Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets (20+ Ideas, Trends & How To Design)

Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets – It’s hard to find a kitchen style that matches homes with modern, traditional, or even minimalist style. It’s even harder to find a kitchen style that will stand the test of time. Many people need a kitchen style that can adapt to any environmental changes in their homes. People will benefit from this kind of kitchen style. As an example, when a family wants to refresh the vibe of their house by changing the style of their rooms, they wouldn’t need an extra budget to spend on their kitchen. Their kitchen will most likely adapt to the new style.

Fortunately, there is one style that will be able to stand the test of time and even adapt to modern, traditional, and minimalist style of a house. That is shaker kitchen style. Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets are popular because of their simplicity, functionality, and they are easy to live with. One thing that makes the shaker style stand out is the cabinets. They are simple, made of real wood, and yet colorful. Although shaker style cabinets are simple, there are a lot of different options to choose out there. This article uses shaker cabinets pictures to help and describe different types of them.

What is shaker style cabinets?

Before jumping into the shaker cabinets definition, we need to know what or who The Shakers are. The Shakers, officially known as The United Society of Believers, were a religious group founded in England in 1783. In the beginning, they were a part of The Quakers but broke away in the mid-18th Century.

The Shakers, comes from “Shaking Quakers,” which is inspired by their shaking motions and dancing used in their worship.

Shaker style cabinets are The Shaker’s invention. They liked to dance. So, they preferred to make lightweight furniture that was easy to move around. The Shaker style cabinets are without decoration but had detailed joinery and precision. They are minimalist and made exclusively for their intended purpose. In brief, Shaker style cabinets are sleek and straightforward.

How to Design Shaker Kitchen Cabinet

Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets are known for their versatility. Their effortless look will look fresh in years to come. Moreover, that makes them suitable for truly traditional or even modern touch. Many interior lovers nowadays turn to sleeker and simplified kitchens, which make Shaker style cabinets a clear favorite.

It’s no surprise that shaker style cabinets have become a mainstay of modern kitchens. Several factors make shaker kitchen cabinets truly simple yet appealing craftsmanship. These factors contributed to the design, perceived quality, and durability of the shaker cabinets.

1. Using Real Wood

Shaker cabinets are made of real wood, either natural or painted. They are traditionally constructed from best but least expensive lumber. Therefore, Shaker cabinets are originally made out of local timbers such as maple, pine, and cherry. However, modern shaker cabinets designs can incorporate mixed new material and any type of wood. So, you can choose any kind of wood. But, if you want to adopt the Shaker’s modesty and simplicity, you should be using local lumber instead.

2. Separate Modules

Being able to rearrange your kitchen layout is an important feature. It can refresh the atmosphere of the kitchen without changing any furniture inside. Therefore, buying separate modules is a great idea. It allows you to have the freedom to change your kitchen layout in the future. If that is not practical, built-in ranges are also a viable alternative.

3. Paint The Cabinet

Traditionally shaker cabinets are unpainted. But, you can bring your kitchen a modern edge by painting the shaker cabinets with a range of color. You can choose from light colors such as cream, muted green, pale grey-blue or pink, to deep colors such as deep blue and red.

Combining colors is also not a bad idea. You can give your shaker cabinets a unique character by doing that. But remember not to overdo it. Keep other parts of the kitchen, such as walls neutral, if you decided to paint your cabinets and vice versa. Additionally, do not use patterns unless they are natural.

4. Paying Attention to Details

Last but not least, the finishing touch. There are three crucial things to decide. Firstly, if you want to adopt the traditional shaker style, use timber knobs. But, you can always choose other viable options such as satin nickel knobs or cup handles. Just pick the right kitchen cabinet handles. Secondly, initially, the shaker style used wood as the material for the worktops. However, if you want to give a contemporary look to your kitchen, granite, quartz, and marble are also great alternatives. Lastly, adding open shelving with both useful and decorative items on display is a way to add some character and color to your kitchen.

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Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

There are plenty of cabinet design ideas out there, especially the internet. It can be exhausting to choose one shaker cabinet design that is suitable for you. So, make the job easier, we’ve already narrowed it down to 15 best Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets for you to choose.

1. White shaker cabinets 

Photo By Tom Howley

The bright and light color of this shaker cabinet feels nice to the eye. The color choice accentuates the value of a shaker kitchen that is minimalism. Moreover, the granite material for the worktops will also make the cleaning job in the kitchen easier.

The open shelving on top of the cabinet is also a great addition. It helps to accentuate the uniqueness of the shaker cabinet. Also, it’s very useful for putting items that are used often.

2. Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets : Colourful Kitchen

Photo By Sustainable Kitchens

This shaker cabinet is a little different than the usual. The deep blue color of the wooden cabinet pops up because of the light green color of the handles. Meanwhile, the white color used for the worktops makes the kitchen looks clean.

Although there are no cabinets on top of the worktops, there’s small open shelving at the corner which also makes the kitchen looks even simpler. This proves that you can add an extra area without making the room layout looks tight.

3. Grey Shaker Cabinets

Photo By Sustainable Kitchens

This design proves that shaker cabinet is also suitable for small kitchen. The black honed granite and the dark grey color of the cabinets make the kitchen looks premium. Moreover, the best thing about using dark colors for the kitchen is that it won’t get dirty as easy as light-colored kitchens.

4. Elegant shaker cabinet

Photo By Nystrom Design

Even though there are a lot of cabinets in this kitchen, the room doesn’t feel full. It is because of the seamlessness of the shaker cabinet’s color. The green tiles on the wall are also useful to make the classic white color of the cabinets more invisible. This is because human eyes see green color better than the others.

The classic white and green color combination makes the kitchen looks elegant in its own way without adding unnecessary furniture or color patterns. The only thing that needs to be considered before adopting this design is the height of the top shelf. It can be hard to reach if it’s too high. It will betray the purpose of the shaker cabinet, which is straightforwardness.

5. Bespoke Shaker Style Kitchen

Photo By Smartstyle Interiors

The light green color of the shaker cabinets accentuates the retro style of the kitchen. It’s perfect for people who want to have a nostalgic vibe inside their house. People can also paint the wall using the same color as the cabinets to make them blend well and be more seamless. Lastly, the granite material for the worktops doesn’t get stains easily.

6. Wooden Shaker Style

Photo By Brian-Custom Made Cabinets Maker & Renovation Artistry

This is the perfect choice for people who love the natural environment design for their house. Shaker cabinets made entirely of unpainted woods. Moreover, the top cabinets allow people to show the items that they would like to show to the visitors. This design perfectly exhibits the traditional model of shaker kitchens but also make it look modern. The Shakers would be proud.

7. Cream Shaker Style 

Photo By Nuhaus Ltd

It can be hard to pull off this shaker kitchen design since it might not look as elegant as this if you don’t have a large kitchen room. The cream color used for the shaker cabinets successfully makes the kitchen look luxurious. Moreover, the expensive-looking carvings on top of the worktops would make this design stand out from the others.

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