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Industrial Style Kitchen Ideas In 2022 (20+Gorgeous Design & Trends)

10. Dark Green Kitchen

A great combination of dark and light also appeared in this kitchen. Firstly, there are dark green shaker cabinets with wood countertops. It matches with a central island, door, and windows color. Also, a luxurious look comes from vintage pendant lights above the island. 

Additionally, the island has a single sink with polished brass tap and a rinse spout. Also, white tile backsplash applied along with white walls and ceiling. Furthermore, the room has lots of natural lights from outside with the installation of a skylight, glassed doors, and windows.

11. Colorful Industrial Kitchen

Photo by Avocado Sweets Design Studio

By applying a colorful theme, this kitchen still shows its fantastic industrial look. In this kitchen, the colander lights come in bright colors such as purple, orange, and green. It installed over a vintage oak island and become a center of attention. Moreover, the island is suitable for the brick wall. In addition to the equipment, there are some stainless steel appliances installed on white shaker cabinets with wood countertops and metallic backsplash. As a result, this mid-sized kitchen arranged perfectly with a colorful design.

12. Rustic Pipe Metal Industrial Chandelier

Photo by Hammers & Heels

A vintage chandelier is a center of attention here. It made of rustic metal pipes and hung over a dining table. There is a collection of gold bulbs put in a linear arrangement. As a result, the whole design looks natural and classical.

13. Small Kitchen

Photo by Compass and Rose

An addition of dark, light, and wooden accent combined perfectly in this small sized apartment kitchen. There are black cabinets, dining chairs, and lights fixtures which come in dark color. On the other hand, the wall is in contrast to the cabinets. It painted white and has a white tile backsplash. However, it looks suitable with an open window. There is also a single brick wall match to wood countertops and dining table. 

14. Wooden Industrial

Photo By Jane Kim Design

Wood material always draws our attention, unexceptionally this one. This industrial dining room designed in mid-sized and has an open space. There are an antique oak floor and brick accent wall with open shelving. Additionally, a glass dining table arranged in the middle of the room with a blackened steel canopy above it.

15. Matte black kitchen 

Photo by Andrea Michaelson Design

If you think applying dark color is not suitable in the kitchen, you probably should check this one. Firstly, Most of the room filled with matte black color, including the wall and counters. Also, the addition of other colors matches perfectly with black, for example, gray on the cabinets and backsplash. Lastly, a combination of different materials like concrete floor, granite countertops, and stainless steel appliances give a perfect addition to the kitchen.

16. Industrial Shelves style

Photo by Darcy Bean Custom Construction

If you have a small industrial kitchen in your house, consider utilizing as many spaces as you have in the room. Moreover, to save more space, this eat-in kitchen has open shelving made of gas pipe that arranged in vertical space. Also, the shelves installed close to the ceiling and near a farmhouse sink. As a result, the room looks spacious and well-arranged.

17. Barn Inspired

Photo by Historical Concepts

A barn can also be an inspiration for an industrial kitchen style. As we can see, the room mostly filled with cream color on the wall and cabinets. There is a grey island in the middle of the room with a cooker hood above it. Although the kitchen has a lot of natural lights from the window, the owner adds a lantern light to increase an aesthetic and barn inspired look. 

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An industrial style is a type of kitchen that becomes a trend, and it will never be outdated. Besides practical, the kitchen filled with beautiful and artistic interiors. Furthermore, the design comes in many variations, but it always sticks to its main characteristics, including space, material, and accessories. In conclusion, an industrial style kitchen is perfect for those who plan to have a room which represents an appealing industrial building.

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