15 + Fabulous Modern Outdoor Kitchen Ideas 2022

A modern outdoor kitchen is a fun way to spice up a monotonous style backyard. It’s a double strike for entertaining your guests while enjoying a fresh breath outside. Furthermore, you can also have an extra space to host a family gathering in special celebrations! You can have a great time enjoying a modern outdoor kitchen setting. 

A modern outdoor kitchen is great if you want your dining time to become the center of social gatherings. Bringing the outside while eating will seem natural. Outdoor kitchens also make cooking a way more enjoyable since you can be interactive with the guests.

Modern Outdoor Kitchen Design

Need something new to spice up your boring backyard to an area you bring pleasure to the entire family? These 15 awesome modern outdoor kitchen ideas will give you the inspiration you need to start planning your dream outdoor cooking space. With everything from a simple DIY design to a complete built-in, we hope you’ll find something that will help you get some inspiration.

1. The Elegance of White

outdoor kitchen modern
by HammerSmith, Inc

A kitchen covered in white offers the ultimate elegance and simplicity of modern design. The bar is a strong, sturdy, shiny, and luminous build-in outdoor space suitable for meals, coffee, and gathering that offers a relaxing ambiance and modern inspiration.

2. Tropical Plants For Natural Backyard

modern contemporary outdoor kitchen
by Habify / adam & eve ARCHITECTURE

Further, this one is another white outdoor kitchen cabinet that is modern and minimalist. It only resides some space at the back of your backyard. The natural stone tile of the bar completes the clean look that creates the domination of white. Incorporate tropical plants so you can boost the natural mindset. 

3. Wood For Woods

modern outdoor kitchen designs
by Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens

Can you imagine enjoying your meals while looking at a landscape of woods and hills? This wonderful outdoor kitchen will make your guests envious of your outdoor cooking area. For example, the brown oak bar helps your kitchen to define nature. 

3. A Kitchen Hideaway

modern outdoor kitchen with pizza oven
by eldoradostone

You love nature, as great as the food. Bring the kitchen into your garden and enjoy a wonderful experience in enjoying the scenery. The stone outdoor kitchen design offers an amazing aesthetic cooking and eating experience, in the same way, preparing the meal and enjoying the scenery simultaneously in a unique and peaceful ambiance. 

5. A Great Small Space

modern outdoor kitchen miami
by Baine Contracting, Inc.

You may have only a narrow space to make your dream outdoor kitchen come true. If it’s hard for a full set of outdoor kitchen equipped with an oven, sink, and many more, provide the basics. Alternatively, it will not make you lost any opportunity to have entertaining dining. In this simple small Modern Outdoor Kitchen, there’s just a bar built in grill, fridge, and extra storage. It still gets the advantage from the outdoor scene. 

6. Great Time Grilling

waterfall style modern outdoor kitchen
by Eco Minded Solutions

If you love entertaining and cooking, inviting your guests to wonderful dining, a small outdoor kitchen by the side of the pool is great for you. A wooden bar will complete the final look. With the help of natural light, the bar matches the natural surroundings, as the result, makes sure you get a great time grilling at this kitchen area. 

7. Gray And White Is A Pleasant Design

modern outdoor kitchen island
by Habify / adam & eve ARCHITECTURE

White may seem simple, but it makes a great outdoor kitchen. Along with gray in the steel appliances, they make balanced color hues that make a perfect place for casual gatherings and more formal celebrations. The combination of white and gray steel represents elegance and luxury. On the whole, the gray that steel own gives the outdoor kitchen a refined look. 

8. Exterior For Wonderful Kitchen

modern outdoor kitchen white rock
by Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens

Optimize the exterior of your outdoor kitchen by making the counter feel like a real bar. Modern dining area, an eye-catching stone design, and a hidden prep counter beyond the bar will do the satisfaction. If you think you need a more natural touch around, a small vase of flowers will help a lot. 

9. Granite And Stone A Perfect Match

modern craftsman outdoor kitchen
by Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens

This outdoor kitchen using the combination of granite and stone is stunning. The granite foundation and the black wooden Modern outdoor Kitchen Cabinets pair perfectly with the brick backsplash. Hence, it’s neatly stunning in its aesthetic. This kitchen is more than you expect available in your backyard! 

10. Poolside Kitchen For The Best Dining

how to make modern outdoor kitchen
by Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens

There’s nothing better to spend your summer than being lazy at the pool. Do you know what will make it even better? An outdoor kitchen by the side of your pool! An outdoor, poolside kitchen has so many advantages for your best dining experience. It can take the fun and enjoyment you already get from your pool to the maximum point. To sum up, the imagination of you gets your tanning while having some food near you will make your summer at its best. 

11. Cedar Cabinetry And Calm Steel Grill

modern outdoor kitchen grill
by Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens

A great outdoor kitchen will be much better with this cedar bar cabinetry for the kitchen bar. A built-in grill and oven made of the stell add a calming vibe to the Modern Outdoor BBq Island look. 

12. Black Pergole For Romantic Afternoon

by Eco Minded Solutions

A black outdoor kitchen pergola feels romantic, glam, and modern. However, it gives you a formal and stiff vibe. To avoid looking too formal, you can incorporate let the sunshine peek through, give it an exposed wood roof to let the sunshine peek through. You will have a great afternoon to spend a holiday. 

13. Luxury And Sturdy

by Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet

One of the challenges of building an outdoor kitchen is how strong it is to any weather changes. For instance, an idea that you have to consider is if the material is water-resistant or not. Aside from the glamorous and modern aesthetics that many of the kitchen furniture brings, you have to look for appliances that feature weatherproof cabinets. They are designed to customize the space in the outdoor area. 

14. Romantic Backyard Night

by Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet

Are you looking for a complete setup kitchen that matches the pool in the backyard? You will love this outdoor kitchen. Imagine having a seating area with a fireplace in the middle. You surely have a romantic dinner to spend with your loving one. 

15. White Brick Pairs Metal

by Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens

This one is the ultimate grilling station for your backyard. It has a lovely modern touch. This modern outdoor kitchen has the grill as the center of attention. Still, it gives attention to another function, such as a ceramic oven and a sin. Furthermore, the white brick bar frame pairs well with the metal appliances. 

16. Small Outdoor kitchen

Modern outdoor kitchen with wooden ceiling
Photo by vulcandc.com


From small to spacious space, we hope these modern outdoor kitchen ideas inspire you to do some backyard entertaining this summer. Let’s start to have wonderful cooking experiences!

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