Bathroom Remodel Before and After (20+Ideas & How to Remodel Your Bathroom Tips)

Bathroom Remodel Before and After– A bathroom is an essential part of anyone’s home. Sure, a bedroom is also crucial, but you can also sleep on a couch in your living room. The bathroom, however, has functions and values that are irreplaceable. Therefore, it needs to be a comfortable place that reflects our style. To have a comfortable bathroom, you need careful planning and the right design choice. But, if you already have a bathroom and need some refreshment in your home, you might need remodeling.

Remodeling a bathroom is not an easy task to do. It is even harder than building the bathroom from scratch. However, through a few careful steps and thoughtful planning, a fully customized bathroom that has the right design, fixtures, and amenities is achievable. It is worth the effort and will indirectly increase your level of happiness in every day. In this article, we’ll provide you with some tips to help you create your ideal bathroom and give you some bathroom remodel ideas to choose.

How to Remodel your Bathroom – Bathroom Remodel Tips

bathroom remodel before and after

For a lot of people, the bathroom is the first room to visit in the morning before starting their day. Therefore, it should give the users the good vibes so they can start their day with a great mood. Fortunately, through some careful renovation steps, you can turn your bathroom redesign dream into reality. Here are bathroom remodel tips on remodeling your bathroom.

1. Bathroom Planner

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Before starting the remodel, you need to discuss the plan with everyone who will be using the bathroom. Talk to them about the important stuff, such as the fixtures and finishes that you are supposed to use and how much money you are going to spend on it. As for the budget plan, make sure to have a little extra for the unexpected problem that would arise since the remodeling process could take up to 90 days. Since it could take a while, you need to stick to the plan to avoid spending more money.

Carefully planning the bathroom remodel is the primary attention here. Changing your plan can cost you more time and money. Therefore, you can ask for help from the professional to discuss the details of every part of the room. Try to consider the fixtures, the layout, the design, and the price. It’s useful to know the cost of all the materials and services that you are going to use.

2. Floor Planning

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It’s cost-friendly to keep using the existing plumbing for the new bathroom’s fixtures. However, if you have any outdated plumbing or wiring, we suggest you replace them with the new ones to avoid future problems. Replacing them could also benefit you in remodeling since you don’t have to follow the same footprint to create the bathroom layout.

If you decide to keep using the same footprint, don’t worry. You can still make some improvements to refresh the vibe and make the room more spacious. Adding a pedestal sink and a big mirror in the room can give the impression that the bathroom is a little bigger. Doing this kind of thing can trick the eye and make the bathroom visually larger.

3. Lighting Design

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Installing sufficient lighting in the bathroom is essential, especially in the sink area with the mirror in it. For instance, a well-designed vanity lighting can eliminate shadows on faces and make your reflection in the mirror clearer. Adding an LED recessed light can also benefit you if you want dimmer lighting for some reason.

As for the bathroom, it’s vital to use overhead lighting. Combining it with the frosted glass and a sunken track lighting can give a unique vibe in the room. However, if you also want to create a soft ambient glow, you can add a pendant lighting in the room. Using a pendant lighting can scatter the light beautifully. ( Bathroom Lighting)

4.  Bathroom Ventilation

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A lot of homeowners don’t take the ventilation matter seriously. Proper bathroom ventilation is crucial to keep the air in the room from being stale. Moreover, it can maintain the bathroom in good condition for years to come by preventing mold and mildew buildup.

There are some options that you can choose. Firstly, you can install a fan and timer. The fan can ensure the indoor air quality and the timer allows you to use the fan efficiently; Secondly, keep the shower panels from going floor to ceiling to allow more air circulation; Thirdly, installing a transom above the door can dry the room every time you close the door and draw the air out of the shower; Lastly, if it’s still possible with your budget, you can install a heating system under the bathroom floor to keep it dry after you take showers.

5. Think about the trend

It’s good to have a durable bathroom, but having a bathroom design that can survive the test of time but also remain trendy is the best thing. Therefore, it’s crucial to think about the value of the house in the future. For example, having a modern-looking interior in the house, including the bathroom, can benefit you if you wish to sell the property in the future. Since most people tend to avoid buying homes that look outdated, the homes with a trendy design will always sell fast.

Although you need to consider the bathroom design trend, you should prioritize your preferences. The thing that matters most in remodeling is your satisfaction. The bathroom remodel is a success when you are satisfied and feel comfortable with the result.

How much bathroom remodel cost ?

Did you know that remodeling a bathroom is an investment?. It’s adding good value if you want to sell your host in the future. But how much bathroom remodel cost?. Well, many factors can affect the price. Furthermore, a labor wage can spend 50% of the money on your total project. It can be much higher based on your location. Many other things you should concern before talking about cost. Even though those things haunt you, get your real cost using bathroom cost Calculator.

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Bathroom Remodel Pictures Before and After

bathroom makeovers on a budget

After knowing the basics of remodeling your bathroom, now you need some design alternatives. There is a broad range of bathroom remodel pictures that you can choose. To help you, we gathered some of our choices below for you to pick.

1. Small Bathroom Remodel With Tub

home depot bathroom remodeling
Photo By Virtus Design

This bathroom remodel before and after pictures changes the yellow tinted lighting with the white tinted one. The new lighting, combined with the large mirror on top of the sink makes the bathroom feel wider. Moreover, the vanity light helps to see reflections more clearly. Lastly, the glass panel separates the bathing area from the rest of the bathroom to keep the water from splashing all over the place.

2. Partial Bathroom Remodel

small bath remodeling ideas pictures
Photo By Good Life New England

Some people prefer a quick shower over a bath, so they tend to choose to have a partial bathroom. This partial bathroom remodel uses hexagonal mosaic tiles in the shower area to create a modern vibe. Furthermore, the use of bezel-less mirror and the grey splash granite material for the sink mix well with the shower area.

3. Modern Bathroom Design

small bath remodeling ideas pictures
Photo By Elsmore Plumbing LLC

A large room might be needed to pull this design off. Two mirrors and a bunch of cabinets allow more than one person to use the bathroom. The new lightings and the vanity lights make the room brighter and elegant. Lastly, the freestanding tub makes the room look modern and gorgeous.

4. Small Bathroom Designs With Shower

hgtv bathrooms design ideas
Photo By Frank E. Page Remodeling, Painting, and Decorating

The old design of this bathroom seems very narrow. The remodel fixes that by removing unnecessary fixtures and replacing the rest. The new freestanding sink and the bezel-less mirror give the room a modern vibe. In addition to that, removing the tub and replacing the shower curtains with glass panels make the room feel a lot more spacious. (Best Shower in 2020)

5. Master Bathroom Remodel 

half bath remodeling ideas pictures
Photo By Hammer Contractors

This bathroom remodel before and after photos refreshes the vibe by firstly changing the wall paint with bright color. After that, more lighting is added to illuminate the room better. Lastly, the old bathtub is replaced to a more luxurious-looking one to blend well with the rest of the room.

6. Half Bathroom Ideas

simple bathroom decorating ideas pictures
Photo By Minnesota Cabinets – Des Moines Showroom

This half bathroom design sets white as the main tone of the room. The color makes the room appear larger and brighter without adding too much lighting. To make it more unique, the remodel adds wood accents in some parts of the room to create a natural vibe. This design can be a solution for people who are looking for bathroom remodel ideas on a budget since the original model is not hugely changed.

7.Modern Bathroom Vanities

simple bathroom decorating ideas pictures
Photo By Golden Rule Builders

Some people love luxurious designs such as this one. This bathroom design combines dark colors with the gold-tone from the lighting to create a gorgeous and modern look. It recreates the atmosphere that we usually found in a five-star hotel’s bathroom. The lights are scattered evenly to illuminate the room better and keep the room elegant.

8. Master Bathroom Shower

cheap bathroom decorations
Photo By Beautiful Remodel llc

This master bathroom remodel before and after uses different tile colors for the wall to create exotic vibes. Separating the bathtub and the shower area allows more people to use the room. The lightings are spread to the walls to enhance the elegance. Lastly, the big mirror with a frame that has the same color as the cabinets blends well with the atmosphere.

9. Bathroom Tile Trends

simple bathroom makeover ideas

The new design of this bathroom renews the look by replacing the basic white tiles with more luxurious-looking tiles. Furthermore, it changes the sink and cabinets to match the bathing area. Also, the oval mirror replaces the wall-sized mirror. The remodel finishes the design by adding some decorating plants. Since the original design doesn’t change much, this redesign will be an excellent option for people who are looking for simple bathroom designs.

10. Sammamish Master Bathroom

bathrooms on a budget
Photo By Design Harmony

This bathtub and shower remodel adopts beach house style to refresh the vibe. The brightness from the wall color, the lighting, and the big windows mixes well with the dark brown tones in a few parts of the room. For more practical use, this bathroom design separates the shower and the tub. Even though there is no shower curtain, the glass panel prevents the water from spreading all over the room.

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11. Mid Century Bathroom

remodel bathroom
Photo By Michelle Lord Interiors

This mid-century bathroom redesign refreshes the vibe without removing originality of the previous design. It keeps the wood accents on the cabinets and blends it with the modern touch of the new design. The wall-sized mirror doubles the room size visually and enhances the glamorous feel of the bathroom.

12. Valley Glen Remodel

cheap bathrooms
Photo By Spazio LA

The remodel adds a wall-sized mirror to the room to make it feel twice the size. Moreover, the remodel also introduces tropical vibes by adding blue mosaic tiles decoration in the shower area. To achieve minimalism, it uses mostly white paint for the rest of the room. The white tone also brightens the room without the need to add much lighting.

13. Modern Bathroom Remodel

remodel bathrooms
Photo By Seifert Woodcrafts, Inc.

The old design of this bathroom feels narrow and dark. The new design solves the problems by adding a mirror cabinet with a few vanity lights and extra lighting here and there. Furthermore, it changes the frosted glass panel of the bathtub with the clear one. It also refreshes the vibe by changing the wall tiles with the new ones and replaces the countertop to match it.

14. Rustic Bathroom Remodel

affordable bathroom remodeling
Photo By USI Design & Remodeling

This remodel is the best choice for people who love rustic and traditional design. It successfully pulls off the rustic vibe by using the dark brown color palette for the room. Also, the black granite countertop, wall sconces, and splashed green tiles on the wall finish the look.

15. Small Space Bathroom Remodel

bathroom on a budget
Photo By Seldin Design Studios

Clear glass panels are the best option for the small-sized bathroom such as this one. The visual illusion is often used in a small bathroom remodel. In this example, the continuous white bricks pattern on the wall and the flowery pattern on the floor enhance the room to look a bit more spacious. Lastly, the calming black and white color palette for the bathroom is an excellent choice for people who adore minimalism.

16. Master Bathroom with Bathtub

remodeling bathroom ideas
Photo By mary schalk design

The previous design of this bathroom looks very dim and doesn’t manage the large space very well. With a few more white-toned lightings, the remodel makes the bathroom fresher. Furthermore, it replaces the built-in jacuzzi with a freestanding tub to free some space. Other decorations such as a chandelier, wall sconces, and the double vanities also help the room to look more elegant.

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17. BriarPark Master Bath remodel-After photos

bath makeover
Photo By Ashwood Designs and Custom Homes

This master bathroom remodel uses a stone wall to separate the shower area. It blends well with the beige tiles on the floor and the soft cream color of the walls. The large window on the side allows the natural light to illuminate the bathroom better. Moreover, the dark wood cabinets with the marble countertop complete the glamorous vibe.

18. White Bright

From a narrow space to a broad view, that is amazing. White color blends very well with the atmosphere. Removing the old curtain and changing it with the glass for the shower brings a modern vibe. Furthermore, installing open shelves helps the owner to organize their stuffs. This bathroom remodel with white tiles looks modern and clean.


To conclude, remodeling your bathroom can make you love your home even more than before. You will find it more comfortable and it will indirectly increase your happiness in life. Although we provided quite a lot of tips and recommendations, you may need to experiment with some ideas to get the ideal bathroom design that is unique to your preferences.

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