“Fire it Up! The Coziest Farmhouse Shiplap Fireplace Ideas!”

Having a stunning farmhouse shiplap fireplace as a significant focal point may quickly improve the appearance of your house. Adding a contemporary shiplap fireplace to your home is a fantastic way to add visual flair. Shiplap fireplace may be used with a wide range of fireplace surrounds because of their informal and adaptable. In terms of design styles, white shiplap works well in farmhouse, classic, transitional, and modern settings alike.

Depending on the shiplap fireplace wall design you’re striving for, you may easily mix it with rustic components such as lime-washed bricks, a wood beam mantel, or stone cladding. Shiplap walls in dark hues like black, grey, and others are becoming trendy. A fireplace painted a different colour makes it more of a focal point in the space.

Adding drama and moodiness to a room by painting it in dark hues is another benefit. Wood paneling with a natural wood tone finish, on the other hand, creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in a space.

1. Modern Farmhouse Fireplace with White and Wooden Paneling

shiplap farmhouse fireplace
Photo by rainandpine.com

This lovely wood and white farmhouse shiplap design will add a touch of contemporary farmhouse style to your family’s gathering spot. It has a distressed whitewashed stone top, and a white shiplap is used to round the aperture. The attractive and robust wood mantle sits nicely in the center of the room. Display some greenery garland and another home d├ęcor in this area.

2. Add Drama to Your Fireplace by Painting It Black

shiplap modern farmhouse fireplace
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You can’t go wrong with black in today’s contemporary shiplap above fireplace designs.You may check this design, click here. Furthermore, it gives vital male energy that anchors the space and immediately puts guests at ease. Black picture frames, candleholders, and ornate tables will help unify the area’s look.

3.Rustic Wood Mantel on a Molded Fireplace Frame

modern farmhouse shiplap fireplace
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By encircling your farmhouse shiplap fireplace with molded square pieces, you may give depth and dimension to your design. Then, keep it clean and new-looking with a coat of white paint so you may be proud to use it as a family fireplace. An intense, rustic wooden beam is the ideal mantel to contrast the clean lines of the white molded wall.

4.Big Logs on a White Fake Fireplace

farmhouse fireplace shiplap
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Even if you do not have access to an open fireplace, you can have the same appearance and feel by installing a fake one in your home. Also, it’s hard not to fall in love with this all-white, birch log-filled artificial farmhouse shiplap fireplace. The narrow wooden plank mantel is the perfect backdrop for a festive display of seasonal favorites. a faux fireplace that is charming and full of personality 

5. Gray and White Kaleidoscope Tiled Fireplace

farmhouse shiplap fireplace with tv
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A fireplace with a kaleidoscope-printed tile adds a splash of colour and personality to any space. Gray and white are on-trend hues, and they keep the design looking fresh and contemporary. Moreover, the center of the house is anchored by a massive oak beam full of character.

6.White and Black Tiles on a Black Mantel

shiplap modern farmhouse corner fireplace

A striking black mantel farmhouse shiplap fireplace is the foundation for this ultra-modern fireplace. The addition of tilework to the design adds a lot of personalities, making it more unique. The black-and-white diamond pattern has a modern feel, but the timeless black-and-white colour scheme never goes out of style. This refurbished and stylish family fireplace will make the winter months more enjoyable.

7. Corner White Brick Fireplace with a White Painted Finish

copper and shiplap farmhouse fireplace
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If it weren’t for its simple elegance, the shiplap around the fireplace might go ignored in the corner of your house. Moreover, the masonry is brought up to date by painting a timeless white, making the fireplace seem bigger than life. This all-white nook is complemented with a gorgeous, massive oak mantel at the halfway point.

8.Mantel Decorated to the Nines on a White Gas Fireplace

restored brick fireplace farmhouse shiplap
photo by joyfulderivatives.com.

Accessorize your white fireplace mantel to the hilt for a splash of color and texture. You can’t go wrong with whatever you put to this built-in fireplace ornamental seat, from an oversize wooden sign to tall candle holders. To enhance the ambiance created by the family fireplace, have a crate of little birch logs handy.

9.Modern Farmhouse Fireplace with Shiplap-Covering

farmhouse fireplace mantel with shiplap white candle holders
photo by debanddanelle.com

White shiplap is used to cover this fireplace in a contemporary farmhouse style entirely. This fireplace finishing option’s flawless floor-to-ceiling transition will enchant your eye. Using white shiplap in a continuous pattern makes the room look bigger and more welcoming. Using a broad, blond-colored oak mantel will help to keep the overall design simple and basic in style.

10.Intricately Crafted and Dramatic White Tall Fireplace

shiplap fireplace wall ideas

The all-white colour scheme in this vast room highlights the immense height of the ceiling. In addition, thanks to the white shiplap, this traditional white fireplace appears clean and attractive with minimum effort. If you connect a TV to it, you’ve created a fun spot for the whole family to gather!

11.A white fireplace with a wall of multicolored tile

You may breathe new life into a space with just a few easy changes to your fireplace’s tile. The white mantel trim highlights the tilework well. The large slate tile installed directly in front of the fireplace echoes the colours of the vertical tile for a stunning overall effect!

12. This White Fireplace Blends Traditional and Modern Styles

farmhouse fireplaces with shiplap
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How can you bring the lovely classic fireplaces present in so many old houses up to date? That’s a great question. With a paintbrush and some whitewash, it’s a cinch. A few simple strokes of the paintbrush may transform your old-fashioned brick fireplace into a contemporary and fresh white wonderland. Beautiful glass jars filled with candles may be an excellent alternative for those who want to keep their fireplace clean and clutter-free using candles instead of an open fire.

13. Tv Above Fireplace

can shiplap be used around a fireplace

This cozy and inviting living space is truly an aesthetically pleasing sight to behold! The bright white walls contrast the darker hues of the wooden floors and the black framed television while the potted plant in the corner add a blast of verdant energy. Best of all, two windows flank either side of the fireplace, allowing warm, natural light to stream into this wonderful room.

14. A living room with a fireplace and a couch

how to build a shiplap fireplace wall

This welcoming living room with a fireplace, comfortable couch and cozy blue chair will make you feel right at home! The walls are crisp white, the floors are a pleasant laminate wood, and the corner is punctuated by a stylish cushion. To top it off, there’s even an accent mirror on one wall and a nice lamp post attached to an ornamental wooden pole. Curated in front of the fireplace is an appealing glass screen as well as a bench with an eye-catching plant for decoration. Don’t forget about the warm lampshade resting atop of the inviting sofa or even the vibrant plant near it for added life to this cheerful atmosphere! Lastly, all put together with delightful rug covering over most part of its inhabitants’ favorite area.


Having a modern shiplap fireplace in your house is both a practical and aesthetically pleasing feature. During the cooler months, it keeps you toasty. Having a focal point in the space is also a bonus. A fireplace’s appearance may make or break a room’s decor. Get your creative juices flowing by using these fireplace design ideas to inspire your next project.

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