A Complete Guide on How to Hang Wall Art

You may have the best interior design, styles, and more knowledge. But, when it comes to executing wall art, just picking one is not enough. You must align it according to the space to bring the best out of them. Layering walls is the final step to achieving a finished look for any room. So, here is a complete guide to how to hang wall art. Let’s have a look!

Step 1: Decide the Place

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One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is buying wall art before deciding on a place. Please look at the wall of your room and determine where it goes the best. Some of the best walls can be:

  • A large living room wall
  • A wall above a piece of furniture like a couch, console, fireplace, or bed
  • A staircase wall
  • The wall opposite the dining area.
  • Hallway or entryway wall
  • Or any long or a wall in the corner

Step 2: Ratio is Important

Yes, the ratio is very important while mounting your perfect wall art. Visualize a rich native American wall painting having all the warm colors on a large blank living wall. The ratio is such that it’s not too big or small for the wall. Such a setup will bring a focal point, layering, texture, and character to the space. So, some of the rules to mount wall arts are:

  • Always pick wall art that covers sixty to seventy-five percent of a large blank wall.
  • While mounting any wall decor piece over furniture, always go for the piece which covers one-third to two-thirds of the furniture.

Step 3: Follow the 57 Inch Rule

Always and always ensure eye-level placement for any wall art. This brings balance and makes viewing very effortless. So, one thumb rule is to hang wall decor such that its center is 57 inches above the ground. It can also vary from 57 inches to 60 inches. This brings consistency in various wall arts and looks awesome.

Also, while hanging wall decor on the staircase wall, you can hang it 130 cm above the step on which it is. Surely, it will give a good view. On the other hand, for mounting wall art above any piece of furniture, leave an eight to ten-inch gap between the top of the furniture and the bottom of the wall art. It can vary according to the size of the wall decor.

Note: While hanging wall art in the dining area, the eye level lowers while sitting. So, hang them a little lower.

How to Arrange Multiple Wall Arts

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Here’s the tricky part: how to hang multiple wall arts? Well, it all depends on what feels good to you. However, you can achieve the perfect layout with some tricks discussed here. Some of the best rules to follow are:

Ensure Even Spacing

No matter if you’re creating a grid with numerous wall arts or a gigantic wall gallery. The trick is to ensure even spacing. For example, you can leave one to three inches of space between small to medium wall art and increase it with the size of wall art. Proper spacing creates boundaries and gives a very polished finish to the wall. 

Create an Imaginary Center

You can create an imaginary center by placing wall art with its center at 57 inches. Now, place other wall art just below or above this center. It will create a perfect high-low wall display which is quite a sensation these days.

Balance Multiple Wall Arts

One amazing hack to balance the wall art gallery is to balance the multiple pieces. So, place the heavy or large wall art at the bottom left, and then arrange medium ones at the center. Finally, hang light and small wall art in the top left corner. This creates an amazing harmonizing balance that looks very stable and pretty.

Note: Before arranging various wall art on the wall, arrange them on the floor to see how they will look.

How to Hang Wall Arts?

For easy installation, many wall arts come with sawtooth hangers, adhesives, and other things. So, first of all, go through the instructions for easy installation. Also, look for the nature of your wall, as you don’t want to spoil the wall in this process. Some of the easiest ways to hang wall arts are:


Paddling The Wounded British Officer 1897 Wall Art
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You can safely drill holes with a home driller and fix anchors in the wall. Now, place the nail and hang your wall art on it. Also, you can suspend thread anchors and hang large wall art to provide extra stability and a perfect level.

Adhesive Tapes

There are very handy adhesive tapes for light to medium wall art which effortlessly stick the wall art on the wall. You must mark the position with a pencil to ensure a perfect placement with proper spacing, height, and level.

Try Hooks

Wall hooks having strong adhesive quality can stick to the wall and hold light to medium wall art. They look good and are very easy to install. However, whatever method you pick must withstand the weight of the respective wall art and suit it. There are plenty of options like this, which is quite trending.

Things to Avoid:

Here are some things to avoid while performing the wall art hanging:

  • Never turn your art where there is direct sunlight; it can lower the quality over time.
  • Also, check if placement in too humid conditions is good for your wall arts or not?
  • Always ensure gentle cleaning with a clean, soft cloth.
  • Never use any chemical on your wall art
  • While relocating your walls, pack them in cushioned newspapers for safe transfer.

Wrapping Up

Executing wall art is necessary, and the result is amazing. Wall decor available in canvas, paintings, upholstery, art decor, etc., are versatile and changes the vibe of any place. So, follow all the steps, from deciding on the wall to picking up wall art to hanging it for a perfect wall. The results will amaze you, and this quick smart revamp will make your space more inviting and happening. 

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