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Mediterranean Kitchen Design (20 Most Beautiful Design & Elements )

12. Light Glass Wall Kitchen Design

( Photo By Busby Cabinets)

For the people living in the edge of the garden of a mountain area, consider using a glass wall design. It enables light shining in. Enjoying a beautiful sunrise is possible. It is good to entice your gusto and enthusiasm for starting a brand new day. Dominate the design with ivory to sparkle more light. Choose open cabinets with the multicolored stuff to make it compact. Put a tree inside to give a touch that is more natural every day.

13.  Intricate Colorful Mediterranean Design

( Photo by James D. Rogers, Builder)

Another style to use when living near a mountain area is this one. It basically employs glass windows so that the people can see the views around. The blue backsplash with the motive design at the edge is the best. The hood above the stovetop gives more rustic without omitting its elegance. Pay attention to the high wooden countertops as giving more signatures to this style. Add some white hang lamps to get more sense that is romantic at night.

14. Multicolored Backsplash Kitchen Design

( Photo By James D. Rogers, Builder)

One thing to consider in this style is the backsplash since the other items are vary in both shape and color. Therefore, designing a harmonious backsplash enables all items to combine in the same color tone. With the necessary ivory wall, the primary color best to apply is black with terracotta and gray. Make it symmetrical so that all perceptions are a full compact design.

15.  Neat I-Shaped Kitchen Design

( Photo By Artesano Plaster )

The medium tone wood plays a vital role in this style. The floor and desk dominate that tone as the essential items. Therefore, applying grey and glass front cabinets are perfect. Apply wood countertops as well as brown backsplash. Put a farmhouse sink between the grey cabinets, so that it is still dry and comfortable to organize rather than putting it on the main desk.

16. Gorgeous Large Mediterranean Kitchen Design

( Photo By

In this style, all is about the colors and shape. Combine the dark with light colors to contrast but contains beauty. With the dark floor and desk, use brighter colors to some other accessories. For example, combine pink or bluish colors to your stalls. Alternatively, add some flowers inside. An elegant lamp with patterned backsplash gives more Mediterranean sense.

17.  White Marble Kitchen Design

( Photo By Fratantoni Interior Designers-Architecture-Remodel)

The dominant color in this style is white. Therefore, people can combine it with black or dark brown instead. The white marble floor gives the full-size impression. The white marble backsplash gives a higher impact. Choose wood countertops and desk to balance the elegance. Put recessed paneled cabinets with paneled appliances and an under mount sink. This classy design is terrific.

18.  Mid-Sized Bluish Mediterranean Kitchen Design

( Photo by Christine Julian Interiors LLC)

The combination of three great colors, white, light blue, and ivory creates a warm, excellent design. This is suitable for I shaped kitchen with the medium size. Choose a rectangle blue backsplash in it. Quartz, white, subway tile countertops are matching with that backsplash. Choose porcelain desk. Add some recessed paneled cabinets for storage.

19. Exclusive Vintage Kitchen Design

( Photo By

This style applies more black and dark brown color in domination. It creates a more vintage but classy design. Eat-in kitchen design is suitable for having dinner with partners or relatives. Beige cabinets and backsplash control the atmosphere inside. Raised paneled cabinets and dark wood countertops give more exclusivity. Feel the intimate kitchen with this style.

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20. Trim Mediterranean Kitchen Design

Photo by

To create an attractive kitchen design, pay attention to the kitchen n island. This is suitable for the u-shaped kitchen. Design light wood floor design as the first item so that the others are easy to modify. Beige, ceramic backsplash gives more beauty. Quartzite countertops are never out of date. It creates a more decorative accent as the signature.

Creating a Mediterranean kitchen design is impressive. All you have to do is combining contrasting Mediterranean kitchen paint colors with building in harmony. This accommodates all kitchen size and shape, so make it your design and start a new style for your kitchen.

21. Brown Mediterranean Kitchen Design

The Mediterranean influence is clearly shown from the kitchen counters. With a huge wood island in the middle, it aids you save the kitchen’s accessories. You don’t require to worry about lighting create the clear will assist. You can see a modern-day touch in someplace with great placement.

Elements of Mediterranean Kitchen Design

Before starting to design Mediterranean kitchen design, there are some elements considered. Those are color, texture, and details of accessories in your kitchen. The match or contrast of colors is the key for exuding a specific theme. Curves, mosaic, patterns, are those applied to bring out the texture. Adding some particular tiles or accessories to your kitchen is the other character of this design.

  1. Rich and Warm Color
  2. Curves
  3. Mosaic Tilework
  4. Iron Details
  5. Textured Wall
  6. Saltillo Floor Tile
  7. Unique Accessories

1. Rich and Warm Color

Sun and sea are the ideas picked out for the Mediterranean palette draws. The additional item employs bright flora and foliage combined with other elements of the region. The primary color suitable is terra cotta. The application of terra cotta is to the countertops and main desk. However, some part of the wall appeals this one, and it is better. Better to blend a light red, bluish color and some of bright yellow to your kitchen live up. Apply the bluish tint to the wall with its floral or spiral patterns.

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Add a vase of the living plant with the green leaves and red or yellow. Using a wooden material for the items balances the mixed of utensils and the color. The essential elements to add are the utensils. Choose the stenciled or tile backsplash as the main items. It arcs an elegant but not rustic nuance.

2. Curves

Curves and curlicues are two essential elements for Mediterranean style. They show glamour to the whole design of the kitchen. The curved shapes are the leading part of this style. It brings the fluidity of the range hood out. The light fixture emphasizes space angle and composition.

The curves commonly design the main wall as the eccentric spot. A porcelain dinner table is the perfect one. The same tone color of the wall and the desk is the alternative to arc the light and harmony. Graceful shapes are suitable for lamps. Adding one or two pots with green succulents makes this design naturally sensed.

3. Mosaic Tilework

Mosaic refers to any patterns combined into one single design. It accommodates hand-painted tilework or the ready tilework from a particular craft store. Some litters can be used to form a specific pattern if you are favorable in making home design enough. It will be more beneficial and affordable.

Since mosaic tile plays a role in the Mediterranean signature, consider to apply it to the island or backsplash. A focal point holds a crucial aspect to arc the artistic design of the kitchen. The primary color used is terra cotta combined with red, yellow, or dark brown. Put a vase with yellow petunias to balance the composition.

4. Iron Details

The primary material for Mediterranean style is a wooden one since others considered heavy to apply. Therefore, the island has a wooden desk on it. However, the wrought iron is the alternatives for metal to catch up all the spots of the kitchen since wooden materials wrap up is considered monotonous. It brings out the flourish taste.

Put a pot rack to the desk as the place for utensils. The stenciled one is the best. Add some details on the wall like floral or spiral pattern. The primary color here is dark brown and gold. Adding black or yellow ones is acceptable. This tends to create a warm and intimate spot for having dinner with the partner or member of the family.

5. Textured Wall

In a Mediterranean kitchen, walls hold a crucial role in embodying a foreign interest of the kitchen. A stucco style is best to apply to the textured furnished wall. The drywall mud with Venetian plaster is the first textured surface. Get the evoking sense of antediluvian-world villa.

Ivory is the best color to apply. It creates a warm light nuance. Add a diamond pattern to the wall on the main wall near the sink. The smooth shape on the countertops shows its significant effect on the texture. Add some oval design on your main desk on the kitchen island to sparkle its artistic work. Combine light green and red on that. Put three or four wicker chairs to add an antique sense.  

6. Saltillo Floor Tile

The warm palette is the signature of the Saltillo floor tile. The bluish countertop harmonizes the cold and solid floor instead. The best rugs best to use are the tough ones. Consider applying the swirly to bring out the curving elements sparkle. It matches the color tone from the countertops as well as walls and the kitchen island as a small tile.

Wooden material is the best to achieve Saltillo favor. Dark brown is the dominant color for the desk, chair, and cabinets. Applying some other gradation brown is perfect. The bluish tint is the best contrasting color to avoid tedious nuance of the hard palate.

7. Unique Accessories

Accessories tend to appeal the decoration rather than the functions. However, it accommodates the role. Adding unique lamps is the answer. It differs based on color, shapes, and material. It had better fit the theme so that it is now awkward. The perfect lamps can echo the item as the leading light.

Another accessory is paying attention to the ceiling. The hard limit echoes style that is more antediluvian — however, the light one arcs warm and pop style. Besides accessories, the matching ceiling primarily to the kitchen island accommodates the light and humidity of the room, besides from window.

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Creating a Mediterranean kitchen design is impressive. All you have to do is combining contrasting Mediterranean kitchen paint colors with building in harmony. This accommodates all kitchen size and shape, so make it your design and start a new style for your kitchen. Check the other post too. So those are Mediterranean kitchen design ideas for you see you in the next post.

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