5 Outdoor Flooring Options with Their Pros and Cons

Outdoor Flooring Options – If you are remodeling or renovating your home, you might consider changing the outdoor flooring. To find the best solutions, you should compare a few options. What would look great aesthetically but also be highly functional? What type of flooring is the right one for your backyard oasis, your attractive front yard, and the poolside? Which are the cheap options? Do you want to refresh your patio or balcony as well? Which non-slip flooring options are there? You already know that curb appeal is much more than just keeping your plants healthy and that outdoor flooring also matters greatly. Therefore, let’s take a look at 5 outdoor flooring options with their pros and cons.

#1 Wooden deck tiles

If you’re searching for outdoor wood flooring options because of the authentic warmth of the wood, you’re probably thinking about using natural wooden planks. However, our recommendation is to consider wooden deck tiles first as they are a cheap outdoor flooring option. They are simple, convenient, and very easy to install. Wooden deck tiles are designed to interlock with one another, so installation is usually a DIY project for which you don’t need any previous experience or special skills. Furthermore, they are easy to remove, which is essential if you often move or renovate your home.

No matter which type of wood you choose, you will have to carefully maintain your deck tiles so they can stay beautiful for many years to come. However, wooden deck tiles are not the most permanent solution, so they won’t add much value if you plan on selling your home fast.

#2 Recycled plastic tiles

Those who are searching for eco-friendly outdoor flooring may find recycled plastic tiles as the best option. They are made from post-consumer high-density plastic, and they can also be designed to look just like real wood in terms of color and texture. Furthermore, they won’t fade in the sun as the hard plastic is UV stable. So, they can keep looking great for a long time even after prolonged exposure to the sun. Recycled plastic tiles have many pros, including:

Plastic tiles are an excellent choice for decks and patios, around pools, outdoor showers, or any area where moisture may cause some issues. Plastic tiles drain water which can come from almost anywhere: rain, sprinklers, splashes from the pool, etc. Tiles will prevent puddles, so they are a very safe option. Your fabulous modern outdoor kitchen can also look amazing with carefully chosen recycled plastic tiles.

Even though plastic tiles provide a solid, stable, and slip-free surface, they come with some flaws as well. The main downside to plastic tiles is the fact that they are definitely not the most comfortable option for your feet.

A cactus in a pot placed on plastic outdoor tiles
Plastic tiles won’t change color when exposed to sunlight. Photo by Pexels.com

#3 Composite decking

Composite decking tiles are one of many great outdoor flooring options, and they are most versatile in terms of appearance. They are made from wood fiber and plastic and are usually designed to mimic the look of wooden deck tiles. They not only look fabulous and trendy, but they are also weather-resistant, fire-resistant, easy to install, easy to remove, and easy to maintain. You can clean off the deck with soap and water when it gets dirty, and that’s it.

Their pros include a lower price compared to wooden deck tiles, and they are also lighter in weight. Composite wood-look decking can give your outdoor patio a gorgeous, homey feel. Or, it can create a polished, modern look, depending on your preferences. It can be a good solution for your rustic outdoor kitchen as well. As you may interest in our recomendation for National Concrete Polishing you may check out later. As wood never goes out of style, you can be sure that composite wood-look decking won’t look outdated after a while. It’s the best option for a cozy, relaxing sitting area where you drink your coffee in the morning or your wine in the evening. Composite decking is also great for balcony flooring. No wonder why it’s often called the outdoor flooring of the future. You can even find newer composite decking, which is totally recyclable, made from bamboo, wood fibers, and recyclable resins.

However, you must be very careful when purchasing composite tiles as they have some noticeable drawbacks. There are cheap varieties that might age much more quickly and less beautifully than natural wood. Plastic retains heat, so composite decking will get pretty warm whenever exposed to the sun. You can combat the heat by simply choosing a lighter color. Another con is that some composite tiles can be slippery, so be aware of all that before making a final decision.

#4 Porcelain and ceramic tiles

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are not great options for bathroom flooring, but they are also magnificent outside. Outdoor porcelain and ceramic tiles come in many designs, and some of the most popular choices are those that mimic the classic look of natural stone or (again) those that mimic the look of wood. Porcelain and ceramic tiles look great either way. Furthermore, they prove to be highly durable, sometimes even more durable than natural materials like stone and wood. So, they are ideal if you’re looking for something permanent. If you’re looking for outdoor kitchen flooring options and outdoor porch flooring options, porcelain or ceramic tiles might be the best solutions on the market. They have an upscale look, they are not expensive, and they are very easy to maintain. A simple sweeping or moping once in a while is enough.

These tiles understandably have some cons. They are a bit complicated to install and remove. Also, they can be extremely slippery, so don’t use them near pools or any other areas with a lot of water. Tiles are not the best option for extreme weather conditions, especially extreme cold. If they are exposed to harsh environments often, tiles can become damaged, especially ceramic ones.

A tiled floor
Photo by Porcelain and ceramic tiles are beautiful and very
durable. Photo by Pexels.com

#5 Bricks

Bricks are a simple and classic solution for an elegant fire pit area, and they are among the best outdoor porch flooring options. Bricks come in many different colors and patterns, and they can create a unique look. The gorgeous look of natural brick will effortlessly transform your outdoor area. Furthermore, bricks are the most durable solution. Quality bricks are almost indestructible, and they hold up well to outdoor foot traffic over the long haul. They are not slippery, and they are easy to clean. As your bricks get slightly worn with age, they will not be less beautiful. Time adds even more character and charm to them. Bricks are good for you if you’re environmentally conscious, as they are made from almost all-natural materials. They are often recycled during building demolition.

If you’re considering bricks, have in mind that they can be hard on your feet. Bricks are naturally uneven, and through wear, they will get even more so. Also, bricks are naturally porous. So, if they are not sealed properly, they can retain water, which quickly leads to mold and mildew. Even though bricks are one of the more expensive options, they are worth your financial investment. If they are installed correctly, they can last until you destroy them yourself or replace them. However, if you’re searching for cheap options, you might want to look at other solutions that will fit your budget better. Bricks naturally stay warm, which is suitable for colder environments, but that can also be a con in hot climates. Brick flooring is pretty tricky to take out and replace, so they are only good as a long-term solution.

A brick path
Bricks are not slippery. They are permanent and easy to clean. Photo by Pexels.com

Caption: Bricks are not slippery. They are permanent and easy to clean.

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Advice for those that are moving into a new home

If you’re wondering about the best flooring options because you’re moving into a new home that you’re remodeling to your taste, have in mind that you should be very careful when disinfecting all areas. After a move, sanitizing is the first step of starting a new chapter in your life. You want to move into a healthy, safe, and fresh environment. Even though floors may look clean to you, they can be pretty dirty considering all the work done around them during installation. So, before you move in, you should thoroughly disinfect your floors (inside and outside of your home).

Final thoughts

After considering all 5 outdoor flooring options with their pros and cons, you’ll be able to make an informed decisionDetermine the best solution for you, depending on your priorities, budget, and style. Whichever option you choose, try to make all your outdoor areas beautiful, as you’ll spend a lot of your time there relaxing, having fun, and recharging your batteries.

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