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Luxury Kitchen Design In 2021 (20 Ideas , Dream and Modern Kitchen)

Luxury Kitchen Design- Other than playing the role of the heart of the home. A kitchen gives you another advantage when it comes to designing the interior in the way your heart desires. There are some kinds of spaces in your house that are perfect to create whichever interior design you’re dreaming of. However, there are also a few types that focus on functionality, which makes hard to enhance the visual appeal. Luckily, a kitchen is that special area that can serve you with both functions and style—you can get plenty of appliances that fit with the design you’re trying to achieve for your kitchen.

    Some people would have an open kitchen with tons of natural light sliding through, and some people linked it with their dining area. Whichever kitchen style it is, the function of the kitchen might vary from one house to another. One thing , they all serve similar purposes: the place to host and amaze your guests at dinner parties, where the family gathers to chill and relax. At some point, you might want your kitchen and dining area to have the same ambiences with your favorite fancy restaurant downtown.

Luxury kitchen design are perfect for high-end homes, but it does not mean they can’t be an excellent inspiration for your remodeling plans. The luxury design brings you comfort, visual appeal, and even increase your property’s value. Indeed, there are some essential features to make the kitchen falls into the category of luxury. The designs are varied, including a traditional or transitional kitchen and the more modern ones like contemporary.

Luxury Kitchen Design Ideas

People might have different interpretations when it comes to defining the term “luxury,” especially in the sense of interiors. Therefore, we need to know the essential items that include to achieve the desired look. It depends on what kind of approach you’re getting into in making your kitchen luxurious. Some people take marbles and granites as luxurious, it can’t be denied that traditional and transitional kitchens offer it too. Here we have concluded our top 5 luxury kitchen design ideas with a traditional looking:

Luxurious Transitional Kitchen

One word to describe this kitchen is sophisticated. The combination of woodworking on the floor and the lower cabinets, and marble countertops are perfect for giving us the ambiance of luxury. Details such as chandelier-like lightings, leather bar stools, and glass kitchen clutter are an excellent choice to complete the look.

Semi-Contemporary Kitchen

Some people believe that Quartz is how you should spell the luxury. Looking at this semi-contemporary kitchen, we might have wanted to agree. If you’re going to take that extra mile, the Quartz can be installed not only for your countertops but the dining table as well. The natural light that seeps through the large windows will show the perfection of this material. Meanwhile, the dark undertone applied to the cabinetry would complement the whole color scheme of the kitchen, especially the Quartz that comes in clean white color.

French Style Transitional Kitchen

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Feels like bringing in the ambiance of your favorite fancy French restaurant to your kitchen? Try all black mixed with sleek stainless steel and glass appliances. Dark colored marble countertops will also add uniqueness to the whole look. Get creative with the lighting, for example, the light bulbs pendants that are mimicking candle lights.

Traditional Cream Luxury Kitchen Design

If you prefer bright neutral colors for your luxurious kitchen, this one from Edmonton can give you a lot of inspiration. When the wooden floor is less attractive for your taste, you can get polished marble tiles that way shinier and complement the granite countertops. It is sometimes one of the important aspects that people tend to overlook, that floor and countertops should be matched to one and another because both are on the flat plain of the kitchen.

Mediterranean Traditional Kitchen

Mediterranean-inspired kitchen is made to make some jaws dropped. Take that extra mile to get the custom kitchen designs with customized appliances and features, for example, like the island in this kitchen from Phoenix. Granite countertop is a must, and decorated cabinets are giving a bold statement. Chandeliers are perfect for helping you achieve a luxurious ambiance. The unique kitchen islands are a great complementary to the look.

Luxury Modern Kitchen Designs

When modern kitchen comes to mind, we’d be imagining the minimalist and elegant style with neutral color palettes, a combination of sleek and crisp design. This luxury kitchen design is great because the beauty is timeless and serving you a clean yet simple kitchen. However, they can be pretty luxurious too. Here are five luxury modern kitchen designs that are a perfect example of the fusion of luxury and contemporary style:

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Open Modern Kitchen

This open kitchen in New York is giving you the sleek and clean look, but the granite countertops and milky white tile backsplash are quite luxurious. The beige slab doors cabinets are perfectly matched with the wooden floor that seems to be in the same color palette. Black pendant lights are adding the uniqueness of this kitchen, makes it an utterly modern and luxurious fusion in terms of style.

Contemporary Small Luxurious Kitchen Design

This one’s for you who have the kitchen and dining area combined in one area. A rather small kitchen can be transformed into something quite luxurious. Concrete hood with dark undertone is serving you both an elegant look and sturdiness. Dark granite countertops are also a great complement to the medium tone wooden floor. A little wooden feature for backsplash and shelves is adding the warmth into the room.

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