20 + Kitchen Ceiling Ideas in 2022 Photos & Galleries

Kitchen Ceiling Ideas- In the house, you must give equal treatment, quality, and decor for each room. The kitchen is known as the heart of the home; it must deserve special treatment from the owners. It is a place where the family or friends often gather. For that reason, the kitchen must have a relaxing feeling. To create the kitchen special, you can add ceiling design that can boost the style and welcoming atmosphere. 

There is plenty of design and material that you can use to beautify the kitchen ceiling. It can be plain one to the luxurious. From time to time, the kitchen ceiling ideas also grow up. In Victorian times, many houses and public places used a unique concept that makes it eye-catching. For material, it can be from wooden to the tile. Wooden mostly used for hiding drywall and plaster, while ceiling tiles for clean and easy to clean feature. It is interesting while talking about the kitchen ceiling, and here you go to find the best for your ceiling ideas.

Popular Kitchen Ceilings

We need to know that most kitchen ceilings will height about 8 feet, and the form is flat. As you don’t want a plain ceiling, most homeowners spend much money on making a pretty kitchen ceiling. They will remake the ceiling into some designs such as a high ceiling, coffered, dome, or even a luxury ceiling. The idea will be important as you realized the kitchen is the heart of the home.

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1.   Regular Ceilings

Photo by

A regular ceiling is not a bad idea. You can see from this picture which shows a white ceiling with a light fixture. The light used here is recessed and two beautiful pendants with gold cage. It might seem simple yet also an expensive ceiling.

2.   Vaulted Ceiling

Photo by

This idea is a trick that you can apply to your kitchen. If you think your kitchen a bit small, with this vaulted ceiling, it seems to have a large room. You can paint it or give it some pattern. After that, having a long pendant lighting is a great idea.

3. Beam Ceiling

Photo by

This type of ceiling will expose much wood on it. Many options can do with a beam ceiling. You can paint the same as the ceiling or go different. Just like this, the beam has been painted with wooden color. It creates a natural look in the kitchen.

4. Coffered

Photo by

If you tend to like texture on the ceiling, a coffered ceiling can be your option. With some sections on it, you can create some different tones each. In this big kitchen, every section on the coffered ceiling can have different tastes. We need to remember that the minimum height for this is 8 feet.

5.  Shed Style

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Shed style is like a vaulted one. The ceiling also has an angle up, but only for one side, it has no center. This style still has a wide effect on your kitchen. Then, a long pendant also needs to make better lighting.

Modern Ceiling Kitchen Ideas

As they have plenty of kitchen ceiling ideas, the modern one must be there. The modern can be in the up-to-date version of the design. It creates and builds from the current best material and technology. You might see many additional accessories that put there. Let’s see more here.

1. Regular Kitchen Ceiling Remodel

Photo by Haven Design and Construction

As you see that this white ceiling stands gorgeous with only some lighting there. It has a simple kitchen lighting design, but looks stunning with the ceiling design. The recessed light put. The recessed light put over the sink that helps for washing. Then, the two pendants with gold color make it expensive as the design.

2. Modern Vaulted with Wood

Photo by Sutton Suzuki Architects

With white color, the vaulted make the kitchen look wide. With the high ceiling, you can use some wooden as the base ceiling and add a big triangle beam as the other additional. Then, use this pendant lighting and some recessed lights.

3. Modern Ceiling on Open Kitchen

Photo by Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

 In the open concept kitchen, you will find that the ceiling will have no barrier. So, it is your time to make it as the border for another room. In this flat ceiling, you can add a unique style of the pendant and recessed light for unique ceiling ideas. To have natural light during the day, you can have a small area of the transparent ceiling.

4. Tile Ceiling

Photo by Jane Kelly, Kitchen and Bath Designer

Besides using a different color, you can also have a combination on the ceiling with different materials. Here is some part that has tile on it. Tile is good material since it is easy to clean. With some pattern there, it combines a traditional and modern ceiling on it.

5. Glowing Ceiling

Photo by Home & Stone

In this large kitchen, the things on the top must steal your attention. The two pendants there with crystallized cages are very expensive. Then, the ceiling form has stairs also attractive to see. This combination just made your kitchen.

6. Coastal Ceiling Idea

Photo by Southern Studio Interior Design

 One of the best kitchen ceiling ideas, the coastal design can use a regular ceiling with white color. But some different here is the lighting used. It has beautiful and expensive pendant lighting. Then, for more light, add recessed lights in the critical area such as stove, sink, or prepared area.

7. Coffered Modern Ceiling

Photo by Kitchen Kraft8

In this kitchen, you see that the ceiling has a unique shape. It forms several squares making a room. You can paint the border with white and inside it with another color. Don’t forget to have chandeliers to make it eye-catching.

8. Classic White Ceiling

Photo by House of L

 In this classic kitchen, you can give a touch of modern on the ceiling. This kitchen might be a flat ceiling with a regular one, but still, provide another touch in the kitchen. Besides, it seems clean and broad, with light fixtures give the modern feel there.

9. Calm Vaulted Ceiling

Photo by Shelton Design//Build

As you know, vaulted is a popular design for the ceiling. To make it stylish, you can use a color tone on it. Just like this kitchen ceiling that has a calm tone yet beautiful in the ceiling.

10. Sleek Beam Ceiling

Photo by J.A.S. Design-Build

To create a sleek look, you can use white color just like this ceiling. The beamed ceiling painted with the same color as the ceiling. It is still gorgeous yet simple. An industrial pendant lighting here acts as a great combination with a modern touch. With wood on it, you can say that this is a modern wooden ceiling design.

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Wood Kitchen Ceiling Ideas

The wood material is an interesting one. A room like a kitchen will look different if it has this touch, even though as the ceiling. Wood can create a warm and cozy feeling in the kitchen. It will make you feel comfortable and produce more delicious food. So, how it works on the ceiling? Let’s see here.

1. Farmhouse Kitchen Ceiling

Photo by Inch&Co

Farmhouse and wood are a good peer in the field decoration. In the vaulted ceiling, it is attractive to have wooden on it. You can give a darker color on the beam, and light color on the base ceiling. Keeping the color of the wood, in this case, is not a bad idea.

2. Southwestern Wooden Kitchen Ceiling

Photo by Classic New Mexico Homes

In this case, you can use the wood ceiling as the strong point of the kitchen style. The ceiling has a flat form and, in the center, has a transparent roof. This idea of using wood is excellent since it fits with the kitchen style. Use the wood wisely as you can create beauty.

3. Wooden Ceiling in Tropical Kitchen

Photo by MHK Architecture & Planning

You can try this idea that makes wood as the center on the ceiling. Long wooden plank gives another touch in the kitchen, such as a natural feeling. Then, you don’t need to cover all the ceiling with wood; just the center area is enough to add tone in the kitchen.

4. Wooden Ceiling for Bar Kitchen

Gunkelmans Interior Design

If you have a high cost for the remodeling kitchen ceiling, you can cover all the ceiling with wood. It makes a natural feeling come and helps you to create a comfort zone for talking. Then, we need to notice here the color of the ceiling and floor is different, even the same material.

5. Shed Wooden Ceiling

Photo by Avante Interiors

A shed ceiling can create a long look, and it suits enough with wood. You can paint white all the wood ceiling to have the same tone with the kitchen style. Then, to create a warm feeling, keep the beam with wooden color, and it’s all perfect.

6. Plank Wooden Ceiling

Photo by

A plank in the ceiling is a good idea for a classic style kitchen. You can go with the natural color of wood or paint it with soft color. Then, adding pendant lighting with a square cage just makes it more classic. These kitchen ceiling panels show you how the wood creates the mood.

7. Dense Beam Wood Ceiling

Photo by

For the variation of the beam in the ceiling, you can use a small beam and arrange it in a small pace. Paint the wooden ceiling with white, and also the beam. You can paint it with another color as long as it has a relation.

8. Calm Wooden Ceiling

Photo by Albertsson Hansen Architecture, Ltd

Having a natural look like keeping the wood color is good, but you can also try another color. In this classic kitchen, all the fixtures have a natural wood look, and not for the ceiling. With shade blue, color is enough to steal the attention.

9. Modern Wood Ceiling

Photo by

Even wood relates to the classic, but you can use it in the modern kitchen style. You can use a wood ceiling that has the same color as the floor. It doesn’t matter as long as other fixtures have a different color. Then, create a triangle touch on the ceiling as it is a new term now.

10. Mediterranean Wood Ceiling


All classic kitchens are pretty and always have the wood touch. Besides having wood on the island, this kitchen also completed with wood ceiling ideas. Wood goes perfectly in white for a sleek touch. Then, with a vaulted ceiling, it creates a spacious kitchen.

Why should you design the kitchen ceiling?

After all this, you realize that the ceiling has the potential to look as gorgeous as countertops or cabinets. The fact that many homeowners will not show their ceiling. People might not look up to the ceiling, but the ceiling still deserves so much better.

a. Because you want a finished look

When having a themed kitchen, it will be useless if you don’t decorate the ceiling. You must make sure that every single space fulfills the desired theme. So, you must think about the ceiling to complete the business.

b. Because you can go overboard

The wide area on the ceiling can be part of your decor. You can make any drawing or put something there because the cabinet cannot do it. It is the area where you can express your feelings and ideas.

c. Because it’ll last a while

While other fixtures such as cabinets and countertops get used every day and need renewal, your ceiling doesn’t. You can keep the ceiling in years as long as you clean it from dust. That’s why the ceiling style must be important while renovating the kitchen.

d. Because it doesn’t cost a whole lot

The ceiling cost might not be as significant as cabinet or countertops, but it can create a good impression. Don’t miss this thing to save your money. Then, a beautiful ceiling can make your kitchen to the next level.

How To Choose Kitchen Ceiling

When choosing the ceiling, many factors will come to your mind, as it is essential in the kitchen. You must consider the level of humidity that always high in the kitchen. It is because what you cook that can cause any some there. In that situation, a durable and high quality must be your choice. Let’s see some factors here.

a. Water-resistant

This factor is important as the ceiling is part of the roof. When the unlucky day comes, such as the rain filter down to the house, the ceiling is the first thing to get it. Having a water-resistant ceiling will help you in avoiding things like that.

b.  Durable

The next factor is the durability of the ceiling. The kitchen will be busy as it is the center of the house, and the ceiling must support it. A durable ceiling will allow you to have it in years. It can be your investment because you will not use any money for the ceiling if it is not durable.

c. Easy to clean

To keep the ceiling clean is important. With the clean ceiling, your guest will feel comfortable in the kitchen. An easy to clean ceiling can help you to keep the house or kitchen in a good mood.

d. Capable of hiding any flaws

In the long use of the kitchen, the fixture could not be in the best look like new, but your ceiling must stand out. This factor can make you feel comfortable in the kitchen, even with the old fixture. The ceiling and lighting are other crucial factors in the kitchen.

e. Easy to maintain

Maintenance of everything in the kitchen must be essential. The smoke could fly over your ceiling, and this feature is needed. Make it easy to clean or easy to add; other elements must be part of the ceiling.

 f. Smooth and beautiful

The last factor is the sense of beauty in the kitchen. You might have any style for the kitchen, and everything must match with it included ceiling. You can use various styles and material of the ceiling to fit the decor.

How to Decorate your Kitchen Ceiling?

After hearing all the reasons for having a good ceiling, you might come with a question about how to get it. A ceiling has many designs and forms; you can create something special that fits with the ceiling form. Here are some of the ideas about how to decorate your kitchen ceiling.

1. Paint it

The first way is by painting the ceiling. It is not a bad idea of having a regular kitchen ceiling, but still, you need a perfect color to make it stunning. Usually, people go with white, or you can combine with other colors as long as they fit with the kitchen style.

2. Use wood moldings for your kitchen ceiling

If the painting doesn’t work in your style, you can go with a natural beam touch. Having a wood texture in the kitchen is also interesting. You can show it for a classic style. Another option, you can paint the wood with the same color as the ceiling for a sleek look.

3. Use decals or stencils

For creating many feelings after you paint the ceiling, you can give it a sticker. You can use this idea if you feel bored with the plain ceiling. Further, this might be cheaper rather than having a ceiling renovation.

4. Incorporate plaster of Paris arts in the ceiling

Paris is one of the modest city in the world. You can put the modest Paris on the ceiling as it has space. You can try a 3D look, but be careful not too over. It can be a boomerang if you don’t pay attention to it.

5. Lighting

Lighting is always a great idea to beautify your kitchen. If you have a vaulted ceiling, chandeliers or pendant can work the best on it. Choosing great lighting can make an impact on your ceiling, and the kitchen is impressive.

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Bringing an attractive kitchen ceiling is a backup plan if you already have great furniture. Every design idea can match in any kitchen. You must take this advantage to lift the kitchen feel. However, your ceiling concept must fit with the kitchen style. Having a great is having a good impression in the kitchen.

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