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30 + Cape Cod Style Kitchen Ideas to Copy

Cape Cod Style Kitchen – If you’re planning to remodel your old kitchen to something casual and elegant design, you may be interested with Cape Cod design. The cape cod kitchen design ideas are available in a wide range models. You will fall with the comfort offered by this design. 

What Is Cape Cod Kitchen?

Classy and heart-warming combined into one, Cape Cod style kitchen is influenced by the vacation or summer homes vibes that usually found in traditionally tony Cape Cod. The design is characterized by light and bright painted cabinets, airy, comfortable, and guest-friendly nautical themes. They are hallmarks of Cape Cod-style that you can apply to your plans.

Cape Cod Style Kitchen Design

Cape Cod houses hail the small and efficient British country cottage served. The design of the cabin is designed to the harsh weather of New England coastal residentials; steep roofs to slough off snow and rain and big chimneys to heat the rooms, and small rooms simply laid out. The types of modern or traditional Cape Cod kitchen ideas include double windows over the sink, upper and lower cabinets. Long story short, let’s see our points below to inspire your Cape Cod kitchen. 

1. All Comes in Bright

Photo By Main Street Kitchens at Botellos

Once you get to know about Cape Cod design, you will get the conclusion that color schemes take an essential part in Cape Cod kitchen designs. Whites, beiges, or maybe combined with light yellows, blues, and greens are standard colors in a Cape Cod kitchen. The color of this design tends to be bright, welcoming spaces. The design also colors the floors, countertops, and furniture in contrast, darker hues. The dark wood is usually featured for floors and furniture, and granite or stone for the countertop.

2. Storage is A Must

Photo by Polhemus Savery DaSilva

Aside from white and bright color, storage is also an essential element in Cape Cod kitchen style. Cabinets provide the greatest opportunity to keep the space loose enough for any activities like cooking and eating.  A group of imposing cabinets can make your kitchen felt stuff; it’s better if we combine the closed one with open shelving, or to leave some of the cabinets doorless—it helps you to display your luxurious kitchen set for guests, as well as to meet you easily reach any other cook utensils in the kitchen.

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3. Coziness in Woods

Photo by Bass River Builders

Most of the furniture in Cape Cod kitchens are often constructed from the finest, high-quality woods. They may be either painted in white to reflect the bright vibe, or stained to reveal more to its deeper, darker hues. The comfortable seatbacks, cushions, and tablecloths may feature Cape Cod trademark such as sea or sailing images and nautical designs, reflecting the seaside heritage of the design. If you get the kitchen that shares the same area as a dining room, this also can be cape cod dining room ideas. 

4. Chic Visual for Your Wall

Photo by Smith Brothers

Boost your Cape Cod kitchen visual interest by creating your backsplashes, tile work and wallpaper as creative as possible. The wall work also reflects the historical heritage of Cape Cod. You can be playful with Nautical or ocean-inspired tile backsplash designs. The visual of the ocean vibe simply reminds you to the sea each morning as they rise to meet the day.

5. The Shape is On Point


Shaping your Cape Cod kitchen into U-Shaped and L-Shaped with plenty of countertop space will be a great option. Moreover, the design helps you prepare your family meals for weekend and holiday gatherings

6. A Friendly Cabinet

Photo by bba ARCHITECTS

There are so many selections of cabinet-friendly hardware in the nearest furniture store. Be selective to the type of cabinets you choose, pick whether a modern or traditional design – you can get one similar to your hardware selections.

7. Cape Cod Kitchen is Going Skylights

Photo by Breathing Room Design

Was your old kitchen space closed without an airy income and outcome? The Cape Cod design for your kitchen will let you fix that one. Provide your new Cape Cod kitchen with windows and skylights. The light that enters your kitchen space will shower your kitchen space with the earth brought by the sunlight. You will see yourself sipping on your morning cup of tea at the end of your remodel kitchen plan. It is better to add a curtain to reduce the sunlight.

8. Crash Your White to Black

Photo by Breathing Room Design

Black is another great color for your Car Cod kitchen. From black paint to dark stains in white color. The dark hue of black brings white to another level of bright. You can get the black color for your cape cod kitchen cabinets or another furniture frame. 

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