How to Fix Broken Wooden Bed Frame?

A wooden bed frame is a sophisticated and long-lasting pick for your bedroom. But imagine waking up at midnight after hearing a loud crack only to find out the bed is broken. You would certainly feel devastated. And your instinct might tell you to get a new one as soon as possible.

But it would be best if you did not immediately buy a new bed frame. Fixing a broken wooden bed frame is not so difficult as it seems. Yes, your bed frame can crack, split, or have a bad joint. So, if you want to know how to fix any of those issues easily, you’re at the right place.

2 Simple Methods to Fix a Broken Wooden Bed Frame

can you fix a broken bed frame
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The disadvantage of a wooden bed frame is that it is susceptible to cracking. Among the structural materials found in most commercially obtainable beds is of inferior quality, resulting in a lot of fracturing and splitting. poor quality, cracks and splits are common. So today we give you some advice to fix broken wooden bed.

It has also become quite common to immediately buy a new bed frame if the old one is slightly broken. That’s a massive waste of money. Repairing what’s broken can be very simple. So, here are two options for repairing the fissures.

Method 1: Fixing the Cracks and Splits

If the bed frame lacks appropriate support, cracks and splits occur. Typically, the split occurs along horizontal grain planes on either side of the frame or at either end. Glue, clamps, and scrap wood will help you fix it.

Step 1: Open the crack

Pry the crack open slightly with a screwdriver inserted from the frame’s interior. With a utility knife, remove any splinters or chips that appear.

Step 2: Add glue

Inject glue along the length of the split using the glue bottle. Smear the glue within the gap using the narrow blade of a putty knife.

Step 3: Add clamps

Tighten bar hooks across the frame until glue flows out the crack’s length. Another option is to use C-clamps, although they lack the strength of a bar clamp. Overnight, leave the clamps on the frame.

Step 4: Joint reinforcement

On the inside, add 6 inches to the length of the split. Determine the frame’s width. Cut a length of 1/2-inch plywood to the measurements using a table saw or blade saw (nearly any scrap wood would suffice).

Step 5: Drill holes

Use a 3/16-inch bit and drill to pre-drill the scrap piece. Keep a 2 inches spacing in between the holes. The screw holes should be staggered so that they don’t line up.

Step 6: Glue and screw

Finally, cover one side of the excess plywood with an even layer of wood glue. It should be placed on the inside, over the split. Pilot holes in the plywood and drive 1-inch nails through it. Before you use the bed, let the frame dry overnight.

Method 2: Fixing the Bad Joints

Mortise and tenon joints, which are commonly found on antique beds, can loosen. They are occasionally reinforced with steel bars, or the frame may have been fitted with brackets when it was new.

Follow these five steps to fix bad joints on a wooden bed frame.

Step 1: Remove the brackets

At first, unscrew the metal hooks to the frame with a drill or driver. On the inside of the frame, you will notice folded metal sheets and 90-degree metal pieces on each side. Brackets are usually screwed on over the tenon and mortise joints.

Step 2: Disassemble and clean the area

Mortise and tenon joints consist of a square block fitted into one piece and a slot on the opposite piece. Using a rubber mallet, tap them apart if they’re loose. Using a chisel, scrape away any dried glue. Don’t disassemble them if they’re not loose.

Step 3: Add wood tape

Measure the tenon at this point. Cut two layers of wood tape using scissors. To give the extra tenon width, glue the wood tape to it. Use both pieces of the tape, one on each side of the tenon.

Step 4: Glue and reassemble

Use a sufficient amount of adhesive to fill the gap. Reassemble the frame, pounding it back together if necessary with the rubber mallet.

Step 5: Reinstall the brackets

Reposition the brackets so that the old screws’ holes don’t line up with the brackets’ current holes. The original screws should be used to secure the brackets. Use replacement bolts of the same size if they’re stripped.


Wooden bed frames can get ruined differently throughout their lifetime. These bed frames provide the rooms with the most sophisticated and antique outlook. So, they can be expensive as well.

You certainly would not want to buy a new one whenever there is a crack or broken area on your wooden bed frame. Knowing how to Fix Broken Wooden Bed frame can save you a lot of money.

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