other part of the house, consider making it a joyful space to work. In case it supports your productivity in your work, try to add some beautiful views.  Undertaking a mundane style is necessary to keep the room efficiently used. An idea of transforming your laundry room is the initial step to improve your room performance. Below are some considerations to apply while remodeling a laundry room.

1. List the elements

The most important thing to do before remodeling a room is listing the features. The reason is that they are things put inside the room, in which you have to prepare them first. Therefore, in case you do not have those, you can look for other places or change them into other items. Some of those are appliances, lighting, and plumbing. Since a laundry room is a crucial workhorse, the essential devices to put are a washer and dryer unit with a steam feature. The second one is the lighting. You can use decorative lighting, can, or combinations of both. It gives more light while working at night. The next is the plumbing. You need to keep the work well done. Moreover, the perfect pipe keeps the room clean so that your floor will not get slippery. Therefore, put a utility sink inside.

2. Find Inspiration

There are many laundry room remodel inspiration boards online such as Pinterest, Houzz, etc. in which you see how a laundry room space is well arranged. Moreover, it helps you to choose a similar design, which is identical in shape or size to yours. Mount an expandable drying rack to the wall as one of those inspirations. 

You may add a bench with hooks for coats, hats, and backpacks, in case it functions as mudroom too. Exactly, remodeling a laundry room is not about service, but look, also. In case you did not imagine your wall of clean, trendy subway tile, or a boldly experimental color scheme before, then you can try it.

3. DIY or Hire professionals

There are some alternatives while designing a room. If you are a professional, DIY small laundry room makeover project is the best solution. You do not have to spend much money. However,  if there are some things you cannot do yourselves hire other professionals instead. Moving a gas line and installing a new dryer vent is not too risky. Therefore,  it is not necessary to hire a professional to tackle these tasks. 

Acknowledge that you love to do a new project as well as your limits on that. After that, the best option is to leave it to an expert. Therefore, you have to consider whether you need an electrician or plumber, drywall, or demolition. Allocate your time with spending time planning how and when the work is going to do. It affects how long it will take. At last, it defines how your laundry room uses in the meantime.

4. Think about the task of doing  laundry from beginning to end

There are many steps to get your clothes clean. They are sorting, pre-treating stains, folding and putting away clothes. Choose your space is designed smoothly to enjoy your specific chore. After that, predetermine which and in which you are going to store your laundry supplies since detergent, bleach, dryer balls, has its own space. Decide whether you want to put it in a sliding drawer or beautiful vessels. 

Next, some fundamental steps to do are managing laundry bins, pulling-out drying racks, and an ironing area. If there is enough space, consider bringing in a single countertop over your washer and dryer in order to help you to get a perfect folding station. The last step is taking some work off of you. Consider separating storage areas for both your family’s clean and folded clothes so that they make and then put away themselves quickly.

5. Don’t forget the design details

After fulfilling the functions of the room, the next step is creating a new aesthetic aspect to catch a more picturesque view. Peculiar information in a specific part of the laundry room arcs more fun inside. Therefore, it brings delight to you every time entering the room. 

For a new look, do some paintings on your cabinets with more vibrant color, add a fun, patterned wallpaper, or install a rectangular or patterned floor tile. You do not have to do all these elements, and you had better choose one of them so that it saves more space to live.

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Laundry Room Remodel Before And After Design Ideas

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Sometimes, remodeling a room is not easy. It is because it contains the old taste of the room. Therefore, to modify the place, you have to adjust some aspects. They are the size, color, angle, and materials. The core issue is managing the new theme to get it peculiar with the old one. Here are some preferences on it.

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