6 Best Master Bathroom flooring Options For you

Every room in your new house requires equal attention, including the bathrooms. After all, the bathroom is an important part of your home and calls for special considerations when it comes to finishes. Remember this, when you are contemplating flooring options for them, especially the new master bathroom. Various aspects must come into play when selecting the appropriate tiles. Some of these are appearance, non-retention of moisture, ease or difficulty of installation, and budget. Another fact to always bear in mind is water will inevitably be on the floor, so the flooring must be such that it can stand up to that moisture. 

Outlined below are a few flooring options. 


best bathroom flooring ideas
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Whether you buy vinyl flooring online or offline, you will have no cause to regret it. Despite being stylish, it is both, cost-effective, and 100% waterproof. Installing vinyl flooring is generally a do-it-yourself job. They look just like wood planks and sometimes even like stones. Luxurious vinyl planks are increasing in popularity, regardless, vinyl has hardly any resale value. 

SPC and WPC are known for being durable, waterproof and scratch-free, and therefore are considered as good candidates for bathroom flooring. The core of these products comprises of stone polymer or wood, and are protected by a wear layer, making them waterproof options.

Natural Stone

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It is a great choice, but expensive. You may go for granite, limestone, marble, or other types. The stones are extremely durable, tough, and hard. At the same time, they are aesthetically appealing. Should you wish to sell the stones, they have excellent resale value. 

The snag is that natural stone tends to be cold. Therefore, you may need to install radiant heating. Then again, it is slippery. This can cause accidents. Therefore, you will have to use sandbagging for texturing the stone. Alternatively, you may purchase the naturally-textured slate.

Cork tiles

Made out of bark of trees, cork flooring is known for being environmentally friendly and a renewable resource. Since corks are resistant to water damage and mold, these are great candidates for master bathroom flooring. For above-grade applications, glue-down cork tiles, whether finished or unfinished, are great but for below-grade applications, click-in-place planks should be preferred. However, installation of these cork tiles could be a tricky game as water may easily seep inside if there are any gaps left during installation. 


People tend to believe that both mean the same. The similarity between them is that both types of tiles belong to the same family of tiles, ceramics. However, porcelain is a cut above the rest, for it has an extremely low capacity for absorbing water. It is 0.5%, or even lower. This makes porcelain waterproof, and perfect for the bathroom. It also displays solidness, richness, great texture, and style. Above all, it is affordable. 

Since porcelain is not kind to the feet, radiant heating may have to come into play. As for slipperiness, texturing is a solution. If the grout utilized is more, the surface becomes less slippery. However, the hardness may prevent lengthy standing periods.

Laminates and Hardwood

Timeless choice rarely losing popularity, laminate bathroom flooring mostly comprises multiple layers. Heat and high pressure suffice to fuse these layers together. The topmost visible surface is the wear layer. Composed of aluminum oxide, it is a protection against surface burns, fading, and stains. Below it, is the design layer. It refers to the high-resolution photograph of how the flooring will appear. And then there is the design layer, which refers to the core layer. It protects against moisture and indentations. Finally, there is the foundation back layer, which refuses to absorb moisture. It also helps in balancing the floor. Easy-to-install laminate is easy to clean. The snag is that standing water can damage it. It is not possible to repair the damaged tile. You will have to replace it. 

Talking about hardwood flooring, which is another great option for those water spots in the home, hardwood floors look timeless and durable. Offering decades of great flooring if installed perfectly and sealed properly, hardwood floors make a great choice for bathrooms. But if they aren’t sealed from moisture, water can penetrate and the flooring can rot. 

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood bathroom flooring offers dimensional stability, and is preferable to solid wood. Since the surface comprises real hardwood veneer, engineered wood flooring displays a shiny, woody look to the place. The base of this tile or plank is made of plywood, it can naturally resist moisture, making it a smart choice for damp spaces. However, if you wish to preserve this floor for long, avoid oversanding, since it will destroy the veneer.

Another factor to consider while looking for master bathroom flooring options is size. It is suggested that for small bathrooms, it is great to stretch the flooring wings and dollar. You can experiment with patterns to make the space look bigger, in case of smaller bathroom spaces.

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