Half Bathroom Remodel in 2022 (20+ Amazing Ideas and Galleries)

Half Bathroom Remodel– A home without a bathroom might be the hardest thing for most people. It is like an emergency room which is become one of the essential parts in a house. Whether for a private room or guest, both need the same attention. 

Commonly, a complete bathroom has ample space and contains four key fixtures. It includes a toilet, sink, shower, and bathtub. On the other hand, there is a smaller bathroom that only consists of a toilet and sink or also known as a half bathroom. 

Remodeling a half bathroom takes a lot of things to consider, including ideas, budget, and decorating models. Although the room is small, it is essential to make it comfortable to use since this bathroom often uses by the guests during their visit. Therefore, if you plan to remodel yours, don’t forget to get more information before you starting to renovate it.

What Is a Half Bathroom?

A half bathroom design ideas also popular with other names, such as a powder room or guest bath. Generally, this type of bathroom is small and doesn’t have a bathing service. While other bathroom type consists of four components, this one only has two. Usually, it only includes two fixtures, such as a toilet and sink. Its location often located on the main bathroom floor where the guests can reach it easily without running upstairs to find a full bathroom.

How much half bathroom remodel cost?

Before remodeling your own bathroom, you might be concerned about how much money you will spend on this project. The price might vary depending on some aspect, let say the size of the bathroom, labor cost, material cost & floor plan. Make sure you make a list of things you want to change, so it helps you later. To make it simple, we recommend to use bathroom cost Calculator and get your real cost.

Half Bathroom Remodel Ideas 

Some of us might feel bored with the old bathroom design that we have in our house. It makes us decide to change it with a new design. Transforming your old bathroom into a new one needs a lot of design ideas. Thus, if you are looking for inspirations, take a look at this small half bathroom remodel ideas below.

1. Half Bathroom Remodel: Beach Style Bathroom

Photo By Obvious Flair Interior Design

Applying a beach style can make a bathroom looks less tedious. There are so many ocean-inspired fixture and decoration filling the room, including the sink and wallpaper. Moreover, the choice of color is perfect, and it makes the room looks calmer.


2. Half Bathroom Remodel: Rustic Half Bath

Photo By S+H Asociados

Rustic style is excellent for the bathroom too. Its warm look and beautiful detail won’t disappoint the owner. By adding a stone accent on the wall and dim lightings, you will feel comfort and homey atmosphere in one room. Also, the whole design will distract us from the room’s small size.

3. Half Bathroom Remodel : Contemporary Bathroom Design

Three dimension wall, dark toilet, and sink are enough representing a contemporary look in this bathroom. There is also a little wood accent applied to some part of the rooms. Moreover, the addition of a large mirror and additional lightings help to create a more extensive look of this small space. In brief, this tiny half bathroom ideas is entirely suitable for those who love contemporary style.


4. Elegant and Luxury

Photo By JSE Interior Design


Having lots of lights and the dominant white color will make the room looks brighter. You can try to apply a white toilet and sink to make the bathroom looks elegant. In addition to the wall and floor, it is excellent to add some accents for creating an artistic look. Additionally, you can also install some gold accents on faucet and vanity for a luxurious touch.

5. Blue and White Combination

Photo By TreHus Architects+Interior Designers+Builders

A tiny bathroom won’t matter anymore if you can handle it with an excellent color combination. Here, we have a mix of blue and white on the wall. It will distract the fact that the room looks narrow and makes it looks fresh and enjoyable instead.


6. Half Bathroom Remodel: Classic Touch

Photo By Dual Concept Design

Here we found another white bathroom with a classical touch. Besides the white wall and furniture, the amount of lights helps to make the room look brighter. A classic look also applied on the wall theme and fixture, such as on a faucet and tissue holder.

7. Simple and Clean Bathroom

Photo By The Site Foreman

A contemporary room often appears to have a simple design, just like this bathroom. It only has a few fixtures including a toilet, mirror, towel hanger, tissue holder, faucet, and a floating desk with sink. Moreover, the bathroom only paints with white, which makes the lights absorbs well with the color so that the room looks brighter and cleaner.

8. Half Bathroom Remodel: Dots Wallpaper

Photo By Студия Антона Базалийского

Adding some accents on the bathroom wall will create an exquisite and unique look. Instead of only relying on the dominant white and stainless fixture, we can also add a little accent, for example, by applying dots wallpapers. Furthermore, it helps to make the room looks less tedious.

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