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20+ Magnificent Laundry Room Remodel Ideas, Photos & Things to Consider)

7. Laundry Room Floor Tile

Photo By GS Construction & Remodeling

This style enhances the sense that is more rustic, though it is not too strong. With patterned footage, it is easy to design a plain white with a little portion of a bluish color. Bring in rattan motive baskets to combine with cloth ones. This exclusive style accommodates you to arrange the washing machine as the cabinets. With some additional lamps above, it gives extra lighting inside. Do not use running lights; better choose the small circle ones. With the hooks inside the baskets, it is advantageous to hang the clothes there.

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8. Farmhouse Laundry Room

Photo By TMD Custom Builders

Though it is a farmhouse concept, it does not expose much farm taste. By using the white walls, it is classier. A single-wall gray floor with a farmhouse sink is the best pair. Choose hexagon or triangle shape to achieve a more dynamic sense. Match the shaker cabinets with the dominant color gray. Add a side-by-side washer/dryer as the primary functional item.  White countertops make the room neat and clean. Add a small carpet in case you get wet while working there.

9. Traditional Laundry Room

Photo By Distinctive Remodeling Solutions, Inc

If you are willing to design a simple look, this design is the answer. With the soft pattern and color of white and gray, the room looks elegant. Creating the white one makes it too dull. Choose the same countertop tone color with grey. Then, put some jars for detergent, towels, and tweezers. Put it on top of the shelves so that your children might not reach them. You may add a clock, in case you have to remember how long your clothes dry. As the last step, put a glass vase with some small fresh flowers.

10. Rustic Laundry Room

Photo By FineCraft Contractors, Inc.

To achieve a neat look, choose this design as your remodel idea. Start with designing an I-shaped ceramic tile in laundry room. Besides, adding a long carpet is necessary in case the floor gets wet already while putting or taking the clothes from the machine. Choose a concealed washer/dryer combined with recessed-panel gray cabinets. Select the granite countertops and an under-mount sink as additional amenities. The earth tone colors genuinely bring you the rustic atmosphere.

11. Compact Laundry room

Photo By EURO Design Build

The key to getting a compact design is managing the items based on their characteristics and functions. It is essential for you who are willing to get a clean look, but you are not familiar with doing so. It helps you to get well-organized items. First, please decide to bring in cabinets as your primary storage. Then, put the towels, clothes, detergent, etc. in the different spaces, so that it eases you to grab it fast. Position the bottle of detergent next to the dryer/washer and clothes under to get it practical. Choose the neutral tile with the combination of brown gradations. Finally, put a painting or wallpaper art to make it playful.

12. Galley Style

Photo By Daniels Design & Remodeling

It is a graceful look to try while having a narrow space like a laundry room. It exposes the solid theme of a beige look by employing tall beige cabinets, footage, and sink. With low ceilings, bring in a full-depth color upper wall cabinets rather than a raised one. It makes the room more compact, not bare. After that,  choose a marble countertop on top of the machine. The small yellow orchid is the best last touch for this room.

13. Transitional Laundry Room

Photo By Designs by Craig Veenker

Sometimes, people change a place into another while it gets dull or does not function again as its primary function. Things to do are remodel it into a better style or the other room. If you consider it is better to make it a new place, try to apply this one. This room will be your laundry room, which is big enough to do some work there. 

It gets the inspiration from the utility room by laundry room floor tile like white and black. With a farmhouse sink, a side-by-side washer/dryer, and shaker cabinets it is efficient to be all done. Choose marble countertops with some stools so that it enables you to wait for your clothes dry. Finally, the blue cabinets are the most eccentric amenities you have to put in.

14. Mill Valley Rustic Remodel

Photo By Leila Seppa Photography

This excellent laundry room remodel design is very suitable for you living in the mountainous area. With the light wood orange floor, the room gets bright and joyful. It brings you back to nature. Choose a side-by-side washer/dryer with open cabinets with medium tone wood style. Put in some baskets to those cabinets to separate which each item. With open windows, you can enjoy the sunrise and fresh air while starting to do your works inside the room. It is the real rustic mill valley style.

15. Kitchen Remodel w/ Laundry Room

Photo By Deziner Tonie DDI, Interior Design Build Firm

Having a small house? It is not a big deal since you can change the kitchen into the laundry one. With a small elegant u-shaped black porcelain floor, combine it with raised-panel cabinets. You may choose the green ones to make it fresher. Decorate the walls with yellow and position a drop-in sink with a stacked washer/dryer and red countertops. The glass window allows the sunlight gets in during noon, and the additional lamps make it bright during the night. It is comfortable, practical, and functional.

16. Hidden Contemporary Laundry Room

Photo By Westin Hills

If you are not willing to have a private laundry room, why not building a hidden contemporary laundry room? Choose the location near the stairs at the corner of the second-floor hall. Then, adjust the room with l-shaped medium tone wood brown floor color. Put in an under-mount sink, flat-panel cabinets, and white cabinets. Then, paint the walls white to get the same tone color with the offices. Finally. Complete them with a stacked washer/dryer and white countertops. It is not just a hidden area but also a productive laundry room.

17. Transitional Laundry Room

Photo By Excel Builders

If you have a single place, which does not function anymore, you can alter it into the transitional laundry room. This model employs a retro concept which combines many patterns but creating a harmonious taste. Combine the black and white walls with the floral design of the middle wall. It brings a summer scent in with the two glass windows, which enable you to see the outside view. With white cabinets and countertop, you do not have to put other accessories just put some detergents and perfumes at the middle of the countertops. The last step is to put the dryer/washer on the island. Now, you have done your Laundry Room Remodel.

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18. Grey And White

White and also grey appear the most effective mix for the palette. Neutral light comes from the tiny window beaming to the whole area. If you like vibrant, after that, you can utilize bee-style flooring. It can also provide contemporary touch for this utility room along with good kitchen counters around the sink.


Since the laundry room is the most productive area in your home, why do not you design it more functional and fun? Yes, you are about making a new spirit by remodeling the laundry room with some different details. Just threat the amenities to be adjusted to each other so that it creates harmony inside the room.

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