Bathroom Design Trends to Look Out For in 2023

Well, 2023 is almost here, and now is the right time to focus on making our home look better than ever for the upcoming year. It’s time to leave 2022 design trends behind and focus on what’s coming. And as far as we can tell, 2023 promises to be an inspiring and creative year, especially regarding bathroom design trends. Unfortunately, bathrooms sometimes tend to be overlooked when we talk about home design. And it’s time to change that because bathrooms are a vital room in the house. Our bathrooms are where we have the most privacy and can relax and be completely free. With some simple steps, you can make your bathroom one of the most stylish rooms in your house. And that will be our topic today. We will explore what exciting new bathroom design trends are coming in 2023 and how to implement them in your house.

Make a plan

Before we tell you the hottest bathroom design trends in 2023, we will give you a quick tip first. It would be best to make a detailed plan before redecorating your bathroom. Randomly adding new trendy pieces and changing things is not a good idea. Make a layout of the whole bathroom. Pick all the colors, materials, designs, and decorations. That way, you will have a clear picture of how your bathroom will look. And you will be able to decide if you like it or not. 

This approach is especially beneficial when relocating. When people finally get to their new home and unpack after a long-distance move, they usually start with the bathroom. And it’s much easier to unpack all the bathroom items and decorations when you know exactly where you want to put them and what look you are trying to achieve. Remember, planning and preparation are key.

List of the best bathroom design trends coming in 2023

We will share with you some of the hottest bathroom design trends you should expect in 2023:

  • No white tiles
  • Add an accent wall
  • More color
  • Nature elements
  • Interesting lighting fixtures
  • Colorful towels
Bathroom with white tile.
If you want a modern bathroom in 2023, go with a bold tile instead of plain white.

No more white tiles

Say goodbye to white bathroom tiles in the following year. That’s right, in 2023, white tiles will be on the outdated list. White has been used for bathroom design for many years, so it’s no wonder the time has finally come for a change. According to design experts, bathroom design in 2023 will be all about bold tiles. If done right, bold tiles can elevate your bathroom’s look. But the emphasis is on the “right” part. 

Because bold tiles can take your bathroom aesthetics to another level, but they can also be a complete disaster. White tiles may be a little boring, but they are quite a safe option. With bold tiles, you have to be careful about decorating the rest of the room. Bold tiles can easily clash with other colors and patterns, so be sure you have a thought-out plan before committing to this bathroom design trend.

An accent wall

Accent walls have often been done before, in living rooms and bedrooms, but not so much in bathrooms. Well, it looks like that’s going to change in 2023. The following year is making bathroom design a little bit riskier than before. Accent walls are one of the hottest new bathroom design trends. If you are new to design and don’t really know what an accent wall is, we will cover that too. 

Generally speaking, an accent wall is a single wall in a room somewhat different from the others. It can be a different color, pattern, or a different design. You can make the difference between the walls extreme or go a more subtle route. But it is not recommended to go wild with your accent walls if you have no experience with design. In that case, it’s better to hire a professional designer. When the difference is more subtle, it’s easier to make everything work together.

Add more color

When it comes to bathroom design trends in 2023, color takes the top spot. Gone are the days of white and beige bathrooms. It’s all about colors that pop. Colors give the bathroom more “personality” and make them more attractive. But as with everything a bit bold, this also needs to be done smartly and with care. Mixing too many colors is very rarely a good idea. Only very skilled people can take five colors and make it all work. In less experienced hands, it will look tacky. Pick three bright colors you want to use in your bathroom design, and let that guide you. Look for inspiration online if you don’t know which colors to pick.

A bathroom with wooden walls and a stone bathtub.
Natural elements will make your bathroom seem fresher and more relaxing

Natural elements

If you want a trendy bathroom in 2023, you should consider adding some nature-themed elements. Nature elements make a space feel more relaxing and inviting. And that’s precisely what you want your bathroom to be like. The key is finding ways to incorporate those elements into your bathroom. You can go a couple of different routes. 

For example, use wood for bathroom cabinets or floors. But remember that when you use wood in your bathroom, you need to make sure there is an excellent ventilation system. This stops mold and mildew from forming. You can also use stone for the bathtub or bathroom sink if you want natural elements. As a finishing touch, add some lovely green plants to make the space come alive and look fresh.

Interesting lighting fixtures

Another bathroom design trend that 2023 is bringing is interesting lighting fixtures. Nothing can affect the atmosphere in a bathroom like light can. Make lighting fixtures one of the central points of your bathroom. Play with different colors, designs, and shapes. You can use ceiling or wall lighting fixtures; the more peculiar the shape, the better. Flower-shaped wall lamps are also considered very trendy. But these lighting fixtures shouldn’t be just stylish but practical as well. Your bathroom should be bright and well-lit so you can use it easily. And don’t forget to light your vanity nicely, as that is something you use every day.

Colorful towels

This next trend is effortless and affordable and yet very effective. As we previously said, 2023 is all about color, and that includes towels as well. Yes, colorful towels are one of the new hottest bathroom design trends. No more white tiles and no more white towels. This is a perfect way to add a bit of color to your bathroom with minimal effort. 

Towels in bright colors and interesting prints can be just the right thing to elevate the whole look. Obviously, in this case, these towels would mostly have a decorative purpose. Keep the towels you will use in your bathroom cabinets and put the decorative ones on display. Try and find a towel with intriguing patterns and color mixes. The material is also essential. Get some cotton towels, as they will have a softer look.

Don’t overdo it

Now that you know what bathroom design trends you should expect in 2023, we have one more piece of advice to give you. And that is – Don’t overdo it! You might find yourself really liking all these trends, but that doesn’t mean you should put them all in your bathroom. It won’t make it look trendy. It will make it look like a circus. Following trends can be great, but it has to be done right. Cramming everything stylish in one room shows a lack of subtlety and taste. Pick a few things you would like to include in your bathroom design. Mixing an accent wall, colorful patterned tiles, and some attractive lighting fixtures would be way too much for one room. But, for example, an accent wall and some natural elements are a great combination.

A sign that says Less is more
When it comes to all these bathroom design trends, less really is more! Photo :

Hire professionals

If you have an idea about how you want your bathroom to look, but don’t really know how to execute it, consider hiring professional designers and decorators. Tell them exactly what you want and what new bathroom design trends you want to incorporate. Be clear and precise about your vision. If you can find pictures online that align with your vision of the bathroom, show them to the designers so they can get the idea of what it is you really want. It’s also important to set a budget, so the designers know what they are working with and the limitations.

In conclusion

As you can see, bathroom design trends in 2023 are all about being bold and colorful. The idea is that the bathroom should be a bright and relaxing place. Bathrooms can be as stylish and trendy as your living room or bedroom. But overall, they should still be practical. Finding the right balance between fashionable and functional is key. We hope this article was helpful to you and inspired you to add some new stylish changes to your bathroom!

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