Industrial Style Kitchen Ideas In 2022 (20+Gorgeous Design & Trends)

Industrial Style Kitchen – As one of the most crucial areas in a house, the kitchen always needs a lot of attention from the homeowner. Usually, people adore this room not only because of how it functions but also because of its appearances. It means that it is essential to choose the right kitchen style, which is suitable for the owner’s need and personality. So that the room is not only functions well but also looks pleasing. There are various kitchen styles available; one of the most popular ones is an industrial style kitchen.

This type of room brings a nostalgic atmosphere from its layout and vintage furnishing. Additionally, the room’s design often left unfinished and included brick walls and pipes, which makes it perfect for those who plan to get a place with warm accents. Thus, an industrial kitchen is a simple but trendy design that is perfect for applying to your house.

What is Industrial Design Style?

industrial style kitchen island

Remodeling an old kitchen with an industrial style becomes a trend nowadays. But have you ever wonder what an industrial style is? It appeared around the 1950s in America when there were many factories or artists’ studios turned into living spaces. Besides applied to the house, it is also suitable for a kitchen. Furthermore, this style significantly represents an old industrial buildings model.

Mostly, an industrial kitchen design used concrete, metal, and wood materials. Although those materials are different, they always make an excellent result and combination. Moreover, unplastered walls, large windows, spacious room, and rough materials are often known as an industrial kitchen’s characteristics. It also brings a dominant vintage touch along with lack of bright color like grey and black. As a result, those characteristics show that the style has warm and trendy looks which are suitable to apply for a kitchen. 

Key Elements of Industrial Style Kitchen

industrial style kitchen tables

As a functional part in a house, a kitchen needs to have a great style and design. However, not every style can fit all of the owners’ taste. It will be a disappointment if it doesn’t meet the owners’ expectations. Nevertheless, if you like an appealing and stylish vintage look that represents an industrial building design, an industrial kitchen could be a perfect choice.

An Industrial kitchen is such a realistic style with unique industrial elements. It has some leading characteristics regarding space, materials, fixtures, and appearances. Therefore, here, we provide five vital aspects of an industrial style kitchen that become the essential things to consider.

1. Open Space

A functional kitchen shows a quality appearance from its room and space. Mainly, the first thing that we often focused on a kitchen is its space capacity. It is one of the most distinct characteristics from an industrial kitchen along with the height. 

In an industrial kitchen style, space is more open, and the ceiling is higher. Commonly, we can easily find brick walls, stainless steel appliances, exposed pipes, and rustic furniture applied inside it. There is a combination of rough texture and smooth surfaces that create a balance to the room. In short, this kitchen style is famous for having a spacious layout and practicality. 

2. Factory Look Materials

Similar to its name, an industrial kitchen includes industrial or factory look materials. A factory look material completes the room with its unique factory inspired design. There are three types of materials that represent a factory look, including exposed brick for the wall, wood for a natural accent, and metal on the appliances. 

Other than that, materials combination are also essential. If you are installing kitchen benchtops, its material depends on the room’s situation. For example, if the place has a cold atmosphere, try a rough surface. While, if you have a room with exposed brick and wood, try a shiny surface. And the last, natural stone is an excellent choice because of its highly resistant exterior. Also, consider to use micro-cement material for flooring, it has an easy to maintain and solid surface. 

3. Simply Rough Look

There are several ways to get a simple rough look for your kitchen. First, you can use a paintbrush to paint the exposed brick, and if you have concrete walls, you can also do the same thing. Second, leave them bare so that the walls can show a perfect main characteristic of an industrial kitchen. Third, consider installing open shelves to create a more stylish look. Besides those ways above, you can try to use a chalkboard to give a more realistic and unfinished look of an industrial kitchen.

4. Classic Stuff

Usually, an industrial kitchen includes some classic stuff such as a retro chair or a recycled table. Although some stuff built in the past, it still looks great and function well. Besides, classic furnishings always bring a unique atmosphere into an industrial kitchen.

5. Uncovered Window

If you are confused about what is best between covering the window with a curtain or left it uncovered, we have a solution for your industrial kitchen. It might be better to leave the window uncovered to add more aesthetic look. There are some alternative ways, such as adding a screen with a metallic finish or installing a window with black metal frames.

Industrial Kitchen Design Ideas

industrial style kitchens

There are plenty of kitchen models inspired by industrial design. They come in different details and sizes. However, this kitchen design appeared in the same atmosphere. We can recognize the room quickly by looking at its interior model. Here, we provide several details included in an industrial kitchen. Now, take your time to get more information about industrial kitchen design ideas below. 

1. Industrial Style Kitchen Island

industrial design kitchens
Photo by miraihouse39

As a center of attention, an industrial style kitchen island shows its appealing design in this eat-in kitchen. It has stainless steel countertops and complete with an integrated sink. Moreover, the island has a wood material and blended perfectly with a light wood floor. Besides the island, there is a dining table which arranged straight and symmetrical to the door. 

2. Industrial Style Kitchen Tables

industrial looking kitchens
Photo by SUBU Design Architecture

A table always become one of the essential equipment in the kitchen. From many industrial style kitchen tables, this one has a beautiful and natural design. It is connected to the island and made of wood material combined with plumbing pipes. Therefore, adding a table to the industrial kitchen is an excellent idea, especially if the kitchen has an open concept and arranged in a large area.

3. Vintage Industrial Kitchen Lighting

industrial style kitchen lighting
Photo by EMR Architecture

Vintage is a type of industrial style kitchen lighting. Here, there are two classic lightings on the brick walls. On the other side, there are three small dimp lamps above an island. Moreover, to get more natural lights, the room has skylights and sliding glass door. In conclusion, the vintage atmosphere appears from the addition of lighting and the room’s simplicity. It is great to have more light in the kitchen

4. Industrial Style Kitchen Faucet

industrial style kitchen faucets
Photo by VARA Design

Commonly, an industrial kitchen is not complete yet without an industrial faucet. In this farmhouse kitchen, the faucet has an incredibly classic design along with the farmhouse sink and quartz countertops. Additionally, it installed with a matte black finish, and its color perfectly matches with the countertops.

5. Industrial Dining Space

industrial style kitchen chairs
Photo by SpaceArt Interior Designers & Decorators

In an industrial kitchen, we also need to consider a dining space. In the middle of the room, there is a wood dining table with a wood bench on one side and two chairs on the other. Also, an addition of pendant lights above it creates a charming look and make the whole room feel warm and comfortable.

6. Industrial Vintage Kitchen

Photo by PowerSmith Design

Although this room is small, it has a perfect combination of vintage style and arrangement. Also, it surrounded by a white tile backsplash and grey shaker cabinets. Furthermore, to save more space, installing open shelving is a great idea. It also has an industrial design and installed above the counters. There are some stainless steel appliances for cooking activities. Finally, this kitchen design shows its great vintage look with natural color and excellent quality of lightings.

7. Industrial Cooking Equipment

industrial style kitchen carts
Photo by Bennett Frank McCarthy Architects, Inc.

Most of the cooking equipment in this industrial kitchen is stainless steel. There are some essential appliances, such as oven, stove, and a refrigerator below the open shelves. Also, the owner installed a hanging cookware rack over the island, which makes the room have a perfect arrangement. Besides, it saves more space and creates a beautiful look from the kitchen.

8. Industrial Looking Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen industrial islands
Photo By Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Industrial kitchen cabinets often appear in a simple design. These are black flat-panel cabinets, and it is suitable with metal shelving on the upper side. Still, the tone matches the island and metal frames window. Also, these industrial cabinets design fit red brick backsplash and stainless steel appliances completely.

9. Industrial Pendant Kitchen Lighting

vintage industrial kitchen lighting
Photo By SUBU Design Architecture

Several pendant lights over a dining table in here are an example of industrial kitchen lighting. It adds more lights into the room so that the kitchen can function well. Moreover, these big sized pendant lights are suitable with the island. Besides, the lights match perfectly with the room material and color.

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