Guide to Converting Your Basement into a Rental Apartment

Do you have a basement that is underutilized? Do you want to make some additional money? Then there is no better step to take than converting your basement into a rental apartment. Moreover, finishing your basement with such a purpose in mind will surely bring even more benefits. Unfortunately, this task comes with many difficulties … Read more

DIY Basement Inspection Checklist

A white wooden sign with basement written on it

Regular maintenance is as important for your home as regular medical check-ups are for your health. This article will focus on the importance of basement maintenance and give you the ultimate DIY basement inspection checklist. With routine basement inspections, you can identify minor issues and work on resolving them before they escalate into major problems. … Read more

25+ Amazing Basement Kitchen Ideas Photo & Gallery

Initially, a basement was nothing more than a storage space underground in a building. A basement tends to be musty and humid, a combination that seems somewhat unimpressive. Not many houses can pull off the idea of using the basement as a living space. Nevertheless, with proper considerations, you can make your basement a particular … Read more