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Initially, a basement was nothing more than a storage space underground in a building. A basement tends to be musty and humid, a combination that seems somewhat unimpressive. Not many houses can pull off the idea of using the basement as a living space. Nevertheless, with proper considerations, you can make your basement a particular spot in your house. Basement Kitchen will be a good option for you.

Say, what do you think of setting up a kitchen in your basement? It offers newness, an elevated means of a basement. They are, by any chance, smart and neat. In case you are thinking the same, here we let you discover more about inspiring basement kitchen ideas. Be our guest!

Why do you need a basement kitchen?

Among other things, a basement kitchen is worth considering for its functionality and fun. Having a basement kitchen is truly rewarding due to its versatility. It is ideal for many indoor occasions or necessities. Now, these are what you gain from setting up a basement kitchen.

  • Additional Living Space

Converting a basement into a full living-space may come to mind for some particular reasons. Perhaps, a temporary occupant like one of the family members or close friends visiting for a couple of days. A basement can be your guest room. It could also be a sibling in need of long-term housing while they are in college. Having your basement furnished with a kitchen can serve them the convenience, freedom, and independence of living.

  • Valuable Investment

Renovating a basement sure has its cost. However, a revamped basement adds a significant value to your building at an estimated 70 percent return of investment. It is one of the sweet choices for house upgrades.

  • Self Expression

Contrary to the main living area upstairs, there are fewer boundaries for decorating your basement kitchen. You don’t have to match the concept or the color scheme to other rooms like you did upstairs. Your basement is a private, secluded area. Therefore, you can get along in any way you wish, expressing yourself to personalize the space.

  • Exclusive Entertaining Area

Love to host a party or gathering pretty often? A remodeled basement with a kitchen can serve as a place to entertain. For that matter, you can keep the party to be exclusive with fewer interruptions either from or to the main living area.

Basement Kitchen Consideration and Planning

Designing a basement kitchen may seem tricky. Compared to the upstairs area, there are more things to consider in remodeling your basement. The list below will help you check off what you should ponder in advance for setting up a basement kitchen.

1. Decent Air Circulation

The problem with a basement is the poor air circulation. Moreover, the kitchen itself will release odor and smoke. With insufficient ventilation, the polluted air stays trapped in the basement, making it whiffy and unhealthy. It’s wise to discuss with your contractor to choose the right ventilation system given your basement’s size.

2. Secured Protection

The planning stage of your basement design should also consider safety. Design your basement with the ideal escape route that isn’t blocking the basement’s exit. As prevention, remember to install smoke alarms and prepare fire extinguishers in a handy spot.

3. Proper Proportion

Considering the size of your basement, you can choose what kind of kitchen you can set up. A basement kitchen is excellent for a spacious basement. Otherwise, a small kitchenette works just as fine. Aside from the space availability, planning the kitchen’s proportion also depends on preferences, individual needs, and the budget.

4. Appropriate Sound-proofing

Your basement carries the house’s weight. So actually, your basement has already got a minimum noise. Nevertheless, it is smart to insulate your basement’s walls and ceilings. It is not only sound-proofing the basement’s noise, but this arrangement is also beneficial to keep the warmth of the floors upstairs.

5. Sufficient Storage Space

The storage you’ll need depends on the type of kitchen you decide to be in your basement. A kitchen and kitchenette have different needs for storage space. Furthermore, the dimension of your storage also depends on the appliances you need. You can apply many kinds of storage for basement kitchens, like shelves, cabinets, cupboards, and pantry. We’ll cover more about storage styles on basement kitchen ideas below.

6. Furniture, Fittings, Decorations

The favorite part of designing a basement is how you’ll furnish it. By choosing the styles and colors, you can set your basement’s nuances to your likings. Indeed, there are many ideas on how you’ll set up the vibes for this area. But be thoughtful to know what will work and what won’t for your basement. These ideas of basement kitchen designs below will help you figure out what possible choices you have.

7. Effective Appliances

The size of your basement kitchen determines how much space available to store kitchen appliances. A kitchenette has a relatively smaller space for appliances, so maybe a single fridge and a microwave are adequate. A stove or an oven can take a lot of space in your kitchen. Not to mention you’ll need to fix a safety measure for these particular appliances. Plan out your devices effectively to your needs and suit them with the available space accordingly.

8. Suitable Lighting

Choosing a suitable light is necessary to set up your basement’s whole mood and focus on particular furniture or decoratives. Practical lighting should consider the space, too. Various lighting inspirations can be installed without taking a lot of floor space. You can try overhead lighting, strip lights, and cabinets light, which works well to illuminate the spot. Find out more ideas on lighting in the next section.

9. Reasonable Bar Option

The options you have are to install a dry bar or a wet bar. A wet bar consists of a sink and running water. It does not merely serve alcoholic drinks. A wet bar is more functional and convenient but rather costly because you need plumbing. Meanwhile, if you opt for only beverage treats and no need for running water, then a dry bar is sufficient.

Basement Kitchen ideas

You are somewhere in planning your basement kitchen. After all the considerations and preparations, you are exploring all the possibilities for designing your perfect basement kitchen. With these 25 ideas on basement kitchen, get yourself inspired from both the aesthetic and the functionality view!

1. White Cottage Kitchen


It is a simple and neat design for your basement kitchenette, incorporating black granite countertop and a bare wooden island table. The kitchenette maximizes storage space using cupboards, cabinets, and an open-shelved island table. It saves up space for the fridge and a stove oven, tucked in under the cabinets. Overall, the clean off-white look that sweeps off all over the furniture gives a fresh and clear view.

2. Modern White Basement Kitchen


The modern style could be the look you’re searching for a spotless, clean basement kitchen. The sophisticated combination includes a polished concrete countertop, subway tile, and industrial nickel pull handles. Above the cabinets, you can maximize the free space to display decoratives on the white shelves. Consequently, the sleek white kitchen is more vibrant with a spark of creativity.

3. Traditional Kitchenette Design

This kitchenette gives a warm look, with wooden cupboards, caramel granite countertops, and mosaic tiles. You and your guest are convenient to whip off simple dishes in the microwave or grab drinks from the mini cooler. Make an illusion to make the kitchenette spacious using a mirror wall. The reflected light also makes your basements glow brighter.

4. Small Grey Kitchenette

Choosing the color grey for the wall and stone floor brings out the industrial view in this basement. This compact kitchenette has sufficient storage in cupboards and cabinets on the wall, incorporating kitchen appliances among them. White granite gives a clean look to the countertop and the white island bar, highlighting the industrial faucet and pulls.

5. Elegant Dark Bar


Dark cabinets are great to showcase the elegant design of the kitchenette. The wet bar displays choices of beverages for the guest. Your guest can treat themselves using the microwave or the coffee maker with ease over the gallant granite countertop. Here, the use of lighting aims to focus on open-shelved liquor storage and appliances.

6. Curved Kitchen Island

This basement kitchen shows an ultimate entertaining area to fascinate your guests. It is memorably compelling. Coming from the curved design of the island bar, white granite countertop, all the way up to the three-piece stylish overhead lighting.

7. Classic Rustic Kitchen

Combining the natural element in your basement, such as the cobblestone wall, perfectly matches the wooden cabinets. The rustic piece of this kitchen brings warmth and sentiment nuances in the basement. Moreover, the industrial classic hanging lamp completes the overall look.

8. Low-ceiling Traditional Kitchen


For the low ceiling basement, design your kitchen with long horizontal cupboards and cabinets to give a tall illusion. The cabinets work great for this traditional wet bar. Get creative and add open shelves to display your favorite beverages.

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