30+ Outstanding Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas & Photos 2022

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen – There is pleasant, sunny warm weather outside. Likewise, it’s surely hard to ignore to enjoy the sunshine with the cup of tea in your hand or have a satisfying meal outside. If it comes to your mind, it might be the right time to have an outdoor kitchen. 

An outdoor kitchen is not only about grilling; it is a whole cooking experience that includes an area for cooking and serves it directly. Besides, the quests can see how the food is prepared while the chef serves it fresh from the oven and engage the conversation with them. With these tremendous outdoor spaces, you can fully load the kitchen with a fridge, dishwasher, stove, sink, or extra appliances like a pizza oven or ice machine. 

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Design

If you have space in your yard, whether small or big enough to have both a private garden and an outdoor kitchen, check out these outdoor kitchen designs. The designs come in varieties of bars, seating areas, storage, and grills. There are some designs for those who own smaller spaces, and others will suit large garden owners. Some of these kitchens have been complemented by features like pizza ovens, fire pits, lounge, dining areas, and even bar stools. You will find designs for every outdoor kitchen design, from shabby chic to rustic one.

Bring Texas Custom To Kitchen

farmhouse outdoor kitchen
Photo by Texas Custom Patios

This Texas kitchen custom setup comes in a full-scale outdoor dining space. The design gives you a luxurious touch in installing tiles and shining stone covered from the fireplace, floor until the dining table: preparation and serving. The placement of the dining table allows guests to sit and enjoy the surroundings while the food preparation. Next, the tabletop is covered in a formal granite-style counter on top of neutral stonework. Near the guests, there is a grill so that they can take the food easily.

2. Little Brick Farmhouse Touch

barnwood outdoor kitchen
Photo by Remodelers of Houston

A wooden pergola adds class to this Farmhouse Outdoor Kitchen, with its adobe-style stonework. This kitchen splashes orange tones of southern flair, similarly to the desert. The stainless steel appliances offer a notable contrast. The darker red brick of the fire pit brightly colors the scene with an unexpected striking color. 

3. Dark Patio Frame The Area

rustic outdoor kitchen ideas on a budget
Photo by Houzz.com

Fireplace heats the area anytime, for instance, including the one in this outdoor kitchen. Combine the brick that constructs the wall and fireplace to the dining table’s stonework. The patio gives a deluxe garden-style outdoor kitchen. The dark stone frames the kitchen and gives a beautiful, vibrant design that strikes the flower gardens and greenery. 

4. Good Lighting For Better Design

rustic outdoor kitchen bar ideas
Photo by COOPER Design Build

Take a look at these Outdoor Kitchen Designs. You might think the outdoor kitchen takes light much from nature since it is placed outside. Meanwhile, it will not stop you from being playful with the lighting. This lighting set adds warmth to space and gives the stainless steel appliances a reflection of a subtle golden glow. 

5. Small Extensive To Outdoor

diy rustic outdoor kitchen ideas
Photo by Wright-Built

Having an indoor kitchen as usual, but you will love an indoor space with outdoor access. It is a window that can lift upside to provide more space outside. In additiion, it helps you a lot during a party or small meeting. You can take the dining table or open bar style space out of the window. A dining area extends from the interior to the exterior with this Simple Outdoor Kitchen Ideas of style windows. 

6. Wood Brings Statement

diy rustic outdoor kitchen
Photo by Augusta Homes

This stonework is an example of how wood can be extremely deluxe for your garden style outdoor kitchen. The grill area in the corner is a compliment for a small area of an outdoor kitchen. The stone frame fireplace provides formal architectural interest. The black hint of the dining table and chairs bolds the color of the wood. 

7. Texas Style Hits The Outdoor

rustic outdoor dining ideas
Photo by Texas Custom Patios

The beautiful shining ceramic dining table countertop is a luxurious look for this outdoor space. It creates a focal point reflecting the rich of lighting above this texas style Outdoor kitchen. On either side, the good arrangement of chairs highlights the style. 

8. Modern Way To Enjoy Sunset

diy outdoor kitchen
Photo by Montecito Kitchens

Enjoy the sunset with a warm cup of tea under the outdoor kitchen patio surrounded by the closest people of yours. The outdoor kitchen area is the best place to spend summer nights. A huge arched pergola helps to define the space and make it feel like a real room. Add an outdoor rattan coffee chair near the grill so that the cook can join the gathering.

9. Reclaimed Wood Is Good For Your Pocket

Photo by stylingandliving

The group of stone and reclaimed wood gives this outdoor kitchen area a rustic, earthy vibe. The stone floor comes as a set with the backyard floor. Thus, it will be way more adequate for the owners who own small outdoor space. It’s affordable and a perfect idea for entertaining family and friends.

10. Another Way To Enjoy Beautiful Garden

country outdoor kitchen ideas
Photo by Houzz.com

An outdoor backyard kitchen provides you complete satisfaction to enjoy the beautiful backyard garden. Formal dark granite floor layer gives the space visual interest, yet the metal counters add a gourmet touch. Guests can relax outside with the scenery of untouched nature from the backyard garden. Moreover, the inset lights add a glam finishing touch.

An average dinner will become a kind of a feast and you may even want to snap some shots to share with your Insta followers. Just make sure your images look atmospheric and address photo editing services if you lack time to make the needed tweaks yourself.

11. Framed The Space With Reclaimed Wood

tin Rustic Outdoor Kitchen
Photo by Bowline Construction Inc

If you have an adequate number of reclaimed wood in your environment, it’s time to take advantage of the sources to build an outdoor kitchen space. Since it’s only a limited amount of money you needed, you can furnish the ceiling to get a simple rustic outdoor kitchen idea on a budget. Rattan chairs also define the area, which features a Barnwood Outdoor Kitchen,  to complete the elements.

12. Dark Defines The Style

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Brickc
Photo by Pinterest.com

An outdoor kitchen with dark mahogany frame space provides a fully-loaded outdoor kitchen, perfect for entertaining. Moreover, there are a large LCD screen, a green ceramic grill, sink, under counter fridge, along with plenty of storage. Expansive dark granite bars offer casual seating with a high wooden chair.

  1. Be Creative With DIY Window
Photo by Pinterest.com

If you don’t have an extra space building your outdoor kitchen space, why don’t you open it up to get an extended space for your dining room? Try this indoor/outdoor space. You might have a small cooking area. Whereas, you can install windows widely open up to the outside of the kitchen area and give guests space to lounge close to the chef by some barstools. You can buy the material from the nearest material shop or ask a furniture expert to make some for you. When the weather turns cold or windy, let the windows down, and you’ve still got your dining space. The kitchen has a rustic vibe, using the touch of natural woods and a white furnished wood countertop.

14. Be Fullest With Small Space

Photo by Pinterest.com

This one is a small country style outdoor kitchen with a modern twist. Changing the cabinet up with brown wood with a darker frame gives it a glamorous touch. For another outdoor kitchen cabinets idea, you can make a little space on the wall above the cabinets to maximize the storage room to keep more spices and kitchen utensils.

15. Fireplace Texas Style 

Photo by Texas Custom Patios

Try this another Texas-style to heat the dining time with the quests. This large dining and kitchen area with a structured study building patio lets you hosting New Year Eve feasts, football-viewing parties, and even family gathering dinners. A red brick fireplace accompanies you to heat the hospitality.

16. Freeze your Day with The Wine

Photo by heartlandshome.com

Enjoy the natural landscape in your backyard by creating a rustic outdoor kitchen oasis with wood counters and a pergola. A glass door wine fridge installed between wooden cabinetry like this one finishes the look with retro-looking touch. You will love to have fresh wine while looking at the scenery. 

17. Tin Ready For The Dinner

Photo by Pinterest.com

Have you ever imagined placing a tin roof as a part of your outdoor kitchen bar? You will be amazed at how the corrugated tin creates a casual outdoor space. It boosts the bar’s visual interest and beautiful simple outdoor kitchen idea. Moreover, keep things elegant with oak-toned wood accents between two corrugated tin. It’s including a warm tone of wood countertop. Bars across the back with extra hanging storage completes the look.

18. DIY Colorful Backsplash

Photo by demiandashton.org

Let your creativity show up in this kitchen area. Suppose you have plenty of time to decorate the kitchen. In that case, you can buy several pieces of tiles in some rangers of color, recreate them into a puzzle backsplash. The playful selection of colors infuses a brilliant aesthetic. The cabinetry and appliances can come in calm colors in the form of floor concrete and wooden furniture.

19. Brick Always Brings Warmth

Photo by homebnc.com

Who says a small space can not create a luxury room? A rectangle placement of cabinetry provides much storage to keep your spices and kitchen utensils inside. This space is more tranquil with clean dark wood and a white bar. You can close the style with red brick at the one side of the kitchen to bring warmth to this kitchen. Finally, don’t forget to be more aesthetic with a big white clock to contrast the wall’s color.

20. Simple Dining Out

Photo by onekindesign.com

An outdoor kitchen doesn’t always need a special room to occupy. Sometimes, what you have to do is only providing a bar made from brick and concrete. If the weather is tempted enough rather than staying inside, pack your grill, rearrange some plating and stools around the bar, and you will have great dining out. 

How To Customize Your Outdoor Kitchen?

Photo by Unsplash.com

As the summer season nears and homeowners dream of outdoor gatherings comprising friends, neighbors, and family members, the thought of an expansive, well-designed outdoor kitchen is the dream of many.

Benefits Of An Outdoor Kitchen

Real estate professionals maintain that outdoor kitchens exercise certain notable positive influences over a home such as:

Living Space Expansion

Typically, a home’s residents spend significant periods of time inside the kitchen to consume meals, relax, and converse. The ability to carry out these activities outdoors creates a whole new living space and vast entertainment opportunities.


Outdoor kitchens add significant value to a property’s value. Such attributes often render said properties more attractive to prospective buyers, resulting in said locations selling for top dollar, and remaining on open markets for shorter time frames.

Customization Tips

Photo by Unsplash.com

That said, the best outdoor kitchens can not simply be thrown together haphazardly. Designing such an addition requires an appreciable amount of time and planning. Fortunately, the process might be rendered somewhat simpler by adhering to customization tips including:

Determining The Location

Before beginning the design process, homeowners must first designate the most appropriate location.

When executing this critical step, several factors should be taken into consideration, such as preventing smoke produced by cooking implements from penetrating indoors, creating a limited distance between the indoor and outdoor kitchens, maintaining a suitable internal view of the indoors, and choosing the placement of potentially hazardous items like grills or ovens.

Consider Important Variables

Photo by Unsplash.com
In addition to location, other important variables include:

Choosing The Right Construction Materials

When making this decision, it is important to consider the climate, the number and weight of the appliances to be installed, if children or older persons will be a part of the mix, how many people might be present at a given time, and if pets will be traversing the area in question.

Appliances Dictate Overall Kitchen Size

Construction experts stress that the size of the overall structure will hinge on the number of appliances included, in addition to the size of said apparatuses. The desire to install larger and more sophisticated appliances will necessitate a larger area.

Ensure Enough Storage Space Exists

When mapping out design plans, be sure such layouts include ample storage space, such as closets, drawers, and cabinets. Such planning prevents a homeowner’s need to experience the inconvenience of carrying stored inside to the outside. Moreover, storing kitchen utensils and other important supplies in two locations reduces the risk of clutter.

Create A 3-D Design

The team of experienced designers employed at BBQ Guys has mastered the art of creating outdoor kitchens matching the 3-D layout. Our design experts help customers lay out plans geared towards meeting their space limitations and style preferences. Once the blueprint is set, information can be passed along to contractors who can confirm that the plan works and begin the actual building process.

A 3-D design is an organized and compact method of visualizing an outdoor kitchen. Fortunately, BBQ Guys enables customers to address the process in three relatively straightforward steps, including the completion of a design form, consultation with a design specialist, and an official rendering of the first draft. Homeowners yearning to make changes are given two revisions to perfect their preferences.


As its function to enable you to prepare some great cooking, at the same time, engage a conversation with the guests, you have to fully stock your outdoor kitchen. If everything is set in the right place, you don’t need to be in a rush while cooking and having a chit chat with others. Hope this article gives you more inspiration with rustic style outdoor kitchens for your own backyard.

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