Above Bed Decor (20+ Great Ideas in 2022)

Above Bed Decor – Having a big empty wall above the bed can make the bedroom a little bit dull. Of course, the bedroom is a private area, and you don’t need to make a lasting impression on your guests. But that doesn’t mean your bedroom doesn’t need decoration. Having a small decoration in the room where you rest can improve your overall satisfaction with your private space.

Although there are plenty of above bed decor options, you might need to choose carefully when your home is in an earthquake-prone zone. Some of the wall decorations can fall off easily and might hurt you while you’re in bed under it. Sacrificing your safety over room decoration is not worth it.

In this article, we’re going to provide you our favorite above bed decor idea to put on the space above your bed. The decoration can vary from simple to sophisticated to fit various bedroom style. Therefore, feel free to choose the one that suits the theme of your bedroom.

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Things to Hang Above The Bed

Deciding what to put on wall above bed can be overwhelming when there are lots of alternatives. Therefore, it’s always good to know the best options available on the market. Fortunately, we’ve already made a list that can help you shorten your selection process.

1. Mirrors

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Whether small or big, mirrors often make rooms look better. Aside from their ability to reflect light, they can also make a room feel bigger. Furthermore, mirrors also make a great focal point. Some people even bring mirror decoration to the next level by cutting them into pieces to create a terrific feature.

2. Black and White Photos

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Black and white photographs can add a bit of classiness to any room, including the bedroom. Not only can they improve the look of the bedroom, but they can also be a medium to display precious moments. The photographs that display precious moments with family, friends, and pets will make the bedroom cozier.

3. Artwork Display

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Hanging art above bed can also enhance the overall look, especially the ones that match the color palette of the room. A matching artwork will give a sense of balance in the room’s atmosphere. Moreover, it can also make any bedroom a bit more elegant.

4. Canopy

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Talking about elegance, a canopy above the bed can also make the bedroom more elegant. Not only it provides enveloping feel to the bed, but it also creates a sense of protection. It will improve the overall comfort of the bed and make sleep feel even better.

5. Wallpaper or Stencil

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Wallpapers make the possibility of wall decoration seem endless. It’s a smart solution for people who need to change the whole vibe of the bedroom quickly. Moreover, applying wallpaper is relatively easier than painting the walls. However, to complete the look, you need to pair it with the proper bedding that suits the design.

6. Curtains

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Many people prefer to place their beds under a window. Therefore, these beds need to have curtains installed. Not only can curtains block lights during the day, but the right curtains can also enhance the overall look of the bedroom. You just need to mix and match the curtains with the bedding.

Above The Bed Wall Decor Ideas

Unoccupied space above the bed can make the overall room feels empty. Thus, it’s essential to use the space to make the bedroom fresh, fun, and more attractive. One of the ways to use it is to apply wall decoration. To help you choose the right decoration, we’ve already collected some of our favorite bedroom wall decor ideas below.

1. Miniplants

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Many people love the natural vibe that indoor plants create. Instead of putting plastic plants or nature-themed wallpapers, bringing in real plants can make the bedroom feel alive. However, since the plants are usually quite heavy, they should be put carefully to avoid falling. Moreover, it would be best if you also took care of it. Make sure to water it every morning, ensure they get enough sunlight, and cut them short every once in a while.

2. Barn Wood Sign

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Recycling and reusing old stuff are good for the environment. Therefore, using old barn boards to create a barn wood sign for decoration is a smart move. It’s one of the best DIY farmhouse bedroom decor ideas. The things you’d need to turn them into a great decoration are a few nails, paints, and creativity to write a few phrases. Also, you can choose to paint the boards if you prefer to stylize it even more.

2. Mural

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Murals often make a strong visual statement to an empty wall. If you are confident of your artistic skill, you can make your mural on the wall above your bed. Alternatively, you can also choose to buy mural art paper to put on. One thing to remember, though, since handmade murals are made of paint, they are more durable than the mural art paper. However, art paper ones are much easier to apply. Make sure to choose the one that suits you the best.

4. DIY Light Board

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This DIY light board can be easily made using Christmas lights. Since it is mostly handmade, it allows for more customization, from the shape to the colors of the lightbulbs. Adding light board to the bedroom can deliver a cozy and festive atmosphere in it. However, since it requires electricity, make sure to install it safely on top of the bed.

5. Tassels

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Tassels are one of the most long-lasting forms of decoration in history. They have been around since ancient Rome until today. Today, people use them in handbags, jackets, curtains, and many more. Since they create a unique traditional vibe, Tassels can also be an excellent decoration for the wall above the bed. They are also easy to make, which means that you can fully customize them the way you like.

6. Classic Gallery

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Sometimes putting multiple evenly-spaced frames on the wall above the bed is all you need to pull off an exciting look. This type of frame arrangement will create a balanced and classic look in any room. Even when paired with traditional space, a classic look will fill the room with glamourous and upscale feeling.

7. Woven Basket

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Even though the woven basket seems like a foreign object to hang on the walls, its unique patterns say otherwise. Each woven basket comes with different types of designs on it, which makes it a unique display to hang. Alternatively, woven plates also have the same decorative function. With a little creativity, arranging a few woven baskets or plates above the bed can make an excellent focal point.

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8. A Bookworm’s Dream

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As one of the best things to collect, books can also be a focal point to a ‘vanilla’ bedroom. Since many people read books before they sleep, attaching bookshelves above the bed should be a feasible way to achieve a fresh look. Not only will it give the bedroom a bold character, but the shelves also allow people to access books without leaving the bed. The only thing to decide is whether you pick the shelves with glass doors or not.

10. Mini Art Installation

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Some people have a small collection that deserves attention. And fortunately, the wall above the bed can make an excellent spot for it. Any small collected items like hot wheels, old coins, or movie tickets are excellent examples that you can display on the wall. As long as you find a way to attach them to the wall properly, they should be able to enhance the visual. Moreover, this above bed decor idea displaying your small collections on the wall can save space.

11. Boho Bliss

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Hanging handmade macrame can improve any casual style room. Using macrame as a wall hanging tends to be a standard nowadays. Its versatility makes it mix well anywhere in the home. Moreover, it can add a romantic and tranquil atmosphere that can help you to feel relaxed at home.

12. Chalkboard Shape Above the

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Hanging chalkboard above the bed allows you to rewrite or redraw anything on it. Also, the various colors of the chalk give more possibilities to bring your imagination into reality. Furthermore, with all the paint options available, you can also customize the color of the chalkboard itself. With almost limitless possibilities, choosing a chalkboard will help you to update the look of the bedroom as often as you want.

13. Floating Plant Shelf

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Installing a shelf above the bed is an excellent option, especially when you have many plants to display. Although it needs quite a lot of effort, it allows you to put the plants more safely. Moreover, the shelf can also be used as a storage for other collected items. The floating plant shelf gives the bedroom a natural look and more functionality. It will blend well with eclectic and traditional style rooms.

14. A Bunch of Small Framed Items

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This above bed decor idea is another way to display your collection to fill the blank space above your bed. Since some collection items need protection, displaying them in frames should be a viable option. Not only will frames protect the items inside, but they also allow people to move the items quickly and safely. Items like bills, postage stamps, postcards, and polaroids will need frames to be displayed correctly. However, since picture frames are heavy, you need to attach them correctly, or they might hurt you while you sleep.

15. Small Rug

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Rugs usually serve as a floor covering. Not only rugs come in different shapes and sizes, but they also come in various patterns and designs. Some of the designs are gorgeous and will make a great wall decoration. Therefore, hanging a small rug that matches your visual taste can be a solution to the empty wall above your bed. Moreover, just like a picture frame, a rug is relatively easier to hang and display. 16.

16. Chic Hat Display

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Turning the space above the bed into storage is another smart idea. For example, you can hang your hats on it. Not only will it save you quite a lot of space, but the hats will also give your bedroom a designer look. Furthermore, it’s a relatively easy decoration to do. A hammer and a few nails or removable hooks will get the job done.

17. Wood Accent Wall

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Some interior design might look too minimalistic and dull. Therefore, a bit of a change in the room atmosphere can help. One of the ways to do that is to add a different wall accent. For example, a wood accent wall can add warmth and natural feel in the bedroom. There are plenty of wood options available to choose from, from reclaimed wood to faux wood. Make sure to select the one that will blend well with the rest of the room.

18. Vinyl lettering

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Sometimes, words are the one that you need to fill the empty space, literally. Some people need motivational words to start their mornings. This Above Bed Decor Memorable quotes from loved ones and motivational quotes from role models are the best options to select. After selecting the words to display, you can choose the fonts and colors to match the style with your preferences.

19. Many Things Around

Surrounded by bunch stuff doesn’t make this bedroom looks unorganized. With space above your headboard can be a good place to hang a frame. Look at this example, with beach-themed frame it adds a sense of relaxing in this bedroom.

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In conclusion, there are plenty of above bed decor ideas that you can apply to your bedroom. There are no specific rules in selecting the right over the bed decorating ideas to experiment. Although we’ve already provided a bunch of ideas, from easy to not-so-easy, it’s essential to keep an open mind. It allows you to absorb more inspirations if you haven’t found your favorite ideas from the ones we provided here. Make sure to choose the ideal one, the one that satisfies your style and your needs.

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