Bathroom Vanities for Every Style and Space    

When designing bathrooms, you want to make the room as convenient and functional as possible. Since most bathrooms typically have small spaces, the cabinets or drawers under the sink are the only places where you can store bath products like shampoo bottles, soap, and toothpaste.   

Although installing insulated wall access doors is an excellent idea for more storage spaces, vanity tables will provide a more comfortable spot for storing items and securing a great sink. Many bathroom vanities have classy features to create elaborate looks.   

Types of Bathroom Vanities  

Creating quality and aesthetic bathroom vanity requires researching different inspirations and knowing what material to install. It would help if you chose a traditional or a freestanding and fully functional vanity. Whichever vanity style you want, it needs proper materials to stay sturdy and long-lasting.   

If you are searching for creative and practical ways to improve the design of your bathroom while maintaining functionality, here are the various types of vanities that you can install for your vanity space.  

1. Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanities   

Wall-mounted vanities allow installation directly into the wall and do not feature storage or cabinetry that runs to the floor. This light vanity style is a favorite for designers because it decreases visual clutter, provides storage, and makes a space look larger.   

It is also remarkably versatile and offers a wall-mounted vanity to match every interior style. Despite the variation, every homeowner’s favorite designs are the minimalist-modern floating vanity and the eye-catching, industrial design with unique exposed plumbing.    

2. Free Standing Bathroom Vanities   

Freestanding vanities don’t rely on both the walls and the floors. Professionals designed this vanity to imitate a piece of standalone furniture with built-in legs and enough storage space for toiletries, towels, hair products, and more because of its drawers and cabinet door storage.   

The freestanding style will be on top of your list whenever you want an easy makeover for your bathroom or to take advantage of its hard-to-reach storage space in a kids’ bathroom.   

3. Double Bathroom Vanities   

Double bathroom vanities are ideal for large bathrooms, especially if you have a large family. These fixtures are an industry favorite due to their dual sink design and vast counter space. Traditional double vanities measure up to 72 inches wide with a cabinet base, but space-saving floating options are available if you’re worried about your bathroom area.   

4. Corner Bathroom Vanities   

If you want to maximize the area in your bathroom or have small floor space, you need to purchase a corner bathroom vanity. You can easily install this vanity in the corners of the room to make way for another cabinetry or plumbing fixture.  

The corner vanity option creates a minimalistic, space-saving solution for powder rooms and pint-sized full baths. A great tip you can try adding to its style is by adding a mirror on each wall to create the illusion of an open book.  

5. Vessel Vanity   

Architects often use vessel vanities in fancy restaurants and elegant hotel lobbies since it uses a rising bowl around the sink area. Professionals install this by extending it out of the main body of the fixture and linking it to its separate faucet.   

There are storage spots in the lower area, like with anything else, but the sink fixtures on their own will add a fancier look. It is an elegant and beautiful choice for your bathroom, but it may take up a little space depending on what materials and design you plan to use.   

6. Narrow Depth Vanities  

Typical vanity depths are from 21 inches to 24 inches, but there are times when the walking space in a bathroom cannot accommodate the exact spatial requirements of a vanity. When a walkway must be more comprehensive or a narrow doorway limits how deep bathroom cabinetry can be, the limited depth vanity is your best option. It will require a specialty sink too. Typically, it needs to be less than 21 inches in total distance from the wall and may require a unique set of faucets or fixtures to meet your bathroom’s needs. You can try using wall-mounted faucets to save some space. 

7. Pedestal Sink Vanities 

This “anti-vanity” option features only the sink on a pedestal and often selects those with minimal bathroom floor space or those with a detailed design or style in mind. It is a very efficient and fashionable choice, but it offers none if you demand a lot of counter space or storage. However, it can be ideal when the style is old-fashioned, modern and clean, or practical. 

8. Framed Sink 

The framed sink, sometimes referred to as a rimmed sink, is installed on a vanity countertop. You can find this sink style like apartments for rent in Buffalo , less expensive newer homes, and older homes. Homeowners usually install these fixtures on plastic laminate countertops. 

These sinks drop into a countertop based on their name, and professionals often decorate this with a metal “frame.” The sink is a cast-iron or porcelain-enamel coating combined with a cast-iron or pressed-steel core (usually the latter). Professionals install the plumbing waste and supply lines in the vanity base. 

9. Drop-In Sink 

The drop-in sink is often called a self-rimming or surface-mounted sink, and professionals typically install this on a vanity countertop. This sink style is very common to older and newer construction and remodels alike. You can install these sinks into any countertop, including plastic laminate, stone, ceramic tile, or synthetic composite countertops. 

These sinks have a lip that is oversized to the hole and “drop-in” a countertop. Heavy, cast-iron sinks may be held in place by their weight, but lighter sinks usually have a clamping system that secures the sink to the countertop from underneath. This creates a self-trimming installation. 

The Bottomline  

You can check other vanity options, but these are the most common in residential and commercial properties. Ensure that the vanity table option you choose will provide enough storage space you need and, at the same time, match your bathroom’s interior design seamlessly.    

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