50+ Beautiful Galley Kitchen Remodel Ideas 2024 ( Tips & Trends)

Galley Kitchen Remodel Ideas – A kitchen is a room where people cook to serve a basic human need, which is food. It’s essential to create a kitchen that matches the homeowner’s preferences. The right kitchen setup will make them love cooking their meal more than ordering. Therefore, it could indirectly affect their spending positively. However, many people don’t build their houses from scratch. As a result, sometimes there are parts of the house, including the kitchen, that doesn’t suit their preference. This is the reason why some kitchen needs remodeling.

Remodeling a kitchen can be hard, especially if space is limited. However, there is a kitchen style that doesn’t require much space to accommodate lots of functionality, that is a galley kitchen. A galley kitchen is a right choice for people who are looking for effectivity and efficiency in terms of kitchen design. In this article, we’re going to provide some tips on how to create your ideal galley kitchen and give some remodeling ideas to choose from.

Galley Kitchen Remodel Design Ideas

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Once you understand what galley kitchen is and how to make it an ideal kitchen, now you need some galley kitchen ideas to inspire you. To make your selection process more comfortable, we have selected our top galley kitchen makeover ideas for you to choose from.

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1. Narrow Galley Kitchen

galley kitchen remodel ideas
Photo by Normandy Remodeling

This galley kitchen design fixes the narrow space by using high-gloss material on the units and shelving. Also, the contrasting black and white colors give a modern vibe. The glossy black and white finishes mix well with the black porcelain floor and the grey marble countertops. Lastly, instead of using metallic sink and tap, the remodel uses black color to match with the minimalist look.

2. Apartment Galley Kitchen

open galley kitchen with island
Photo by Cindy Apple Photography

This simple white galley kitchen looks very straightforward yet functional. The three sides layout of this galley kitchen allows it to fit more units and appliance in the room. The blue floor adds a nice contrast to the white interior. Although it looks gorgeous, the color choice for this remodel can get dirty quickly. You might need to be more careful while cooking to keep it clean.

3. Open Galley Kitchen With Island

galley kitchen design photo gallery
Photo by A.Jennison Interiors

Having an island in the kitchen might be one of the priorities for some homeowners. This galley kitchen remodel managed to fit a large surface island with the chairs to the cooking area. This galley kitchen layout makes it easier to serve hot and fresh food right away. However, you might need a large-sized room to fit all those black and gold cabinets and the island.

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