30 Impressive Cabin Kitchen Ideas & design in 2024 you should See!!

Cabin kitchen enchants you with what comes from nature. Imagine a rustic look-alike cabin in the woods on the slope of a mountain. The cabin atmosphere will give you the chance to bring nature inside the room and appreciate a slower pace of life. If you’re considering to own a small (or large) cabin kitchen, check out this cabin kitchen article for inspiration.

Cabin Kitchen ideas

It’s well known that most of the cabin kitchen ideas have a common interest in style; natural wood. Many people combine a cabin kitchen style with another style idea, even for a house that is not made in a traditional log cabin style. You can decorate your kitchen with exposed beams, interior wood paneling, barn wood accents, and warm wood cabinets.

Elements of Log Kitchen

When you hear the saying, “the kitchen is the heart of the home,” trust it. As the place where you spend preparing the supper, packing a picnic lunch at the weekend, the saying couldn’t be less accurate. Imagine you and the entire family enjoy a nice dinner after a long, tiring day in a sophisticated log cabin kitchen. Whether you live in your log cabin the whole year or stay for a special occasion, you must put some thought into the design of your kitchen.Here we give you some explanations about elements of Log Cabin Kitchen.

  • Furnishings Option

No matter the size of your log kitchen, furnishing plays an important part. The right selection of furnishing can provide comfort and fit your requirements as to this room’s functionality. Involve your log cabin kitchen with rustic style. From the similar wood type in the table and chairs, as the wood covers the walls, a different delicate hue of wood is processed. Anyhow, find the arrangement which you see, making your kitchen marvelous.

  • Rustic Design

The cabin kitchen is close to the rustic style. The domination of wood used in this style relates much to the rural environment. The simplest way to apply the technique is to use rustic materials and combine nature like stones, smooth and rough, to logs on the walls. Enjoy the stunning texture of nature.

  • Set the Contrasts

Try to mix and match with unusual combinations of texture. Consider combining a lot of wood in finishing and modern plastic or metal furniture. You can also play with varieties of color shades. Try smooth surfaces and stunning colors to brighten your kitchen. For instance, paint one or other walls in magenta or bright pink. Those bright colors create a contrast to the warmer wood hues.

  • Choosing the Color scheme

Play with several shades. You can use them to make the area in the kitchen highlighted and different. Add other shades that are different from the base color to fascinate your guests. You can leave the wood on the walls uncolored and color the ceiling in bright to create a mesmerizing space. Choose some unusual tones to paint some beams to highlight it more. You can prefer the naturally-inspired color scheme in brown or green to match the wood tones nicely. Otherwise, you can apply orange or Fuschia to attract the guest’s eyes once they enter the kitchen.

  • Pay attention to the Light

The next one, get along with a light fixture. It’s important and influences most of the surrounding area. A good light fixture emphasizes the specific spaces to stand out. Furthermore, it will help you to separate the space between the cooking area and the storage area. You can let the natural lighting from outside brighten the cooking area while using a lamp in the storage area to keep the food fresh.

15 Amazing Log Cabin Kitchen Ideas ( Using Beam, Cozy and Wooden )

From rustic to the modern style, take a look at these log cabin kitchen decorating ideas. May it help you to get some inspiration for your future cabin kitchen.

Fitted Beams And Walls

Small Cabin kitchen
Photo by trulogsiding.com

This kitchen cabin fits nicely between the exposed beams with the walls and pillars. The lighting on the ceiling provides in one section, and cabinets do it more

White And Black For Your Natural Wood

Cabin Kitchen Pictures
Photo by trulogsiding.com

Play save with the contrast between white and black. Combine the contrary shades to the natural wood in your cabin kitchen. The use of barn wood serves the elements for log cabin kitchen islands.

Mountain Log cabin Kitchen

tiny cabin kitchen ideas
Photo by Strongwood

This picture is an example of how a traditional mountain cabin kitchen looked like. The cabinets are well made from knotty pine. It matches much to the ceiling and exposed log beams. Along with the natural wood, the black porcelain-surfaced table also brings the mountain outside into the interior design.

Spice Up Space With Multiple Hanging Lamp

tiny cabin kitchen ideas
Photo by trulogsiding.com

Highlight the space with a colorful light fixture. You can have a hanging wall with multiple colors to lighten up the room. Imagine yourself in the evening, eating your supper accompanied by your family, under the joy of dazzling light.  

Giving It All In White

log cabin kitchens with white cabinets
Photo by CLB Architects

White totally can do the best for your kitchen. Let your walls, ceiling, and most of the kitchen utensil in white. The pair of beautiful antique pine chairs and dining table ends the look left sophisticated and cozy at the same time.

Blue Is Never Wrong in Cabin Kitchen

Log Cabin Kitchen Backsplash ideas
Photo by The Cabinet en-Counter, Inc

You will hardly find the use of blue to log cabin kitchen, but it’s never wrong to try one. Color the cabinets in blue to highlight the detail.

Log Cabin kitchen Goes Modern

Cabin kitchen Towel
Photo by kitchencabinetkings.com

You might think the cabin kitchen looks traditional or old. Otherwise, not all log cabin kitchens are traditional. Look at this one log cabin kitchen. It boosts the look with a more modern kitchen design. Simultaneously, the kitchen’s design incorporates plenty of wood to build the cabin kitchen feel.

Appreciate The Outdoor

Cabin kitchen Lightning
Photo by beautikitchens.com

Let nature invades the area more. Keep everything from the wood paneling to the floors and cabinets simple. Install a wide sliding door to the outdoors can be fully appreciated.

Cabin-Forest Retreat-Kitchen

Cabin Style kitchen
Photo by blog.canadianloghomes.com

Nothing fancier for your log cabin kitchen rather than combine wood and stone. By the time you enter this log cabin kitchen, you may feel invited for a forest retreat.

Knotty Pine For Cabin Kitchen

Cabin Style kitchen cabinet
Photo by kitchencabinetkings.com

Knotty pine is common in log cabin kitchen, just like this one. This design has a more modern vibe since there aren’t any raw log beams. The open space style also brings a spacious feeling to the room.

Be Resourceful

Cabin rustic kitchen
Photo by kitchencabinetkings.com

Be resourceful in a small space kitchen. You may utilize plenty of hooks and log cabin kitchen cabinets to save space. Note that you can keep all the kitchen utensils in the cabinet. It’s still a cozy kitchen to enjoy your cooking activities.

Bring The Luxury In

Luxury Log Cabin Kitchen
Photo by trulogsiding.com

Bring luxury to your log cabin kitchen in the form of a black shining mahogany dining table. It’s lovely yet mesmerizing. Here’s another plus point’ about the table, aside from the wooden shelf for your book. You can keep some recipe books there or have a book as a friend accompanying your tea time. Bookworm or not, having additional shelves in your kitchen is something you will both need and want.

Simplicity In Rustic

Rustic Log Cabin Kitchen
Photo by Thompson Photographic

You don’t like your kitchen cluttered. Keep your kitchen utensils organized by styling the kitchen thoroughly. If you feel the space seems straightforward, add some details like an embroidered rug or tablecloth. Need more? Red will give more color to wood.

Stone, Sunlight Cheer Your Day

Open Concept Cabinet Kitchen
Photo by trulogsiding.com

Enjoy the nature inside your kitchen. You will be amazed at how the log cabin kitchen table blends well with the wood. As an addition, let the sunlight shower all of the parts of the kitchen. Your breakfast time will cheer the opening of the day.

Cooker Hood Complete The Touch

White Cabinet Kitchen
Photo by blog.canadianloghomes.com

Be modern with the touch of a big oak dining table, sparkle hanging lamp, and a cooker hood for the finishing touch. It’s wonderful to see how modern blends well with the exposed beams.

Rustic Cabin Kitchen

You might be dreaming of having a rustic cabin kitchen in a mountain home. Just imagine how the style creates comfort and coziness surrounding it. A rustic cabin kitchen warms up space from the surrounding outdoor environment. A rustic kitchen will always remind you of the comfort of a hot bowl of soup and dozing with a hot chocolate on a cold night.

10 Fascinating Rustic Cabin Kitchen Ideas

Rustic cabin kitchens are often found in conventional log homes. Otherwise, don’t doubt to bring one to your kitchen. There are plenty of different rustic cabin kitchen styles to choose from. Check out ten ideas below to see some of the best rustic cabin kitchens ideas.

Invite The Nature

Cabinet Kitchen Interior
photo by architectureartdesigns.com

Antique raw wood beams form a larger room with its height. The sunlight outside brings immense room imagination to your lovely rustic kitchen. Bring nature more by installing stone tiles for the floor and another to one side of the wall.

Blue And Knotty Pine Domination

Photo by architectureartdesigns.com

In this rustic cabin kitchen, the Knotty Pine floor, together with blue cabinets, dominates the kitchen. Once we enter the area, the blue will steal our attention.

Your Kitchen Deserves Warmth

Photo by architectureartdesigns.com

It’s cold outside. A cup of hot coffee and a bowl of spicy spaghetti will cheer this cold night. By the time you step into the kitchen, the warmth of dark wood that covers the floor, kitchen cabinets, and ceiling wraps your feeling. Set a heater in the kitchen never goes wrong for this moody rustic home. It will be the perfect place to warm up during the winter.

Furniture Gives Details

Photo by blog.canadianloghomes.com

Be selective once you want to give details to your rustic cabin kitchen. Furniture is one of the critical elements of your rustic cabin kitchen design. You can decorate the space with a pair of 18th-century French styled in the bottom and a 19th-century English-oak rack hanging tightly from the ceiling.

Hint for Salvaged Wood

Photo by blog.canadianloghomes.com

Salvaged wood is also good to cover your kitchen’s wall and ceiling. The walls in the rustic cabin kitchen of a log cabin–style home are covered with that kind of wood. Like many other aspects of rustic design, Salvaged wood is one popular choice among rustic enthusiasts. It’s hard for you to find reclaimed barn wood or don’t have much money to buy Knotty Pine.

Being Traditional For Your Dreamy Kitchen

Photo by architectureartdesigns.com

Go traditional for this rustic mountain cabin kitchen. Knotty pine is installed as the cabinets and floor. It matches well with the beams. Along with the natural wood, the stove’s placed stone brings the outdoors into the interior design.

Be Consideration With Reclaimed Barn Wood

Photo by houzz.com

If you have a limited fund to upgrade your kitchen, the rustic cabin kitchen may be your consideration. One pivot point of rustic cabin kitchen is the use of natural wood. You can use reclaimed barn wood, which embodies the log cabin feel. It’s amazing how that kind of wood will make your kitchen look 70 years old vibe.

Bring Outside In Cabin Kitchen

Photo by houzz.com

Bringing the outside in is a beautiful way to liven up your rustic cabin kitchen. Just imagine how the surrounding wood area’s set gets help with a nice view of flora outside. You can try matching the kitchen color paint to the dominant flowers in your garden.

Steel For Stand Out

Photo by Houzz.com

In this log cabin, the rustic kitchen cabinets use Knotty Pine with a dark tone finish, which contributes to the room’s rustic look. The use of steel for the kitchen appliances combined with a white cabinet also brings to mind the freshness of nature in your kitchen. Moreover, the color of white in the design make the stell kitchen appliances accents stand out even more.

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Don’t Be Afraid With A Little Modern

Photo by Houzz.com

Being raw and nature is a must for a rustic cabin kitchen. But, who said you could never go modern? This A-line form kitchen blasts the spectrum of an ultra-modern mountain retreat. The beam supports the high ceiling with the tone of light wood, make the kitchen looked larger. The wood ceiling is also not knotty pine but smooth lumber with consistent grain, which gives a more modern hue.

5 Small Cabin Kitchen Ideas

Are you wondering about the price? It’s quite affordable to build a small cabin kitchen. When we say tiny, we mean it. Some cabin kitchen can be no bigger than 500 square feet. Considering the situation, you need to be creative to save the kitchen available space the best you can. May these ideas help you to fit the kitchen into a small space.

Be Better With Glass Doors

Photo by Houzz.com

If you have more budget for your small kitchen project, you should consider a glass door cabinetry. Glass-front cabinets are pretty and help your small space kitchen keep its practical focal point.

Be Wide In Sparing Space

Photo by cdupont

For a rustic kitchen with just 540 total square feet width, you can make the sink face to face to the cooking area. It helps you to divide wisely the very little space. You can have the microwave spare space with the stove; the stove is placed below while the microwave is between the wall shelves.

Open Shelving For Larger Space Imagination

Photo by Liederbach & Graham, Architects LLP

Open shelving is also ample for your small rustic kitchen. It’s a unique way to incorporate storage for your kitchen. It helps to maintain a broader space look alike. Moreover, it enhances the kitchen to reach a certain level of organization and tidiness. Open shelves can be installed above the cooking area to keep utensils and spices within reach. They’re also an excellent way to display matching dishware.

Maintain Every Inch

Photo by The Tiny Tack House

It’s a critical point to maintain every square inch to work in a tiny kitchen. The open shelving to manage the space. Hooks are installed on the wall, in the corner, and over the window make more room for utensils and dishes. A wall-mounted magnetic strip lets knives and spatulas within the cooking range.

How do I make my kitchen look like a log cabin?

A cabin kitchen with wood beams and a large island.

If you’re looking to give your kitchen a cozy and rustic feel, there are several design ideas that can help you achieve the look of a log cabin. One of the key elements in a log cabin design is incorporating a farmhouse aesthetic. Opt for wooden cabinets and countertops with a distressed finish. Adding a wooden backsplash can also enhance the log cabin vibe. Another essential element is the use of ceiling beams.

Install wooden beams on your ceiling to create a charming and authentic log cabin atmosphere. To further enhance the rustic feel in your kitchen, consider using wooden furniture and decor, such as a farmhouse-style dining table or open shelves made of reclaimed wood. Accentuate the cozy ambience by adding warm lighting fixtures, such as vintage lanterns or pendant lights with an antique finish. By incorporating these design ideas, you can transform your kitchen into a charming log cabin retreat. 


As you can see, there are many different styles to consider for your cabin kitchen. Whether a modern or rustic look, choose the one who suits your taste and, of course, the budget as well.

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