Mediterranean Kitchen Design (20 Most Beautiful Design & Elements )

Mediterranean Kitchen Design – Today’s era, there are many trends in kitchen design. Some appeals to the size, some motions to the atmosphere and some arcs a particular theme. Choosing the perfect kitchen design makes the owners comfortable to manage the kitchen. Therefore, they accommodate the details of the kitchen quickly, since maintaining a part of the house is not just making it practical and functional, but it needs lots to consider.

One people rarely notice the Mediterranean. In that, it is characterized by its bright colors and details, so that they consider it luxurious. Yes, it is. However, it does not mean that they are not able to afford the preparation. What makes it luxurious is the arrangement of colors, details, and textures. Therefore, their combination is the key to this design.

What is Mediterranean Kitchen Design?

rustic tuscan kitchen

Are you trying a new design of kitchen style ? The Mediterranean is the answer. Many people are doing on that design. What called the Mediterranean is that it refers to homeowners design. Those who are interested in a bright, warm, relaxing, and pop design appeal to this one. Some elements are grounding this design, such as lively colors, textures, and details of accessories.

This design appeals to medium to large kitchen, since the details of this design make the size to be full and luxurious. However, some features are potential to add to the small one as a supplementary decoration — this account for elegant to pop design. Countertop, floor, and wall are commonly those bringing the accents of the kitchen out. Therefore, texture, patterns, and angles are crucial to the design.

Mediterranean Kitchen Designs and Pictures

italian style kitchen

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1.  Mediterranean Kitchen With White Cabinets

mediterranean tile designs
(Photo By Buckingham Resources LTD)

This style recommends I-shaped with the limestone floor accent.  Consider putting glass-front cabinets with beige floor eat-in kitchen. This Mid-sized Tuscan is ideal for beige cabinets with the kitchen island within it. Paneled appliances are the best to use. It accommodates the member of the house to pick the utensils practically.

This style recommends I-shaped with the limestone floor accent.  Consider putting glass-front cabinets with beige floor eat-in kitchen. This Mid-sized Tuscan is ideal for beige cabinets with the kitchen island within it. Paneled appliances are the best to use. It accommodates the member of the house to pick the utensils practically.

2. Small Mediterranean Kitchen

mediterranean kitchen with white cabinets
Photo by Erdreich Architecture, P.C

Instead of the first one, this style is best for small Mediterranean kitchen ideas. The marble countertops entice the elegance of the room. The mix of the retro colors induces the perfect contrast in harmony. The wicker stalls are best to combine with the main porcelain desk.

Consider using the stainless steel appliances to shade light the crowded patterns. It avoids overlapping colors and textures.  Distressed cabinets with raised panel cabinets accommodate more storage with its clean tile. The beige backsplash is the last accent to add to make it perfect.

3. Mediterranean Kitchen Backsplash Tiles

the mediterranean kitchen
( Photo by Nunley Custom Homes)

This is utterly an eclectic kitchen design. The perfect bluish color with the maroon combination is the best.  A farmhouse sink is better to put in the corner of the dinner table as to make it easy to do combo activities in food preparation. The bluish patterns with ivory motives make it seems contrasting but charming.

The lamps are better to apply two or three. Put a vase opposite to the glass window. Combine two or three different flowers on it. While the lamps provide light in the night, the glass window is the perfect light in the afternoon. It functions as ventilation too, so that in the early morning people can inhale fresh air from that.

4.  Modern Mediterranean Kitchen

tuscan kitchen design
( Photo by McHarris Planning & Design)

I-shaped kitchen is never out of date. An open concept kitchen design with mid-sized Tuscan color schemes is perfect to combine with raised-panel cabinets. Add dark wood cabinets to show the solidity. Consider designing granite countertops as simple, elegant ones. To make it more Mediterranean, use multi color and backsplash combined with stainless steel appliances in the kitchen island.

5. Mediterranean Ceramic Tile

mediterranean colors
( Photo by

A Tuscan u-shaped is easy to modify. The countertops and the ceramic tile is the signature of this design. Today’s trend, terra cotta is the best color to apply in Mediterranean style. Terra cotta floor eat-in kitchen is harmonious with solid dark brown countertops. Put raised-panel cabinets as the storage. Choose light wood cabinets with beige backsplash and stainless steel appliances.

6. Traditional Mediterranean

modern spanish style kitchen
( Photo by

The multicolor countertops are the signature of this design. Combining the terracotta, blue, and ivory will entice a decorative tile.It is showing the good example of mediterranean colours. Using mediterranean color palette can help you to match the colour. This design is exclusive to some people since it accommodates the size and the primary function of each appliance. Wooden cabinets will soften the exclusiveness of the plan. Avoid the graceful shapes to arc its signature.

7. Luxury Mediterranean Kitchen Design

modern mediterranean
( Photo by Design Build Planners)

The ivory touch gives the warm of the design. If having a large kitchen, this mediterranean kitchens design is you.  With the medium circle dinner table, it accommodates four until five chairs. The cold solid ceramic shows its neat and clean signature. The glass window is very apt for having breakfast on a sunny morning. Wooden simple cabinets are harmonious with the floor tones. Add two or three dining lamps to give more light when having dinner.

8. Rustic Mediterranean Kitchen

rustic mediterranean house
( Photo by

Put four dark wooden stalls with the wooden ceramic desk. Design a warm spiral floor eat-in kitchen. Add raised panel cabinets as one of Mediterranean style kitchen cabinets to balance the size. Use stainless steel appliances to avoid gloomy nuance. Choose solid dark wood cabinets as the signature. Add a dining lamp with enough light to make it intimate.

9. Simple Mediterranean Kitchen

mediterranean home colors
( Photo by Style De Vie )

Getting bored with the standard floor design? Try to use the hexagon one. Since it is small; it is not an eat-in kitchen design.  Therefore, apply more space with the simple small desk with rack beer on it. Terracotta is the best color for the floor since it creates a solid magnitude impression. Use medium tone ample cabinets combined with blue backsplash. They are a harmonious, elegant design, after all.

10.  Elegant Kitchen

luxury mediterranean kitchens
( Photo by Sarkela Corporation)

This design is suitable for a large kitchen, especially a galley kitchen. Designing an eat-in kitchen, therefore, is possible. With the beige and raised paneled cabinets, it is more than enough to store appliances in them. An undermount sink ease you to prepare the food so that doing many activities at the same time is okay. One thing to consider is using a colorful, mosaic Mediterranean kitchen backsplash tiles to bring out the Mediterranean sense.

11.  I-Shaped Open Kitchen Design

mediterranean kitchen tile
( Photo by McHarris Planning & Design)

This design uses dark wood materials as the dominant one. With the porcelain dinner table on it, it avoids those dark wood effects. Granite countertops are perfect for preventing a crowded nuance. Consider using ceramic and multicolored backsplash with ivory domination. Add some vases with colorful flowers to bring out the warmth in it. Consider using stainless steel appliances to give more luxury impression.

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