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30+ Victorian Kitchen Design Ideas You Must See (Photo & Tips)

2. Black Victorian Kitchen

Photo by the houzz

Not only does this kitchen use a black color scheme to achieve a contemporary look, but it also adds a masculine vibe. Not to mention that it also has gold accents on the furniture that accentuate the Victorian look of the room.

3. Terrace House Victorian Kitchen

Photo by C. Reichert Interior Design

The walnut floor, matte black cabinets, and metallic appliances are excellent to complete this Victorian kitchen. They work well to achieve a modern look without neglecting the Victorian features and details.

4. Mid-century Victorian Kitchen

Photo by Meadowbank Designs

This kitchen perfectly blends Victorian elements into a mid-century design. It has wall and ceiling decoration, a pair of small chandeliers that accentuate its Victorian side. Apart from that, it also has plenty of mid-century modern features.

5. Clean and Seamless Victorian kitchen

Photo by 株式会社フロンヴィルホーム千葉

Without forgetting the essential details of Victorian design, this kitchen uses a white color scheme to obtain a clean, modern look. Moreover, the various materials used in it enhance the beauty even more.

6. Glamorous Victorian kitchen

Photo by 株式会社かっこ屋

The abundance of details in this kitchen makes it look exquisite. It applies the essential features of a Victorian design like drapes, aesthetic lightings, and recessed-panel cabinets.

7. Professional Victorian Kitchen

Photo by Luxe Home Expo

This design is about elegance and professionalism. The primary key to achieve such a look is the mix of white color palette, carved details, and gold accents.

8. Semi industrial Victorian Kitchen

Photo by

Many people love industrial design. Fortunately for them, this Victorian kitchen has some industrial design elements like exposed framing and a monotonic color scheme. 

9. Country Home Victorian Kitchen

Photo by Wade Weissmann Architecture

This kitchen adopts a classic English country home and improves it. Undoubtedly, well-crafted furniture and the other Victorian elements will enhance the beauty of a country home design.

10. Elegant Traditional Victorian Kitchen

Photo by Teoria Interiors

Although it adopts traditional design, this Victorian kitchen has been customized in such a way that it looks modern. The elements and furniture selection make this design look grand.

11.Custom Retro Victorian Kitchen

Photo by Habersham

The amount of detail in this custom Victorian kitchen makes it absolutely gorgeous. Furthermore, the gray-ish color scheme creates a friendly retro vibe in it.

12. Parisian Style Victorian Kitchen

Photo by Murphy & Co. Design

This Victorian kitchen design proves why Parisian architecture deserves all the praises. It perfectly utilizes color schemes and details to make an authentic modern adaptation.

13. Modern Farmhouse Victorian Kitchen

Photo by Chuck Morris Coastal Homes

This kitchen managed to upgrade the farmhouse style by adding victorian design elements to it. The combination delivers a very unique and refreshed look. 

14. Contempory Victorian Kitchen

Photo by

By using a grayish color scheme, this kitchen adds a contemporary vibe to the Victorian kitchen. It makes the kitchen look more formal and trendy.

Victorian Kitchen faucet

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At this point, you may already have design preferences in your mind. So, we go to a smaller section here, the Victorian kitchen faucet ideas.

1. Authentic Victorian Kitchen Faucet

Photo by SV Design

For you who are looking for the original Victorian house interior vibe, this faucet is the perfect choice for your kitchen. It perfectly replicates the originality of the 19th-century elegance.

2. Modern Victorian kitchen faucet

Photo by Taste Design Inc

This faucet is excellent to add a bit of a modern touch to Victorian kitchen ideas. This small detail can make your kitchen look more trendy and blend well with the modern environment.

3. Elegant Victorian Kitchen Faucet

Photo by Christine Donner Kitchen Design Inc.

Some people want to push their Victorian kitchen design even further to create a glamorous and elegant look. Fortunately, this faucet design is perfect for that purpose.

Victorian Kitchen Cabinet

Cabinetry plays a big part in any kitchen design. In this part, we gathered some of our favorite victorian kitchen cabinet ideas.

1. Contemporary Victorian Kitchen Cabinet

Photo by Fivecat Studio | Architecture

Bright white color with solid cuts makes this cabinet work in any modern home interior. The details on it are also perfect for pulling off the Victorian kitchen design.

2. Transitional Victorian Kitchen cabinet

Photo by Todd Richesin Interiors

This transitional Victorian cabinet can go well with most designs, especially with eclectic, minimalist, and mid-century modern designs. And fortunately, its pale yellow color makes it perfect for Victorian designs as well.

3. Rustic Victorian kitchen cabinet

Photo by Buckenmeyer Architecture

For people who love traditional design, this cabinet can also match your Victorian kitchen plan. It will provide you with the most authentic Victorian kitchen experience.

Victorian Kitchen Curtain

As for the decoration, curtains and draperies play a big part in Victorian kitchen designs. Here are our favorite picks.

1. Classic Victorian Kitchen Curtain

Photo by

If you are looking for a curtain to complete your classic-looking kitchen, this can be an excellent pick. This curtain will go well with most Victorian and classic designs and bring the atmosphere to a whole new level.

2. Rustic Victorian Kitchen Valance

Photo by

This valance can be a great pair to your traditional Victorian kitchen. Not only does it complete any rustic style interior, but it also allows more natural light to seep in.

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To conclude, pulling off a Victorian-style kitchen is not so hard if you know the basics. Even though we already provided quite a handful of ideas, the internet is still a massive place to look for more kitchen design pictures. You can also combine different sources of ideas to create your unique Victorian kitchen design.

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