20+ Mexican Kitchens Decor in 2022

Mexican Kitchens – Mexican style always offers warmth and spice to your room. By designing your kitchen into Mexican style, you create the central American style to over your kitchen and change into the entirely new ambience. 

By upgrading your kitchen’s style with hot tones, bold colour, and decorative tiling  Mexican covering your entire kitchen can take it into a new character. Just imagine if you have a Mexican dining kitchen and serve Mexican cuisine for your guests. You will get a hot atmosphere, in style typical of Mexico, will add a little warmth through the kitchen even on a bleak winter’s day. We hope by reading this article, you can get some Mexican Kitchens Ideas into your mind. 

Mexican Kitchen Definition

Mexican artwork is known for the use of bold colour and its ability to tell in the style of how is the Mexican people and landscape. The style also represents the Mexican culture, how it features Mexican’s tradition and religion through pictures, fabric’s pattern, and the brave selection of colour. Since most of Mexico is geographically located along the coastline, ocean and beach vibes are often depicted in the design style. 

Mexican Kitchen Designs

Mexican artwork gives a beautiful addition to your kitchen, especially for those who love to decorate their room in vibrant and fancy the use of rich colours and texture. Let us give you some alternative ideas for your Mexican kitchens. 

1. Splash Hot Tile

Photo by James D. Rogers, Builder

The installation of tiling to your kitchen is one of the easiest ways of giving an image that you are in a Mexican decorated room. It doesn’t only create your kitchen into warmth space, but also as the key to decorating the kitchen with Mexican motifs. Most Mexican tile kitchen available in splashback areas of your kitchen, as seen in the picture, surrounding the sink and top of the stove. Another place is at the countertop.  According to Today’s Cave, while installing, place the sink on the countertop and take time to align it properly before installation. Aligning a new kitchen can be tricky but this step ensures your work goes well with minimal fuss at any level of difficulty.

2. Dramatic Detail Spices Your Kitchen

Photo by Herscoe Hajjar Architects, LLC

The use of detailing artwork in furniture, like cabinet handles, chairs, or on the frame of your dining table adds subtle touches to your Mexican kitchens. You can start some researches about ancient Aztec artwork and traditional Mexican folk-art to get a little idea for your kitchen. Geometric and natural design motifs, like flowers, are the best choices for a kitchen’s décor. 

3. Details For Your Cooking Mood

Photo by NewStudio Architecture

One of the Mexican style hallmarks is the installation of tile at the particular areas of your kitchen. You can get Mexican style kitchen tiles installed on your cooker hood’s extractor unit, or surround the edge of the cabinets. Get the tile detail for further Mexican inspired details.

4. Dining Gets Styled

Photo by Randolph Stewart

If you get your kitchen in the same spot as a dining area, then a mexican kitchen decor may suit the style.  Get colourful chairs that will be ideal for the style. If it’s possible, decorate your chair with some bold colours of cushions. Finish the look with a rustic hanging lamp to brighten your mealtime. Once completed, invite your friends over for supper and enjoy the heat.

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5. Bright Supper Time

Photo by Steve Richmond Fine Homes

You might agree that the kitchen is at the heart of homes, it’s also what we offer in the Mexico theme. Mexican like having guests and family for supper. Imagine they are around while you prepare juicy drinks and spicy meals. It blends as part of the design’s appeal. Go and make the imagination come true by presenting your kitchen for a rustic table, Mexican cabinet, and chairs to complement your kitchen’s look.

6. All Eyes To The Fireplace

Photo by Astleford Interiors, Inc.

Most of the Mexican get cozy to have a fireplace near their kitchen area. You can create your attractive, eye-catching fireplace with Mexican tiles. Mix and match the bold colours as the frame of the fire. For the wall, if you want to soothe the eyes after the colour crashing for the fireplace’s frame, try grouping a series of terra cotta tiles. You can use varying sizes of tiles to create a custom design that gets along perfectly with the fireplace’s design.  Creative, personal, and cost-effective ways to complete the Mexican style art element in your kitchen’s décor.

7. Selective On Patterns

Photo by Hann Builders

Even the strengthening of Mexican style lays on the dominant colours, be careful when choosing the patterns of your tile to use in your kitchen. Make sure that they coordinate with your kitchen overall décor. There are many varieties of design of Mexican art, one or more of which match best to your interior design scheme

8. Metalwork Wall Art On Point

Photo by Astleford Interiors, Inc.

Unusual but unique, Mexican metal work will give extra warmth to your kitchen decor without being extra. Besides tiling, decorating your walls with that metalwork art gives the Mexican vibes an exciting touch. There are plenty of selections of Mexican metalwork. They include iron images of Kokopelli, Geckos, the sun, and other Mexican decorative wall art.

9. Watch Your Steps

Photo by Astleford Interiors, Inc.

Aside from the uniqueness of Mexican wall tiles, the floor tiles of this style offer a regular motif running through them. Even though the floor lays under your feet, get a big and bold design. The shades of orange on black works for a fantastic traditional Mexican floor. Only own a small budget for the floors? Instead of changing the entire floor surface to new, consider some Mexican style runners installed over your recent flooring.

10. Modern Mexican Kitchen ideas

Photo by The Sky is the Limit Design

As we discussed above, installing Mexican theme tile surrounding your kitchen is the easiest possible way to get the look. It will be great whether choosing the vivid colours and patterns of tiles or being interested in the muted and contemporary look found in present cement mosaic tiles, like a muted blue theme tile to dark blue.  Both of these add life to walls and floors.

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11. Never Fade Mexican Kitchen Interior Design

Photo by

Mexican style design always shines in colour. Since the era of colonial influenced buildings to local art, you can get yourself to see hot pinks, golden yellows, and turquoise. The typical pattern on the tiles illustrates the Mexican culture that embraces bold colours.

12. Terracotta Pottery Steals The Highlight

Photo by Кухня в восточном стиле

Do you want a simple Mexican theme kitchen? Try to combine the extraordinary tone of orange and red with the elements of terracotta pottery finishes. Decor your open shelves and another suitable spot to place varied shapes of pottery. Make an earthy quality to the pottery arrangements.

13. The Light Goes Stylish

Photo by Kitchens On Montana

You may easily fall all in love with Mexican light fixtures. The famous one is the tin fabricated star-shaped lamp whose perforations allow for a dreamy night glow. Others pendants are strongly influenced towards North African on the elongated geometric shapes fusing metal and glass. 

14. Match The Shape For Your Wall

Photo by

Inspired by Spanish colonial kitchen style, terracotta is commonly used in Mexican theme kitchen. It can feature by the brick wall that applies in different sizes and shapes. The terracotta brick wall may come in shapes of squares, hexagons, and diamonds, many of which you can combine in exciting patterns

15. Textile Dominates The Area

Photo by

The steady infusion of colours we know in the Mexican art is also implemented for Mexican embroidery and hand made weaving. Known for its beauty, Mexico’s textiles share a fancy touch to your kitchen through throws, curtains, or wall hangings. Oaxaca has a variety of exclusive pattern woven coming from tribes like the Mixtec and Nahua. Otomi patterns, typically animals, are playful and whimsical to cheer the atmosphere.

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16. Bit Rustic Kitchen

With a clean white countertop above the wooden cabinet, this kitchen adds a rustic vibe. In addition, the open shelf helps you in the kitchen organize small items. On the backsplash, don’t forget to add unique Mexican tile and make it feel like a Mexican kitchen style.


By adding any number of these Mexican kitchens style ideas into your kitchen, you can get a little Mexico’s vibrant and soulful style. Don’t waste your time and start to remodel your kitchen.

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