Essential Features of an Efficient Laundry Room

an Efficient Laundry Room In the past, people used to take laundry rooms for granted. That is why they were always positioned in brick-covered and cluttered basements. There was always that tiny space in our basements explicitly reserved for a laundry room. And in that crammed area, we would place only our washer and dryer, nothing else. That is why doing laundry was so tedious and annoying. Luckily, things are changing! And, they are changing in laundry’s favor! Now, these dingy and depressing spaces are transforming into something more elaborate and pleasant. And it’s thanks to some of the essential features of an efficient laundry room. 

So, if you do not have a proper laundry room in your new (or old) home, put it on your home renovation checklist. But, do not settle for something ‘ordinary.’ If your laundry rooms look boring, doing laundry will be more than tiresome. Thus, do yourself a favor and think outside of the box! Do your best to make this room not only purposeful but also aesthetically pleasing. Trust us; you will start looking forward to washing and folding your laundry. And, do not worry – we are here to help you make this come true by sharing with you some of the features of an efficient laundry room.

Location, Location, Location 

Whether it is your home, bedroom, or laundry room, the location was, is, and will always be the most crucial feature. In other words, location can make or break not only your laundry room but also your experience in it. Thus, be sure to find an ideal place for it. Of course, we know that this is easier said than done, so let us offer you some suggestions.

If you have small children and hate noises coming from the washers and dryers, put your laundry room somewhere in the basement. Just make sure your basement is in good condition for that – use a DIY basement inspection checklist to help you do this. However, if you do not want to drag that laundry up and down the stairs every day, find an area on your main floor (preferably close to your closet) that would be suitable for installing a laundry room. But, keep it far from your bedrooms – noises coming from the laundry room can be annoying.

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You should do laundry where it is most convenient for you.

Consider Adding a Laundry Chute

One of the best things you can do for yourself (and your home) is to add a laundry chute. No, this is not a luxury – although movies make us think it is. It is a necessity in all modern homes. A laundry chute will make taking a heavy basket with dirty clothes to your laundry room a distant memory. And it will make everything neat, organized, and clean.

It would be best to install a laundry chute to go from your closet to your basement. This way, you will get the best of both worlds – you will not be bothered by the noises, and you will not have to carry laundry up and down the stairs several times a day. Thus, be sure to consider this the next time you decide to do a basement remodel

Another benefit of having a laundry chute is not having to deal with dirty laundry everywhere (as well as with its smells). By installing this tube into your walls, you will make your life so much easier and more organized, and you will make your home a lot more expensive. Also, nobody will know your secret – hide the chute’s opening with a mirror, for instance.

Custom Cabinets Are a Must 

Laundry rooms are not only rooms for washing dirty clothes, no. They are rooms where we keep those dirty clothes, wash them, fold them, etc. Moreover, they are rooms where we keep our washing and cleaning supplies. So, because of all this, those same laundry rooms look disorganized, clutterd, etc. And, that is why we dread going in there. But, why do this to yourself when there is an easy (and a cheap) solution? By adding custom shelves in your laundry room, you will gain a lot more space – space you can use for pretty much anything. 

The best part about adding custom shelves into your laundry room is that you can put them above your washing and drying machines, next to them, etc. You can go horizontal as well as vertical. This will give you plenty of space to keep your dirty and clean clothes there, to keep your washing supplies, and to keep pretty much anything there. 

But, let us warn you – do not buy those ready-made cabinets that you can move around. These are never stable, and they never last for more than a year. Hiring a carpenter and having your custom shelves built professionally is much better.

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Get yourself some shelves to hide the washing and cleaning supplies. Storage solutions are one of the critical features of an efficient laundry room

Counters Are Always a Good Idea 

And, while your carpenter is there, ask about getting a custom-made counter. This will add a ton of space and elevate the look of your laundry room. If you have enough space to work with, it would be nice to create an island in the middle of your laundry room. You can use this area to fold your laundry, separate it, store, clean, wash items, or anything you think of. However, if you do not have that much space in your laundry room, do not worry; counters can be placed next to the wall as well, for instance.

If your washers and dryers are front-loading machines, top them with one long counter. This will give you so much storage space and a working area that you wouldn’t know what to do with it. When you add both these counters and the previously mentioned shelves into your laundry room, you can even use it as a closet, pantry, or storage area for anything you need.

You Will Need Water-Resistant Flooring 

Start with flooring if you want to start from scratch and create a perfect laundry room for you and your family. You can’t use just any type of flooring for this. For instance, carpets are a big no-no. After collecting water from the washing and drying machines and possible dirt from filthy items everywhere, carpets will get stains that will be impossible to clean and smells that will be impossible to remove. Moreover, wooden floors may get damaged by water as well. They may get moldy, which will look not only awful but also be hazardous.

Thus, when it comes to laundry rooms, use the type of flooring you would use in your kitchens and your bathrooms. These are dump (and sometimes even wet) areas within your home, so be sure to use water-resistant flooring that is not susceptible to water damage. For instance, use tiles made of ceramic, porcelain, or marble. You can find these tiles in any shape, color, and quality you like. It all depends on your budget, style, and preference. 

However, keep in mind that doing this will require removing everything from your laundry until ceramists finish. This may take a week or two, so arrange for a space to put machines and other laundry knick-knacks. If you have some empty place in your home, great! If you do not, then consider renting storage. Storage can make everything easier, especially during home renovations. 

Tiles are a must in laundry rooms.
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How About a Sink? 

Last but certainly not least essential feature of an efficient laundry room is a sink. This is a game-changer, according to everybody who has already placed a sink into their laundry room. Just think about how often you have gone to your bathroom or kitchen to fill washing bowls with water. When dirty clothes are at stake, washing bowls can be as important as washing machines. We need them to pre-soak, tackle dirty stains before washing them, etc. 

Thus, if your budget allows it, consider this laundry room remodel. You will love it! The best place to put it is on your island counter or side counters. This way, you can easily maneuver around. But, be careful which sink you are buying. Small and shallow sinks can do more harm than good. The water will spill everywhere, and you will not be able to do anything. Instead, go for an apron or farmhouse-style sinks – these are a lot more spacious. 

It’s always best to make your laundry room convenient for you. Think about your needs and preferences. And, most importantly, think about your budget. Yes, creating or renovating a laundry room can be expensive and time-consuming, but implementing all the essential features of an efficient laundry room will be well worth it. When you have the laundry room of your dreams, doing laundry will be easy-peasy. 

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