Amazing Kitchen Dining Room Combo Photos 50 + Inspiring Kitchen and Dining Room Combo Ideas for Your Next Remodel

Kitchen Dining Room Combo– Thinking of a convenient and open wide space in your house? You definitely need to look upon the ideas of kitchen dining room combination. It basically combines two function rooms into one open space. The decor style will play much to show how one space supports each other in its design.

Integrating the kitchen and dining room takes much more creativity, but will surely be worth it. One plus point of having a kitchen dining room combination is that it will be easier to serve the entire family or guests with the foods cooked. Other than that, the open space creates a warm ambiance that would enhance both spaces. If you opt for this kitchen dining room combo, any decor styles would give a personal touch to this convenient open space.

Kitchen and dining room combo Ideas

Food and family, two things served well in a kitchen and dining room combo. While preparing for the dish, the other family members can wait and see the cooking performance. Looking for ideas to inspire more on integrating the kitchen and dining room? Here are some ideas you can inspire.

1. Coastal White Combo

small kitchen dining room combo ideas
Photo by Timber Trails Development Company

This beach style kitchen idea is dominated in white. With a little touch in some popping colors, this all-white kitchen idea is the best option for a small kitchen dining combo. It explores simplicity wrapped in elegance. 

2. Classy and Classic

kitchen dining room combo pictures
Photo by Photo by Jan Gleysteen Architects, Inc

2. Classy and Classic

This design promotes an elegant style that would satisfy the needs for a classic look. The oak tile flooring perfectly matches the white walls and ceiling, giving a rustic and warm touch to the design. The pendant light just above the elegant looking glass dining table brightens the space and elevates its attractiveness. This is a unique arrangement of couch-like seating that gives the best dining experience. Don’t feel bizarre with the round corners of the glass table top because it not only adds safety but also becomes a focal point in your dining room.

3. Charming and Modern 

kitchen dining room combo remodel
Photo by Dan Nelson, Designs Northwest Architects

This idea is definitely for you if you’re looking for modern design inspiration for a kitchen dining room combo. It combines the dark tone floor and wooden kitchen set.  Its modern look is enhanced with the contemporary furniture dining set. And a big glass window never fails to charm the guests. What a great look!

4. Simple and Spacious

kitchen dining room combo colors
Photo by Dovetail General Contractors

This kitchen design is an inspiration for those seeking a large modern kitchen-dining area. Dominated in wood accents, the combination of dark and medium-tone wooden walls and cabinet creates a modern look. An industrial look is also shown from the two islands with granite countertop.

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5. Classy White Kitchen Dining Room Combo

Designkitchen dining room combo designs
Photo by Joni Spear Interior

This design is a perfect combination of farmhouse style and sleek appliances. The corner space functions perfectly as the cooking area. Occupying the not-so-used area in the kitchen, the dining set is just a brilliant idea. Have a great chat with your guests while preparing good foods for them.

6. Mid-sized Modern Combo 

very small kitchen dining room combo
Photo by Sogno Design Group

This contemporary style kitchen can be one of your kitchen dining room combo design ideas. The wooden accents create a warm look, while modern touch is seen from the choice of the furniture and appliances. Look how modern hood can be the centre of your attention when coming to this room. And the white zip chairs are perfect to create a modern mid-century style.

7. Kitchen Dining Combo in Industrial Style

Designhow to place furniture in small open floor plan living room, kitchen dining room combo
Photo by Muratore Construction +

This kitchen dining room combo design uses more of earthy colors to create an industrial style. The wood benches and long table fit the multicolored walls and dark colored appliances. A loft cabinet is another charm this room gives off.

8. Fresh and Classy in Transitional Style

small kitchen dining room combo
Photo by Gast Architects

You’ll surely be amazed at the aesthetics of this kitchen dining room combo layout. The outdoor view is a natural masterpiece that is integrated to the combo style. This design is perfect for those in need of fresh air in their kitchen. Lovely!

9. Contemporary Kitchen Dining Room Revamp

kitchen dining living room combo
Photo by Interior Marketing Group

This design shows the subtle division of its color wall, mixing black and white perfectly. Adding different hues, the medium tone and brown flooring is just a great touch for a more exciting concept.

10. Sleek Modern Style

kitchen dining room combo design ideas
Photo by Webber + Studio, Architects

Thinking of kitchen dining room combo revamp? This contemporary room design relies much on the natural light that spotlights the well-defined dining set and sleek white island. 

11. Chic and Playful

small kitchen and dining room combo
Photo by John Fuchs Construction

This design is a colorful inspiration for your cheerful personality. With popping colors on its dining set, it brings a festive feel to this simple kitchen dining room combo. The half-height partition wall is a great idea to divide the two sections subtly. 

12. A Fusion of Classic and Modern

dining room and kitchen combo
Photo by DEANE Inc | Distinctive Design & Cabinetry

Want something romantic yet look luxurious modern? This design is the answer. The gold finish chandelier gives a romantic feel to this design. The counter stools and bar in the middle of the two integrated rooms is a great idea you can steal for your kitchen dining room combo revamp.

13. Modern Mid-century Combo

kitchen dining room living room combo
Photo by Turn Design

A great look is the combination of an open dining room with its bar set and a kitchen with an island. A set of counter stools completes the look of a large modern mid-century combo design. Hang cute pendant lights for more exciting feels. 

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