45+ Amazing Corner Fireplace ideas for you

Corner Fireplace ideas-Fireplaces are wonderful to fill every moment, either when the cold or the breeze wind blows outside. Whether you’re snuggling with your partner on a romantic evening, telling an exciting story to the children at a family gathering, playing with your pet on RJ Living’s range of wool rugs, or enjoying hot lemon tea with a book, everything becomes more joyful with the sound of cracking wood in the fireplace.

However, not all homes provide large enough space to accommodate an indoor fireplace. If you think your available space is tight and cannot get a large wonderful fireplace, consider a corner fireplace. A corner fireplace is simple to place and decorate into any free corner you have. Long story short, let’s look at some cool corner fireplace ideas.

Corner fireplace ideas in stone

Corner Fireplace ideas in stone

From wood to tile, the stone is on the top material for the fireplace. It is classic and also gives a sophisticated traditional look to your interior. Let’s get further with a few types of stone designs to your corner wood fireplace ideas.

1. The Resident Of Small Corner

Photo by Elise Fett & Associates, Ltd.

Stone brings extra luxury to your home even though being placed in the corner space. This modern fireplace is an example of how a simple tiny stone fireplace doesn’t need a large area to occupy. You can put the small one under the corridor of the second floor. In fact, this fireplace is perfect for your small corner area.

2. Lovable Stone And Woodwork

living room with corner fireplace decorating ideas
Photo by Steven Paul Whitsitt Photography

Stone and woodwork blend gracefully in just about every touch. In this living room, the stone fireplace combined with the wood-domination interior creates a classic ranch-style look. It’s warm, comfortable, and lovable.

3. A Little Stone To Bedroom

corner fireplace mantel ideas
Photo by PLATT

Feature your bedroom with this chic corner stone fireplace. It will warm you on a cold day, as the abstract stone frame fits well with the vertical white wooden wall. 

4. Show Off Your Trophy

living room ideas with corner fireplace
Photo by Pearson Design Group

Do you or your family members love hunting and have collectibles for your hunt? Displaying them on your mantel is an excellent way to show off your hobby. The hanging antler perfectly creates a charming look to the rest area. 

5. A But Of Porcelain And Glass

corner fireplace design ideas
Photo by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.

Besides talking about the fireplace itself, you can use the mantel part to display the beautiful porcelain and unique glass bottle collection. Close the look with the blue of abstract painting. 

6. Strike The Room

corner fireplace decorating ideas
Photo by Jackson Design & Remodeling

You can’t never go wrong when playing with color. Being creative in a colorful tile fireplace. In this living room, the colorful fireplace and the orange tile floor make a contrast strike against white walls. As a result, the wood frame for the ceiling ties them together.

7. Small Yet Amazing

corner fireplace surround ideas
Photo by DD Ford Construction

Fireplaces don’t always have to be focal points in the area. It might be hard since the fireplace poses a bulky body. Meanwhile, it is possible to press the effect. In this room, you can see how the fireplace’s body is smaller than the other area. Moreover, the fireplace’s similar color and the walls make the fireplace likely a part of the feature wall. Small but still as wonderful as you know for small corner fireplace ideas.

8. Double For Extra Perfection

living room ideas with corner fireplace and tv
Photo by Sanctuaries Interior Design

One fireplace is sometimes not enough to cozy a large grand room. Put one with anything attractive to make it as the focal attention, and another smaller one in the arc that separates the living room separates the living room and dining room. The pair gives a double luxury look to the overall design. Again, a middle-age picture as the main fireplace’s mantel gives a luxurious look to the living room.

9. Stone Goes Green

corner fireplace mantle ideas
Photo by Ryan Rhodes Designs, Inc.

Green-colored stone can amazingly make your fireplace this gorgeous. You don’t need to be overboard decorating it. It’s sturdy and good enough to warm the breeze day.

10. Antler Feat Woodwork

modern corner fireplace ideas
Photo by Murphy & Co. Design

The rustic patio is made of reclaimed, adding to her home’s cozy yet inviting feel. Two different paintings and an antler give an aesthetic touch to space. 

11. Heater On Wall

corner stone fireplace ideas
Photo by Kim Smith Photo

It’s not an ordinary stone wall. The wall is not only sturdy and gives a natural look to your living room, but it can also heat the space. Such a brilliant idea to have a fireplace inside the wall. 

12. Focal Fireplace

corner fireplace mantels ideas

Teton Heritage Builders

Warm, cozy, and inviting. Tiny little space will not burden the fireplace becoming the center of attention. Nevertheless, it cheers the space even more! Place a poster of your favorite band or football player as the mantel. It gives an extra coziness to the area. 

13. Creativity In Interior

modern corner fireplace design ideas
Photo by Gustave Carlson Design

Placed by the ladder, the fireplace shows simplicity yet useful all over the place. Red tile surrounds the fireplace pointing to the uniqueness of the wood walls and floor. Some porcelain decoration above the fireplace gives another hint of creativity. 

14. Elegant Contemporary

corner fireplace hearth ideas
Photo by Divine Custom Homes

This fireplace spares an elegant style yet very relaxing hue to the area. The combination of metal and wood for the fireplace and the furniture materials are displayed a comfortable atmosphere all over.

15. Hobby Above The Fireplace

living room design ideas with corner fireplace
Photo by Oketo Construction, Inc.

Do you love painting and like to let people see how wonderful your skill is? Place above the fireplace is an extra space to show up your hobby. This fireplace has vintage prints and paintings placed on the mantel. 

16. Art For The Stone

Photo by Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd.

The owners of this California cottage put this reflective portrait of a country girl. At last, they stuck the picture along with two candles and a green bucket to decorate the fireplace. 

17. Bring Old To Modern

Photo by Noble Classic Homes

Rock up to the fireplace of the modern styling room. The mirror mantel, however, holds the modern with its old colonial frame. 

18. Mirror For The Day

basement corner fireplace ideas 0
Photo by Houzz.com

This transitional house owner put this stylish flower mirror that had bought from flea market years ago. It’s a unique yet timeless mantel for all the time. 

19. Calm Natural Rustic

Photo by
North Fork Builders of Montana, Inc.

A picture of a lake habitant above this rustic home’s fireplace establishes a laid-back mood for your hectic unstoppable day.

20. When Stone Meet Modern Gas Fireplace


This modern gas corner fireplace doesn’t need a large size space. Rather dominating the space, this corner fireplace resides in a simple tiny space by the tv with a beautiful stone backsplash and sturdy steel frame. Install a glass window that resists the heat from the fireplace if you are afraid of the spark. 

Corner fireplace ideas with tv above

Corner Fireplace Ideas With Tv Above

Do you imagine a room with a fireplace and a TV above it? Lucky you! Having a fireplace in the area is such a blessing, but you have to make sure you arrange it to get along with the TV in the same space. In other words, you have to make sure about the two arrangements so that they don’t clash visually. You can combine both of them, like putting the TV above the fireplace. Here are ten ways to arrange the fireplace and TV well for your room.

1.White Simple Brick

corner fireplace ideas with tv above
Photo by Pro-Site Construction, Inc

If you love a simple, clean look, try this combination of a white granite backsplash wall to a metal gas fireplace with a TV above for your corner brick fireplace—the black from the fireplace and TV inlay a sleek, modern, and minimalistic atmosphere.

2. Fake Tile Still Nice

corner fireplace decor ideas
Photo by Neal Huston & Associates

Fake tile backsplash that is made from DIY concrete walls works well in this transitional bedroom design. The accent wall corner completes the whole bedroom design with a fireplace insert and a TV above. 

3.DIY Interior Fireplace

Photo by Anna Lisa Avelar Interior Design

If you need more than those available at corner gas fireplace home depot, try a custom made like this one. The fireplace border is molded with a personal request, including a chocolate bar liner and chair rail. 

4. A TV And Flower

corner fireplace design ideas with stone
Photo by Sun Forest Construction

You can set the corner gas fireplace for the room’s decor and furniture arrangement, including as a space to install a TV above it. There is also more room for a flower picture when the fireplace is not used or if you want to close the fireplace.

5. Patio Give Perfection

corner fireplace ideas design
Photo by
Divine Custom Homes

Give your fireplace a sleek, modern wooden patio paver. You can find how the patio gives your fireplace a chic, elegant look. The modern wooden patio makes the area look warm. Another advantage you get that you’ll have the perfect landscape for your fireplace room.

6. Contemporary Wooden Surround

corner fireplace furniture placement ideas
Photo by houzz.com

Give your fireplace a perfect match. For an excellent option, get this beautiful, sleek wooden place surrounded. You can either buy it or order a custom one. 

7. White Tile And Modern Fireplace

Photo by
John Kraemer & Sons

If you are a modern look lover, you’ll fall hard for this modern wall-mounted corner glass fireplace. It’s not an ordinary fireplace. However, it adds that same warmth and cozy pop sound as it heats the room. Moreover, combined with white backsplash tile, it’s beautiful, and the design cheers the space. 

8. The Stone Pops Up The Beauty

Photo by ThinkOne

Another modern wall-mounted glass fireplace, but this time is combined with stone walls. It offers a cozy crack-burning wood sound. Furthermore, a few candles or other simple decor near your fireplace can give you a perfect, classic look for your home.

9. The Magnificent Rustic

sitting room corner fireplace ideas
Photo by Centre Sky Architecture Ltd

Rock fireplace always steals your heart. Like this one, the corner rock fireplace glams a stylish and rustic look to your living room. The backsplash rock formation looks magnificent and the center of attention. Without a doubt, the decoration of natural stone always looks amazing and breathtaking for a corner electric fireplace tv stand.

10. Simple Rustic Yet Perfect. 

living room with corner fireplace ideas
Photo by Patrick Olin Photography

One of the most beautiful, rustic looks of a corner fireplace comes from a stone fireplace. Like this simple stone fireplace, it creates a beautiful arc to the area. The wall piece looks solid and perfect for a family and living room. Enjoy the TV above the fireplace and enjoy the heat together with the family members. 

Modern corner fireplace ideas

Modern Corner Fireplace Ideas

Old folk said that a fireplace could make a house a home. Nowadays, many fireplace options set a place to your heart, bringing a different level of warmth to your home. They come in different styles in shape, from the traditional one that has always been in our heart since ages ago, to the modern ones with class and amazing design.

These new ultra-modern designs of corner fireplaces can make you feel both satisfied and relaxed and have them surround you. Whether your home is in a farmhouse or transitional design, the modern style complements the existing ambiance in space.

1. Fireplace With Black Horizontal Backsplash

Photo by Earthcore Industries

Do you wonder how to make your living room look stunning with a modern corner fireplace? Try this one, one of the very best ideas to enhance your living room design with a wide corner fireplace. Install it together with a black vertical backsplash wall sticker. The design concept is simple but has an amazing look.

2. White Transitional Glass Interior

Photo by Houzz.com

This modern fireplace gives a stylish and transitional look to your living room with a small glass design. The white glass formation that was trimmed into three different sections looks magnificent and attention-grabbing. It’s elegant yet with a personal touch. 

3. Fire Instead Of Water

corner fireplace ideas white stone
Photo by Houzz.com

The color of white and the warm red glow of your modern fireplace is bright enough to enlighten the presence of the fireplace in your living room. Yet, the black frame emphasizes the stunning design of the fireplace even more. A few natural stone objects surround the fireplace, reminding us of an aquarium with fire instead of water and fish. 

4. Free Standing Doesn’t Stand Alone.

Photo by Dewson Construction Company

You might let your free-standing fireplace in the corner of your room, either way, you can make it a home! This modern fireplace is including a home and mantel that can show how art is the owner. It’s clean-looking, and you can organize your favorite items and collections up the mantel.

5. Marble Granite Meets Steel

Photo by
Marco Gualtieri

Sometimes you need more than what you can get from the corner gas fireplace home depot. Try this custom-made modern fireplace. Black marble granite fits well to the steel frame surrounding the fireplace, just like them hugging each other. 

6. Up The Stairs

Photo by Beck Building Company

The modern fireplace of yours can be placed anywhere, including in the corner of your stairs. It helps the ground floor transition to another level of the floor that is higher than the previous one. The combination of the blue tile and the black pillar looks cool even in a warm surround. 

7. Bricks And Free Standing Fireplace

Photo by Елена Першина

Another simple and delicate fireplace comes from this free-standing fireplace. It helps you save more money since the limit of money doesn’t cover installing a full setup. Place it by a rich, warm brick wall, and you’ve got an amazing foundation for the perfect warm touch for the breeze day and night. 

8. Uniqueness From Mantel

Photo by Gina Sims Designs

Not only does the custom layered frame mirror gives uniqueness to this room, but it also frames the fireplace and makes it a real focal point—what a great mantel and fireplace combination. 

9. Simple Gas Fireplace

Photo by
Scott Basile Photography

If you think a big bulky fireplace consumes a lot of space in your room, why don’t you install a simple recessed fireplace like this one? It’s a space saver, goes well with other furniture just like the TV. There are many options, whether if you a plain design just like this one, or elaborate it with another style or decoration.

10. Bring Nature In Simplicity

Photo by Gina Sims Designs

It is time to get a clean, minimalist look to your fireplace. Nevertheless, never underestimate the simplicity the fireplace gives as it emphasizes the nature outside. 

Other Corner Fireplace Design Ideas

Unique Corner Fireplace Design Ideas

Other than the fireplace designs above, there are needs to change the fireplace of yours based on events, seasons, or only if you need a new mood for one or two months. Check out some of the designs that you might keep in your mind. 

New Fireplace With The Cheapest Way

Photo by indigo_interiors_az

Bring a new scheme of your fireplace in the cheapest way you know. Instead of using tiles, you can try to stick wallpaper around your fireplace. It’s not lasting long, but enough to bring a new taste to your living room in some months. 

A Decoration For The Warmest Place

Photo by white.oak.shop

Need a new sight for the warmest place in your living room? Buy LED light from the nearest corner fireplace home depot. Then, you can install them around the patio of the old fireplace. You can also place the lights in a jar and put them near the fireplace. 

Cheer For Christmas!

Photo by nestedsanctuary

Get ready for Christmas this year in all corners of your place. Your fireplace needs a little touch of yours, too. Some candles, a chain of bells, and veins will cheer your Christmas even more. Don’t forget some LED lights wrap your fireplace mantel decoration.  Looks like it is one of example for shiplap fireplace ideas.

Halloween On Point

Photo by white.oak.shop

Play with seasonal events to get your fireplace looking more interesting. Like this one, from the decoration, we know what occasion happens at the place. The skull, the crow, the banner, the fireplace are ready for Halloween. 

Tile Makes Old To New

Photo by harvestingourhome

Are you getting bored with the old fireplace? Play with tile! Tiling enables us to recreate the fireplace design with its beautiful mosaics. Moreover, it produces an accent that blows new air to space. It’s easy to apply to make your old fireplaces and design new alike. Like this picture, the tile’s mosaic calms the air and gets along with the flower. 


Whether you need a corner fireplace due to its function or just because you need a fancy corner with a beautiful fireplace, they’re worthed to own. Depending on your taste in art, there could be many things to reflect your preference on your fireplace. It can also make the fireplace better looking.

Overall, you have to consider one more thing before starting your project: choose the right type of fireplace that relates to your room size. Avoid being too space-consume. In the end, the shape and your interior décor style are all depending on you.

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