Bathroom Flooring 2023 (Tips & 20 Fabulous Ideas)

Bathroom Flooring– You can agree that if you want to make your appearance in a particular room looks good, the color and pattern in that room will be the things determined. Besides the wall, the flooring also plays a vital role in that case, including for the bathroom. The bathroom needs a special touch in flooring because it is the place where your feet must feel comfortable with the floor.When choosing bathroom flooring, many considerations will come up.

You must select the best, which is durable and slip-resistant first. After that, the color and pattern followed it. But don’t worry, nowadays the development has brought many changes and provide you many choices of the flooring. Further, don’t be afraid of trying unusual material flooring; there must be a way that makes your flooring suit into your style.

Things Consider in Choosing Bathroom Tiles and Flooring

In this modern era, the development of engineering and technology has brought some changes in the bathroom flooring and make it has more choices. The effect of the change in bathroom flooring makes it more durable, water-resistant, and can handle anything. With many options available, you must consider some factors in choosing the best bathroom flooring.

First, you have to make sure about the priority. The idea in choosing bathroom flooring will be different if you have a particular purpose such as for new home, restore the bathroom or remodeling, and for sale. Second, cost and personal preference are other factors. You can feel that your choices will be narrow down. Last but not least, choose the bathroom flooring that can deal with the moisture and humidity of the bathroom. The product also must be highly durable and simple in maintenance.

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Best Flooring for Bathroom Remodel

The best bathroom flooring must fulfill the requirements like durable and can deal with all the mess that might happen in the bathroom. It is because your bathroom usually uses by the whole family with different needs. After that, the sense of art comes, and it will not be matte because right now, bathroom flooring has a variety of choices. Let’s see at some of the best floorings for bathroom remodel.

Vinyl Tile Bathroom Flooring

bathroom flooring ideas vinyl
Photo by Pauls Floors

The pattern of vinyl tile gives something in your bathroom. It is simple, and small patterns like this build a calm and beautiful atmosphere in the bathroom. Because it is a vinyl tile, you will not worry anymore about the water-resistant, then it is also good if you walk on the floor.

Linoleum Bathroom Flooring

small bathroom flooring ideas
Photo by J Wiley Designs

Linoleum is a kind of flooring that gives more color and touch in the bathroom. Just like in this bathroom, the linoleum flooring comes with a zigzag pattern and live up the bathroom. Further, the color pattern and color also suit with the granite countertops that put the elegant scheme in the bathroom.

Vinyl Plank Flooring

easy bathroom flooring options
Photo by Lumber Liquidators Flooring

As tips mentioned before that you can combine some color and pattern to beautify your bathroom, and this is one of the examples. The vinyl plank flooring with the brown wood accent here is the focal point of your bathroom, and it combined perfectly with the color of the wall. You can add other furniture like mini seats and tables or other white accessories for light up the bathroom.

Ceramic Tile Bathroom Flooring

cheap flooring ideas
Photo by PACS Architecture

It is an example of bathroom floor tile ideas. The bathroom already dominated by white color. It is special for the floor that gives another black accent with a hexagon pattern in ceramic tiles. The homeowner mostly uses a ceramic tile in the bathroom because it is easy to give treatment and create classy and clean in your bathroom just like in this example.

Rubber Flooring

vinyl plank flooring in bathroom
Photo by Queenoftheisle

 Rubber is the safest choice for your bathroom. The rubber will not disappoint you with its slip-resistant. Further, it is also waterproof material, antibacterial, and suitable for a wet situation. Don’t worry about beauty; it comes with various choice of colors.

Bathroom Cork Flooring

waterproof bathroom flooring
Photo by Design Storey

A cork bathroom flooring is very interesting to discuss because it is a beautiful thing. In this bathroom, the color of cork flooring gives a rough accent, but don’t worry because cork is very comfortable for feet. The choice of having cork flooring in this bathroom is an excellent idea because it will not reflect the sunlight coming from the window.

Karndean Bathroom

non slip bathroom flooring for elderly
Photo Connia Interiors

If you search for a real look-liked such as wooden flooring, a karndean flooring can suit your bathroom style. Karndean is a product with high-quality elements and guarantees the beautifulness of your bathroom. This wood accent brings you back in the past era with white domination on the wall.

Bathroom Galleries

Marble Flooring

non slip shower flooring
Photo By Builders Floor Covering & Tile

Having marble flooring in the bathroom is a great idea because the classic, elegant, and valuable will come into your bathroom. In this large bathroom, the gray marble tiles create a fresh touch for the bathroom. The pattern surely beautifies your bathroom. For information, to maintain the class and elegance of marble, you must do regular clean and seal it for avoiding scratch and moisture damage. However, your works will gain the best result for your bathroom flooring.

Bamboo Flooring

commercial non slip flooring
Photo by Liadesign

Besides looking for trendy and stylish bathroom flooring, most homeowners also look for an eco-friendly material for bathroom flooring. One of choice in the eco-friendly material floor is bamboo. Let’s take a look into this bathroom; the bamboo gives clean and warm touch in the bathroom. The simpleness will work best in this casual style bathroom. Further, the bamboo flooring is also a durable and affordable item you can have. It can fit in a modern or traditional style of bathroom.

Pergo Flooring in Bathroom

photo By

Pergo is a brand that has a variant in laminating flooring. Most people can recommend Pergo and claim it as the best premium laminate flooring. In this large bathroom, the Pergo flooring has a natural and neutral touch for the bathroom. The big plank makes it beautiful and makes it classy flooring. You must try this flooring if you want to upgrade your bathroom.


Photo by Versatile Coatings LLC

Epoxy is a kind of flooring that serves you a high-quality material, smooth and has a durable surface. You can use this flooring for many years and can deal with many loads in the bathroom. Just like in this bathroom, when opening the door, you can see different touch in this flooring. It provides a clean and clear look. Further, you will feel something like you have a mirror on your feet. For long-time use, regular maintenance is also essential for this epoxy flooring.

Laminate Flooring

Photo by Quick-Step

If you think that it is a plank of real wood, you have tricked by laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is a new way to have some touch, such as wooden or marble, in the bathroom but with lower cost. Further, you don’t have to worry about the quality because it is a waterproof surface and gives an elegant and soft touch for your bathroom.

Stone Flooring

Photo by Slightly Quirky Ltd

Stone flooring is a kind of floor made from natural stone; in this case, the bathroom uses pebble in the area of the bathtub. This bathroom is unique and invites some of the creativity to come. The homeowner sets the stone flooring in the area of the tub and combines it with the wooden flooring. The stone also painted in different color but still suit with the wooden part. You must try for your bathroom as you want a natural thing to come.

Marmoleum Flooring

Photo by ardelledennis

Marmoleum is one of the brands that cover natural flooring and concerns in a green renewable resource. Just like this bathroom, the bathroom build in the vintage style with some tiles installed. The marmoleum flooring installed in an inlay pattern that has 8 inches border. For information, you can use this style for the upstairs bathroom that might be smaller than the downstairs bathroom.

Vintage Bathroom Flooring

Photo by

Sometimes, you can combine the newest feature and old-style beautifully, as this bathroom does. The homeowner can use this tile with a large size and combine it with small white tiles on the wall. The other items on this bathroom use vintage accents.

6 Tips in choosing Bathroom Tiles

The options in flooring make you hard in selecting the best. The daily routine and lifestyle can take part in consideration. If you have children, the slip-free will be the first comes up. Or if you have a glamorous style of bathroom, the chic floor can suit it. So, here are some tips in choosing the best bathroom flooring ideas.

Bathroom Ideas

1. Come with A Luxury Option

Some choices, such as marble, granite, and limestone, are the most commonly used for luxury bathroom flooring. But if you want the color variation, you must pick granite. For the different patterns, the marble and onyx are the first that comes and will look stunning. Another choice for color variation in luxury, the natural stone can be exciting and make a random pattern in your bathroom.

2. Choose that Can Work in Small Bathroom

In a small bathroom, you must choose the right one that can make the room stunning. One tip to make it right is by having the same tile as your wall has. It can create a wide visual effect for the bathroom. From the size, you can use the medium to large tiles that can work the same as the small one.

3. Something Warm Will Be Good

The worst thing that happens in winter is you would walk on the cold floor in the bathroom, but don’t worry if you have underfloor heating. It has been a popular choice for bathroom . There are two systems in heating the floor, by hot water pipe and electric cable that both installed by a professional.

4. Put Your Dream Tile

You must have one tile that you want to use if you start a bathroom renovation. That tile must be special, and you must put it in the bathroom. It will be the starting point for other tiles. The others will follow the style of your starting point.

5. Don’t Put More than 3 Different Tiles

After having your dream tile, you must have to put other tiles to complete your design. As a suggestion, if your focal point tile is colorful or has a unique pattern, put other soft tiles in the bathroom. But if it is a plain or neutral color like white, a colorful and some pattern tiles will be the element that must add.

6. Choose The Right Size of Tiles

Besides the combination in color or pattern, considering the combination in size also another factor for making your bathroom stunning. For something trending in bathroom flooring, a large size tile is on the top right now. You can use these large tiles in flooring and must add another smaller size tile in a different area in the bathroom.


In conclusion, bathroom flooring can bring a new atmosphere in your room and make it level up. However, choosing the best flooring need some considerations, and it can start with your favorite tiles that must put in. Then, check some example ideas above for getting more inspiration. Finally, your flooring must comfort with your feet and must easy to maintain.

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