Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets (20+ Ideas, Trends & How To Design)

8 . Retro Shaker Style Kitchen

shaker style kitchen cabinets white
Photo By Sustainable Kitchens

This shaker kitchen combines retro style and minimalism. Engineered quartz material for the worktops blends nicely with the white-colored cabinets. Also, the raised bar is perfect for serving a quick breakfast. The use of vibrant colors like orange, blue, and red for other parts of the kitchen is suitable for this kind of shaker style.

9. Transitional Kitchen

shaker cabinets hardware
Photo By Robin Rigby Fisher CMKBD/CAPS

This shaker kitchen is beautiful in its own way. The use of dark-colored wood materials makes people feel like they’re in the 80s. Moreover, the kitchen won’t get stains easily because of the dark color. This kind of shaker kitchen style is shown occasionally in movies which are set in the 80s or 90s.

10. Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets: Modern Shaker Style Kitchen

shaker cabinets pictures
Photo By Atlas Custom Cabinets Ltd

Shaker kitchens often resemble traditional or retro style. But, not always. This shaker kitchen might be a great inspiration for people who love to design their rooms to look modern. The metal handles on the dark brown cabinets are the important touch. Simply combine dark colors and metallic furniture like the kitchen range in this design to bring out the look.

11. Craftsman Kitchen

shaker kitchen designs photo gallery
Photo By The Cabinetworks

The craftsmanship poured in this shaker kitchen design is substantial. The joints of the cabinets are impeccable. The cabinets don’t even look like cabinets. They mix well with the environment. This shaker kitchen design will be perfect if you have gardens outside the kitchen window, and it definitely won’t get old shortly.

12. Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets: Contemporary Kitchen

white shaker cabinets wholesale
Photo By Atlas Custom Cabinets Ltd

This is another contemporary shaker style design. This proves that people don’t need big space to pull off modern design for their kitchen. Near black-colored cabinets mixed with metallic furniture have great chemistry of their own.

13. Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets: Blue Shaker Style

modern shaker kitchen cabinets
Photo By Planet Furniture

Do you need a kitchen that’s great for a family meeting? This is the one. The blue color of the shaker cabinets will create a peaceful atmosphere inside the room. Remember, psychology says that blue color offers calmness. That’s why most people love the color. Moreover, the plain white color makes the room simple and feel less crowded when there’s a lot of people inside.

14. Custom Shaker Cabinet

contemporary shaker kitchen cabinets
Photo By Pridecraft Inc.

This might be the simplest shaker cabinet design here. It might be simple, but it serves its purpose as good as the others. And it looks pretty. Moreover, you can display plenty of beautiful items on the top shelves. Lastly, the marble material used for the worktops is effortless to clean.

15. Dark Wood Cabinet

shaker cabinets definition
Photo By Kitchen Art Design

The dark brown wood material in this shaker cabinets design stands out from other dark colors. It makes the room classy and adds a little bit of Victorian England vibe in the kitchen. The bright colored worktops make the kitchen look fresh and clean.

16. Norwegian Style 

shaker kitchen designs
Photo By Wagner Cabinetry and Design

The medium tone wood cabinets in this design make the room bright and refreshing. The range hood on top of the worktops is also a great addition to the shaker kitchen cabinets. The medium tone of the cabinets’ material contrasts the light cream color of the wall. It makes the room look nice to the eyes.

17. The Gorgeous White

White is always be the first choice for kitchen. Look this stunning kitchen, the lighting bounce around this small kitchen. Furthermore, it is helping you to reduce using electrical lamp. Adding horizontal brick backsplash to add some style.

More Ideas

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We hope that this list helps you to find the shaker cabinet design that suits you and your family. If you still haven’t found one yet, there are plenty of shaker kitchen cabinet ideas on the internet. Find more Shaker Style Kitchen Cabinets Ideas! You’ll know when you find the right cabinet styles

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