25 + Spanish Style Kitchen Ideas in 2024 (Photos & Elements)

Spanish Style Kitchen – For a place where food is made, you have to make it unique and essential. You need a different vibe for that place. You have to make your workplace, for cooking or even eating, feel welcoming and warm. So, you will not feel bored. To make it special, a classic type like Spanish style will comfort you.

 The Spanish style kitchen has a rich tone with great elements inside. With it, you will feel like coming back again and again. With those elements, you can mix and match to create your own. What an exciting style, isn’t it? Here you will see some detail of the Spanish kitchen style.

What Is Spanish Style Kitchen?

traditional spanish kitchen

A special place like the kitchen needs proper treatment to make it comfortable. With the right design and style, you can feel warm and beautiful in the kitchen. You can get those feelings by having Spanish style kitchen. The Spanish architecture can lift the kitchen into the living one. With a classical touch that is made from colors or wooden material, the kitchen will amaze everyone at first sight. So, choosing a Spanish style for the kitchen is a significant step.

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Elements Of Style Kitchen

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Most people know Spanish style with its beauty and classic architecture. With that vibes, you can feel the inviting feeling to come to the kitchen. Usually, the Spanish kitchen will set like traditional interior designs, rich, detailed, wooden cabinets, and great tiles. So, here we will show you some essential elements in Spanish style kitchens.

1. Flamed Hood

You can see that the Spanish hood style has bent. To make it, you need some material that is usually used. Among the material, it can be stone, sheetrock, and corbels.

2. Ornament Cabinet

The ornament is to show an antique touch in style. The material used usually is walnut. Then, the design will have rope and trims. You can find wood on the hood; it connects with the rest of the kitchen cabinetry.

3. Painted tiles

The tile will be stunning with hand-painting. You can add another color in the tiles and backsplash. Further, the color of the tiles will suit with cabinet color.

4. Oil-rubbed bronze color

In supporting the classic vibe, the style has a unique color. The designer will put dark brown color to make it classic and look bronze. You can find this in the hardware or faucet items.

5. Curved cooking alcove

In the Spanish style, you can find many curves, including above the stove. It will be great and can make a great look. It is excellent if put over the stove.

6. Arches everywhere

The curved or arched will not only be over the stove but can be everywhere. You can find over the window is a great place. Then, at the entrance is another favorite arched place.

7. Wooden Ceiling Beam

Because it is classic, you can find any wooden furniture. The ceiling will have a beam. It commonly happens if you want this style.

8. Wrought Iron

Not only wood, but the Spanish style also has iconic wrought iron. It is a sign for people that the kitchen uses Spanish style. You can find it in the counter or cabinet inserts.

9. The special type of tile

The Spanish decor just needs the terra-cotta tiles for the identity. It can create a warm feeling in the kitchen. Everything in the Spanish kitchen will be hand-painted and terra-cotta tiles.

Spanish Style VS Mediterranean Style

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The Mediterranian Sea is surrounding the low part of Europe, and Spain included. It makes the style in architecture have the same features. Because of the warm weather, usually, the style will be like a tall ceiling, cool tiles, and having a lot of windows. So, Spanish and Mediterranean styles might be a bit hard to differ, but the style has its own identity.

Spanish style tends to have stone facades to make a smooth appearance. Then, the Spanish style usually has carved wooden doors that are heavyweight featuring some metal works. Meanwhile, the Mediterranean might have two floors building with symmetrical touch. Further, metal and ironwork also will be familiar with its styles. From the color, Mediterranian tends to have soft color rather than Spanish that has oil-rubbed bronze.

Spanish Style Kitchen Design Ideas

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You have heard that Spanish style can have an inviting and incredible feeling if applied in the kitchen. The architecture design, colorful tiles, and more are the key to the Spanish style. You can combine it if you want to make it have a modern touch. Here below will have some lists of the best of them.

1.   Mid L-shaped Spanish Modern Kitchen

spanish colonial kitchen
Photo by Savvy Interiors

This kitchen is an excellent combination of modern and traditional touch. The white color just gives a sign of a modern and bright look. Then, a unique backsplash is the symbol of Spanish style vibe. With a great pendant over the island, just catch your attention. Further, the kitchen has an island with quartzite countertops that make it precious.

2.  Spanish Revival Style Kitchen

modern spanish kitchen design ideas
Photo by Distinctive Drywall & Painting

With a tall ceiling, you can know that this kitchen has a Spanish style. The dark beam just suits the wooden cabinet and makes it feel classic. Then, the kitchen has an island with white marble countertops. Further, the curved style on the entryway is a secure sign of the Spanish kitchen style.

3. Spanish Colonial Kitchen Design

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Photo by Dupont Cabinetry & Design

Wooden tones fulfill this kitchen from floor to ceiling. This style is very classic but still has a warm and inviting feeling. Blue and white backsplash is a great touch that gives a different tone. You will feel fresh when facing the stove with that backsplash. Further, the cabinet has a great touch. All appliances and items in the kitchen will shine in the night with a couple of big pendants over the island.

4. Contemporary Spanish Kitchen

spanish interior design history
Photo UltraCraft Cabinetry

You can directly feel the warmth when entering this kitchen. Even it dominated with a light color, but the vintage of the Spanish still available. Great colorful backsplash and wooden hoods are big and different yet exciting. You must not miss this style when making over the kitchen.

5. Spanish Style Kitchen with Mosaic Tile

spanish style kitchen white cabinets
Photo by marylyonarts.com

If you want this style in this era, you won’t feel disappointed. The warm feeling shines brightly from the color used, brown, white, and green on the ceiling. The beamed ceiling is the highlight of the Spanish; you must not leave it behind. Yellow brick tiles as the countertops succeed in giving fun and well blended with the backsplash on the stove.

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