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[Must See]40+Anime Bedroom Ideas in 2020 (Galleries & Photos)

7. Anime Bedroom: Detective Conan

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Of any other anime, only the notion of Detective Conan could allow to bring British vibe decoration for the bedroom. Worth to be noted that Britain’s most renowned fictional character Sherlock Holmes inspire this anime. Therefore it is easy to choose Detective Conan styled bedding for a British style room. It displays the face of Conan Edogawa and Ran Kogoro for the sheet. Also, the color classic brown from the bedding easily blends out with the peach colored wall and furnitures.

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Not just the bedding, Detective Conan can pull off the wallpaper too. The wall behind the bed gets a Detective Conan mural wallpaper. Notably, it gives vintage sense which displays Conan Edogawa in British style. Nevertheless, the wallpaper still match well with the light blue color that surrounds it.

8. Anime Bedroom: Pokemon

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Perfect for kids’ room, Pokemon gives cheerful energy to the space. Displaying the animated face of the Pokemon in particular to Pikachu, yellow is the highlighted color for this bedroom. Apparently, Pikachu is one of most adopted concept for decoration. Since Pikachu is adorable, it is easy to style to add extra cuteness in how you personalize a space. That would be for the bedding, the pillows, the wall paintings and decoratives.

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This idea also shows the best way to fuse Pokemon in the bedroom. Visibly, the red and white of pokeball comes in full appearance on the wall behind the bed, the drawer, and the bedside table. Apart from that, the bedding is in blue, displaying several pokemon we know. They are the adorable Pikachu, Squirtle the water pokemon, Chamander the fire pokemon, and Bulbasaur the grass pokemon.

9. Digimon


Now it would be illegal not to talk about another of 2000 first decade’s beloved Sunday anime: DIGIMON. Having the same concept as Pokemon, Digimon’s digital monsters also have powerful skills to protect or compete. Even though their combat skills are otherworldly intimidating, they are still lovable monsters to take care of. That’s why collecting any form of those monsters are not only satisfying, but also pleasing. Take a look at this special corner of the bedroom devoted for Digimon dolls pile. Also, the wall has several posters showing the human characters from Digimon anime.

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Apart from that, this bedding shows Digimon background in pixelated ‘digital’ style. The color blue dominates the room. From the wall, the bedding, the mat, to the curtain is in various shade of blue. However, the bigger portion of lighter blue shade creates a harmonization as the base color in the room.

10. Hello Kity

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Contain your excitement for anime and all of its stuffs in your personalized bedroom. This bedroom is the dream of anime enthusiasts as it contains action figures, dolls, posters all fit in the room. It’s not just a room, it’s an exhibition.

11. Yu Gi Oh

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This bedroom adopts Yugioh anime to make appearance for anime boy bedroom. As the character Yugi Mutou is the main protagonist in this anime which the room displays him visibly. For instance, the carpet on the floor is showing the determined character of Yugi Mutou. In additional, the bedding also is in similar picture as the carpet.

12. Boku No Hero Academia

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This room shows collection of Boku No Hero Academia related decorations. For example is the collection of plushies displaying characters from the anime. Additionally, there are posters and drawings related to the anime on the soft grey wall.

13. Sonic

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Call out to the fans of this blue hedgehog with supersonic speed, Sonic! Steal this look to get the Sonic character vibes for the bedroom. It involve using blue color relating to the appearance of Sonic, which the decorator used in bedding cover. The wall combines orange color base to highlight a deep blue color with white border. There, several framed posters of Sonic are hanging in line with the blue.

14. Gundam

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This bedroom utilize Gundam reference on decorating the bedroom with double beds. Apparently, the color red match well to create a bolder effect on the room, emphasized with the white wall next to it. Additionally, the floor mat is in the color red, only deeper, to match with the bedding.

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15. Sailor Moon

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The Sailor Moon inspired bedroom uses soft pink for the dominant color. Besides the pink bed covers, there are various Sailor Moon collectibles and decors. The drawer and table night lamp are also full of Sailor Moon accentuates. Not to mention the whole situation of the wall and the floor, it would be the perfect room for Sailor Moon squad.

16. Cool Anime Bedrom

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Contain your excitement for anime and all of its stuffs in your personalized bedroom. This bedroom is the dream of anime enthusiasts as it contains action figures, dolls, posters all fit in the room. It’s not just a room, it’s an exhibition.

Anime Bedroom Decor

Decoration is substantial for the anime bedroom ideas. Besides to achieve attractiveness to the bedroom, it also a form to show what your heart enjoy the most. If your heart belongs to the anime, than maybe this is what you need to be inspired.

1. Open Shelves

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Every fans love to collect merchandises regarding to the anime they love. In particular to stuffed dolls or action figures, it would be very rewarding and satisfaction worth the price. Now it is best to put it in the best display in anime rooms. Using open shelves and decent lighting, you can see how the action figures can look more valuable.

2. Custom Pillow

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Get your pillow stuffed. You can try to customize the look of your throw pillows by getting anime reference. As a matter of fact, you can try this Dragon Ball Z reference into your cushions to achieve the animevibe.

3. Costum Bed Cover

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Aboard the Re:zero anime fantasy with this bed cover. This bed cover displays the twin demons Ram and Rem of Roswaal’s Mansion. The color soft blue and pink are in tune for the bed to emphasize the character of these twin demons.

4. Book Shelf

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Many anime comes from the manga version, which sometimes contain more trivias than the anime version. A title can have many volumes, and fans would love to collect more than a title. Therefore, a book shelf is necessary to contain this hobby. Check out this full side wall bookshelves that is minimalist and elegant.

5. Anime Figure Collection

Steal this look of glass shelf to store and exhibit your action figure collections in a spot. Using blue fluorescent light, the glass reflect the light to make the figurines look classy. Moreover, the clever arrangement of the figurines according to the size really help to get achieve this elegant view.

6. Anime Poster

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Anime posters are something must-have for the anime lover. However posters come in many size. Therefore, arrange the posters thoughtfully to fit the space. Furthermore, be mindful of the color spectrum of the posters so the arrangement would be visually pleasing.

7. Anime Frame

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Hanging anime painting above the bed can satisfy your art crave and anime enthusiasm. This symmetrical frame set contain 5 drawing from the Naruto reference. The drawing display wide angle view of characters from this anime would get you fire up for the day.

8. Anime Rug

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Get comfortable hanging out on the floor with this anime rug. Taking reference from Pokemon, this rug is lovely colorful and adorable. You can take your time watching the anime or reading cozily with the warmth of this rug.

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In summary, anime related decorations are something worth to try to personalize your personal space. Not only for collections, but they also help to achieve special look for the bedroom. In fact, there are many kinds of anime related decorations even a non anime fans would love to collect. Therefore, this is not only for the fans, but for anyone to get inspired.

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