The Most Popular Suburbs To Move To In Sydney 

The Greater Sydney area is lush with its broad array of beautiful suburbs. Based on the categories specified under The Urban Living Index, we have listed the best suburbs Sydney has to offer. So keep reading this article if you’re looking to invest in a suburb or move into one!

Inner West Suburbs

Inner West Sydney
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As the name suggests, the Inner West area lies in the west of Sydney’s central business district , with quick access to the city — a feature that attracts people to its suburbs. Rail lines and various buses run between the city and Inner West, allowing for easy commutes. 

Popular suburbs in the Inner West include Surry Hills, Marrickville, Newtown, Camperdown, and Darlington. 

In addition, Inner West has several major bays that create scenic views with waterfront restaurants. These areas are known for their water sports, bicycle rides, and walks. Plus, cycling tracks (Bay Run and Homebush Bay Circuit) and several parks (e.g., Glebe Foreshore, Ballast Point) allow for peaceful and relaxing excursions in the vicinity. 

Inner West’s housing still retains its Victorian-era architecture in the inner suburbs. Victorian two-story terraced houses and grand houses still exist but may not be available for residential use. Instead, you’ll have to settle in medium- to high-rise apartments found in major stations. 

The area has dedicated eat streets (e.g., Balmain, Burwood) and restaurants that offer a wide range of food from various cultures. Shopping malls and markets allow easy access to essentials and groceries. You also have bookstores that offer hard-to-find titles and theatres that are a delight for literary enthusiasts.

Finally, The University of Sydney, located on the boundary between Inner West and central Sydney, is a place worth visiting for sightseeing, if not for educational purposes. 

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Eastern Suburbs

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If you like beaches and coasts, then the eastern suburbs are worth your consideration. They are in close proximity to the city and offer good employment opportunities. 

Eastern suburbs that are popular and offer good livability include Double Bay, Bellevue, Bondi, and Tamarama. 

The beaches of the eastern suburbs are lined with restaurants, cafes, and bars. Historical sites (e.g., Bronte House, Historic Waverly Cemetery) add to the area’s charm. And parks like the Centennial and Moore parks allow for cycling and serene, picturesque picnic spots. In addition, restaurants, markets, and shopping malls make grocery shopping easy. Plus, you also have a variety of good hospitals in the vicinity, which makes this area especially livable. 

Just like the Inner West suburbs, housing in the east consists of apartments and Victorian-era terraces. 

The only downside to this area is the limitation of public transport to only buses, and it may take a person multiple trips to understand the routes.  

Southwest Suburbs 

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The southwestern suburbs should be on your list if affordability is an important factor in deciding on your new home. They include Liverpool and Camden. 

Accommodation is cheaper compared to other suburbs, and the houses are spacious, making this area ideal for large families. Plus, local infrastructure has improved over the past years. 

Unlike other regions with popular suburbs, the southwestern suburbs are not included in the list of top 20 suburbs of Sydney. However, it’s a good area to consider for affordable living, with Kareela and Bardwell Par being some of the more livable suburbs.

West Suburbs 

Multiculturalism and diverse language are among the highlights of Greater Western Sydney’s western suburbs. Western Sydney University — ranked in the top 300 in the world — is another distinguishing feature.

In addition, the Parramatta and Rosehill western suburbs are among the top 20 suburbs based on Urban Living Index’s list.

Housing is affordable here with a transport system that is improving. There are several notable landmarks, too, such as the Raging Waters Sydney, Auburn Botanic Garden, and Sydney Motorsport Park. 

When it comes to education, TAFE NSW campuses and the Western Sydney University make Greater Western Sydney a well-known hotspot for education. Job opportunities have also improved owing to self-sustaining economies in the region.   

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Northern Suburbs 

North Sydney is located a small distance north of Sydney Harbour. The Northern Beaches and Northshore are favorites for some buyers looking to move to the suburbs. 

Popular suburbs in this region include Crows Nest and Waverton, which are at the top of the Urban Living Index’s list. North Sydney and Lavender Bay also find themselves on the liveability list. 

Beautiful parks (e.g. Luna Park), restaurants that serve various cultural cuisines, and pubs are important attractions for buyers moving to the area. Public transport is well-built with two railway lines, the Sydney Metro that touches Northern Sydney, and several bus routes. 

You’ll also find landmarks such as The Sydney Harbour Bridge, Palm Beach, and Macquarie Centre in the region.

Housing is variable in the Northern Suburbs, ranging from admirable mansions to waterfront houses and residential apartments.  

Let’s Wrap It Up! 

The Sydney real estate market is large, and choosing the perfect suburb to live in can be daunting. However, this guide will hopefully make your search a little easier by introducing you to some of the best suburbs in Sydney. 

There are many other livable suburbs not mentioned here. Do your own research to find the suburb that suits your lifestyle and budget.

If you’re still not sure which suburb to choose, get in touch with a buyer’s agent. They have the expertise and knowledge of the market to help you find your dream home. 

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