All About Led Mirrors That Every Buyer Must Know Before Installing

LED mirrors, also known as lighted mirrors, are best suited for places where people can make a quick stop and perfect their hair, outfit, or make-up like hallways, in vanities, dressing rooms, and bathrooms. 

Lighted mirrors exude simple and exquisite aesthetic when used in any space, be it residential or a commercial one. They are unique because lighted mirrors are made using the blend of LED lights that are energy-saving and wall mirrors that offer numerous benefits for your space.

Lighted mirrors can be installed in any interior space, and are obtainable in different sizes and shapes. Additionally, they can be installed on the wall horizontally or vertically.
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There are numerous reasons why you should install an LED mirror in your interior space; some of them are:

  • Saves Energy

Lighted mirrors, apart from offering you the benefits associated with mirrors, also provide lighting for your space. The illumination produced by lighted mirrors does not come with high energy consumption. The lights on LED mirrors use little energy, which means reduced energy consumption and ultimately lower energy bills for you. 

Besides the fact that lighted mirrors shave some points off your energy bill, they are also environment friendly. This is because they do not possess toxins present in other lighting types.

  • Quality Lighting

The light emitted by lighted mirrors is close to white light created by the sun as a result of their higher lumens combined with crisp temperatures. This makes lighted mirrors perfect options for grooming, shaving, and applying make-up.

The light produced by lighted mirrors makes the mirrors reflect colors that are substantially close to their true colors. It prevents yellowing, which is generally associated with lighting that has warm temperatures.

The lighted mirror design, where the LED light encircles the mirror prevents shadows on individuals when reflected in the mirrors. This improves the accuracy of actions performed in front of the lighted mirror.

  • Anti-Fog Attribute

Lighted mirrors can be made use of right after a hot shower, hot bath, or steaming hot bathroom sessions. Why? Lighted mirrors are produced with an anti-fog attribute. Lighted mirrors are manufactured with demisters built into them. So, with lighted mirrors, you do not need to wait for the mirror to defog or to start wiping down on the mirror surface to enable it for immediate use.

This also makes you time-efficient as you do not have to spend more time waiting in the your half bathroom before you can use the mirror for other grooming activities after a hot bath.

  • Aesthetics and Style

Lighted mirrors are elegant additions to any space. They exude sleekness, and they make your area look modern and trendy. Apart from the fact that lighted mirrors are stylish, they can also be used seamlessly in different décor styles to update an existing style and improve the design. 

  • Convenient storage cabinets

Lots of storage cabinets are accompanied by a frontal lighted mirror. These storage cabinets are used for storing vital medications, personal accessories, make-up, and much more. They make the stored items easily accessible, while at the same time serve as a safe storage option.


Lighted mirrors are available in the following models.

  • Backlit lighted mirrors

The backlit lighted mirror is a trendy lighted mirror. It is made with LED tubes installed at the mirror’s rear to produce efficient and subtle lighting. They are best for activities that require a sufficient amount of light like shaving, make-up application, hair styling, amongst others.

  • Infinity lighted mirrors

Infinity mirrors gained popularity and became a trend a few years ago. It is considered a great option by some, and some believe it impractical. Infinity lighted mirrors are produced with angled LED lights, which creates an artistic effect of a series of light without end. 

The effect infinity mirrors produce unique and add a modern and stylish look to your interior space. They may be good aesthetically due to the creative effect they bring to your interior space. However, functionally, the view reflected by the infinity lighted mirror is not as bright as what a standard or backlit mirror will reflect. 

  • Lighted shaving mirrors

Lighted shaving mirrors offer lighting, which may be fluorescent or LED combined with a shaving mirror. The lighted shaving mirrors usually come with a socket. This makes it easy for use with an electric shaver. 


LED mirrors are commonly used in bathrooms in the home. They update the look of your bathroom from an everyday one to one of class and style. They also serve as a good lighting source in the bathroom, especially at night. Bright lights may be harsh at night, but the light from lighted mirrors is warm, and they produce sufficient light needed for various activities.

The bedroom is also a perfect place to install a lighted mirror. It would be a perfect option for styling activities such as checking the hair, applying and touching up make-up, and perfecting the dressing in the bedroom. People do all these in their bedroom, and installing a lighted mirror in the bedroom means you can have enough light that reflects true colors to do them right.

Lighted mirrors are also used as decorative pieces in the office or study in the home. The office or study does not have to be a dull place with dim lighting. Lighted mirrors provide subtle but efficient light for your home office and study without making the space too bright.

Lighted mirrors are also perfect for dressing rooms. In homes where the dressing room is separate, or there is a walk-in closet, lighted mirrors provide the necessary lighting needed to choose the right outfits and dress up while also adding a creative and decorative effect to the closet or dressing room.


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