Luxury Kitchen Design In 2024(20 Ideas , Dream and Modern Kitchen)

Sleek Modern Kitchen

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Large windows, white walls and tile floors, full on granite countertops, and wooden cabinets, this kitchen in Miami scream in modernity and luxury at the same time. The glass features are clean and sleek; the details are undeniably gorgeous; the whole room is jaw-dropping. Use the clutter to add some pop of colors to the kitchen like the red artificial plant on the dining table.

Walnut And Steel Fusion Kitchen

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Do you have a unique shape of a kitchen? Worry not, because some features can turn it into a perfect kitchen. Take a look at this kitchen in Essex. The stainless steel column is playing a role as supporting the central pillar and a bold statement at the same time. The seating area that built around it is giving an interesting look, and the column speaks elegance and modernity. Walnut woods that were used in this kitchen is serving you a pop of colors and warm ambiance.

Twin Islands Contemporary Kitchen

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Who says you can’t get two islands for your kitchen? When you get a large enough space, you absolutely can. Large space is easier to be transformed into a huge luxury kitchen because you get plenty of room to add details and appliances. Tile floor is no doubt the easiest way for you to achieve the modern and luxurious design. If you decided to expose your backsplash as much as it is shown on this kitchen in Toronto, you might have wanted to get a unique one. A tile backsplash can be an excellent choice.

White Clean Kitchen

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Another great option from this white kitchen ideas will impress your eyes. Wooden countertops combines with a single island in the middle. Also, put a modern crystal chandelier makes your kitchen looks classy. Then, adding a small statue near your stove gives the gorgeous historic vibrant.

Dream Kitchen Ideas

2020 kitchen cabinet color trends

What makes up the dream kitchen? A timeless layout, with trendy details and features. Dream kitchen usually has classics such as marble materials, rustic beams, or cabinetry in neutral colors. The luxury of a dream kitchen has its distinctive beauty. Here we have the top 5 of our most favorite dream kitchen ideas:

Modern Open Kitchen

luxury classic kitchen design

The open kitchen gives you a less suffocating area, and there are many ways to transform it into the kitchen of your dreams. Take a look at this kitchen from London. The wooden materials that are dominating the area are paint finished. This way, instead of coming up with rustic feeling, the kitchen falls into a more contemporary style with a touch of luxury with the leather bar stools.

Minimalist Dream Kitchen

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Do not hold yourself back when it comes to experimenting with your kitchen features. If you want to get a minimalistic kitchen that is still giving out a statement, this luxury kitchen design from San Diego is a perfect inspiration. All white counters and floor, paired with unfinished wooden cabinets, the kitchen looks sleek and clean but still got a fantastic feature.

Contemporary Dream Luxurious Kitchen Design

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A dream kitchen is not only about the visual appeal, but also the perfect design, quality, even materials. Everything needs to be in premium quality, well-planned and built to last for generations. Contemporary style is the king of timeless beauty, with sleek features and simplicity. The combination of granite marble countertops, paint finished wooden floor, and stainless steel appliances, this kitchen from Brisbane is a perfect masterpiece made out of the most excellent quality and materials.

Homey Luxurious Kitchen Design

luxury red wood kitchen design

Do not mistake a luxurious kitchen can’t be homey and warm with all the common contemporary and modern styles. The Quartz countertop is in a matching color with the bright tone wooden floor. The pendant lights are adding warmth into the kitchen.

Rustic Dream Kitchen

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Sometimes you can’t decide on pretty things like marbles, tiles, or wooden materials. Then, why don’t we combine all three like this dream kitchen from Los Angeles? The flat-panel cabinets are made matching with the tile backsplash. The pop of colors can be added with some additional features like potted plants and bar stools.

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High-End Kitchens Trend 2020

transitional kitchens 2020

New year, new remodeling plans. Innovative designs are coming every year, giving us plenty of inspiration and the urge to renovate our kitchens as soon as possible. In 2018, the contemporary designs with two-toned cabinetry and banquette-style seating. If you’re planning on remodeling your kitchen this year, there are design trends you can look up to for the year 2019.

This year, technology will begin to interfere with kitchens. Fancy appliances and gadgets are becoming more common; you can control everything with the tips of your fingers. It is also the year of dark color schemes, making the all-white tones no longer the hottest trend. Indeed, white cabinets will always be a classic, but earthy tones are popular nowadays with its olive green and dusty blue.

Also, simpler looks are what people try to get now as we want to have a stress-free environment as much as possible, making a more streamlined kitchen is on demand. In line to that, there are plenty of creative and more effective ways in terms of storage, so your paprika powder and soy sauce jar will not clutter the countertops. Speaking of countertops,

Quartz is still holding the crown as the most desirable material. It’s time to wave goodbye to your old silver tone ones. You might have wanted to say goodbye to the hardwood floor and turn them into tiles as they crawl to reach the popularity. Meanwhile, it’s 2019 and islands are not only for cooking purposes—but also, to be more versatile. The trends of beautiful backsplash is on its way, so it’s better for you not to overlook this one. Last but not least, more people are connecting their outdoor space to their kitchens.

More Kitchen Ideas


Luxury depends on how you’d approach the style by your preferences. Whichever style that will influence the aesthetics of your kitchen depends on how you define the luxury itself. It is range from the traditional look to a more modern visual appeal. Combine these ideas we have compiled for you to achieve your dream luxury kitchen.

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