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[Must See]40+Anime Bedroom Ideas in 2020 (Galleries & Photos)

Anime Bedroom – In truth, anime easily resides in the heart of its fans merely not just for the eventful storyline. As a fictitious animation originated from Japan, people consider anime as both artwork and culture. More often than not, this computer-aided fantastical world draws in increasing number of followers within each title. Thanks to the well-designed lively character, a title can get more recognition which furthermore be memorable.

The characters are what makes an anime remarkable. Undoubtedly, every characters has its own uniquely-designed features and traits. Every main characters are exceptional, never similar to one another, no matter how many titles one have watched. They manage to have their own personality color, and given this, comes different aura. With that being said, it would be advantageous to put in a real space.

Anime Bedroom Theme

Anime bedroom is a way to fuse the admiration of certain animation characters into one’s private space. On that basis, the bedroom gets to be personalized in a specific manner. That would be relating to certain adored characters or the setting of a meaningful scene. Indeed, there should be limitless expressions to choose from. However, here are some ideas we collect to inspire you on decorating bedroom based on several notable anime we found.

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Others Anime Bedroom Theme

1. Anime Bedroom : Dragon Ball Z

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Going bold is the key. With anime room background, the three dimensional painting creates energetic vibe to the room. Thus, creating art with Goku and Super Saiyan from the Dragon Ball Z is great for boy room. The room has minimalist, plain color furniture nevertheless the mural upgrades the vibe to the whole new level. Apart from the mural, the surrounding area are in neutral color, such as white wall and light colored wooden floor. The red corner shelf functions to store anime figurines and merchandises. In which the color matches the border of the Dragon Ball Z mural behind the bed to control color consistency.

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Also, you would want to keep DVD collections alongside with other collectibles easily in a certain spot. Therefore, it would be useful where you can comfortably pick the perfect episode to replay. Moreover the spot gets to be more special with colorful paintings and figurines which is in contrast to the black wall.

2. Anime Bedroom : One Piece

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This idea is all for baby’s nursery with the edgy parent’s all-time favorite Monkey D. Luffy of One Piece. As he nurtures friendship, it’s great idea to let the baby hang out with Straw Hat Pirates crew. Adopting One Piece anime bedroom wallpaper, it fully displays the characters of this most favourable manga. The happy-go-lucky Luffy and oneness of the crews are two main things remarkable of One Piece.

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The furniture choices are all relating to the One Piece’s pirate ship concept. In case that you don’t notice, the red crib for the baby boy is visibly taking after Thousand Sunny. Highlighting on the red and black, it is the second ship of Straw Hat Pirates after Going Merry. Notably, the structure of the crib can rock back and forth just like how a ship gets on the middle of the ocean. The boy can get all comfortable with the ship-like bed with no risk of getting sea-sick.  Near the crib, a desk with a computer installed allows the parent to work or net surfing while the baby’s asleep.

3. Anime Bedroom: Inuyasha

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Get comfortable tucked into bed with Inuyasha theme bed complementaries. Character dolls piled up on the bed varies from the dog-demon Inuyasha itself, Kagome, and the adorable Kirara. Even more, the fuzzy-looking cozy bed and pillow covers adopt the Inuyasha concept too. In this idea, black and red become the base colors. In which will perfectly balance out the dull surrounding.

4. Anime Bedroom: Naruto

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Although moss green and deep grey dominates the bedroom, this scheme works well to emphasize the red and the blue. Calling all Naruto fans, this would be the perfect style to satisfy the adoration of this anime. Utilizing traditional futon, the two persons sleeping spot go for the Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke vibes. Moreover, the checkered mat underneath the futon plays part to keep the room’s warmth. Overall, there are textures come in play. From the smooth wooden panels, coarse-y display wall background to the velvety mat, they enhance the richness of culture in this room. Furthermore, this room is well-lit on the daylight from the windscreen above on the ceiling which encourages energy-saving space.

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Apart from the whole room decoration, you still can get to express admiration through the bedding. For instance, using vivid yellow-orange to stress on Naruto Uzumaki character as seen on his hair color and clothing. Next to the bed, you can see how it would harmonize on the set. Choosing lighter colors, such as calming sky blue over lime green furnitures give smooth balance for the vivid bedding.

5. Anime Bedroom: Doraemon

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Who would not love this plump blue robot cat with all his loyal attitude? With his 4D pocket on his stomach, Doraemon pulls out tools and gadgets Nobita needs when he needs them. His loyalty, his friendliness, and his wisdom are everything a real cat  are not. His so-called 21st century sophisticated tools claim to be problem-solving, though apparently they teach us that we don’t really need to use it. For the love of our childhood fantasy, this bedroom gives opportunity to express just how much we love this series. Everything is in blue color. From anime wallpaper, bedding, curtain to the shelf and all the dolls. Indeed, only Doraemon theme can pull off this big concept well.

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Thanks to the Doraemon concept, this bedroom decoration takes blue color as modern, futuristic-like manner. The decorator keeps it clean and space-effective for kids by using white bunk bed. We can see how it takes on Doraemon for the bedding, hanging  lamp, stickers, wall clock, to the school bag. The shape of circle also makes appearance to represent Doraemon’s round feature, which is on the blue-gradation ripple carpet.

6. Anime Bedroom: Attack On the Titans

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Setting about post-apocalypse adventure, Attack On The Titans rule the dark fantasy genre making the top list of best-selling manga. In truth, many anime lovers go crazy on this one for its smart mystery storytelling. Moreover, Attach On The Titans really excels on the art that is properly designed and therefore attractive. No wonder people stays and would patiently wait on this updates. Moreover, the relatable character arc on this anime makes people love it even more. On this bedroom, the owner gets to express enthusiasm through hanging posters of this anime on the plain white wall.

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Apart from showing enthusiasm, fans also show supports by buying merchandises related to the anime they love. Therefore, a shelf is necessary to contain the stuffs. Dolls, figurines and posters are eccentric for the white wall on top of the lime green shelf

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