20+ Magnificent Laundry Room Remodel Ideas, Photos & Things to Consider)

1. Small Laundry Room Remodel

relocating washer and dryer to garage
Photo By The Kingston Group – Remodeling Specialists

A small laundry room remodel is suitable with the compact design. This design positions the dryer is facing the wall. In the opposite spot, bring in cabinets as storage. It helps you to put the folded clothes quickly while done.  Use the top of shelves to put baskets containing the dirty clothes. Wooden material is the perfect combination of elegant design. Instead of using many elements, use wooden one as the initial design, then get the more playful look by combining the footage and the cabinets or benches with its patterned or color. It creates a more dynamic sense.

2. Contemporary Laundry Room

relocating washing machine plumbing cost
Photo By HK Custom Cabinets

A contemporary room is not always luxurious. It emphasizes on intense classy nuance. Then, the room employs more combination of many materials, and one of them gets more blink sense. In this design, it emphasizes on the automatic washing machine with a side-by-side washer/dryer look. With galley ceramic floor laundry room, combine it with raised-panel cabinets, medium tone wood cabinets, granite countertops, beige walls. Wow, it is a real contemporary taste.

3. Old Basement Laundry Room

engineered hardwood in laundry room
Photo By Monarch Design & Remodeling LLC.

If you live in an apartment, this design is best for you. This galley design accommodates your works in using laundry room though it is a narrow space. In this model, the things you have to consider making it more dynamic. Therefore, for the first step, bring in the standing mirror at the end of the tile covering the wall. With shaker cabinets, you can organize the clothes orderly systematically. Use granite countertops with the medium tone color matching with the flooring, light wood cabinets, and an under-mount sink and beige walls.

4. Small Laundry Closet

laundry room floor tile
Photo By J & M Remodel

To cut off the size, the leading key here is making it vertical arrangement. This trick makes the room more ‘slim.’ Choose a folding door to get it more viable. It resembles a dryer spot from the smoky sense into the hidden item but functional. Put a farm sink inside with double cabinets below. Design a sloping roof instead of level one. Choose the spiral or a rare patterned tile with the medium tone color. After that, bring in one or two wallpaper paintings.

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