7 Places One Can Use Artificial Turf 

Artificial turf strands are fake grass but look natural with a lush green appearance. One can get them in different shapes, heights, and widths to fit the available spacing requirements. 

Canada is spread across a total area of 3,855,100 sq mi. Regarding green policies, Canada has always been on top with its sustainable building strategies, renewable energy, eco-friendly policies, and more. 

Synthetic grass is environmentally friendly. The artificial turf Canada does not need regular watering or trimming, and one would not have to deal with weeds. As there will be no bugs, there is no need to use harmful fertilizers and pesticides. 

Where to Install

Check out the best spots where people can place the synthetic turf to enhance the overall look. 

Create a Green Balcony 

fake grass balcony ideas
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Do you live in a condominium or a flat that has a little balcony? In that case, add a sheet of synthetic grass to the balcony to enjoy the outside scenery whenever you want. People can sit on the lawn or add a little table with chairs if their balcony has enough space. Also, setting flowering plants or potted home plants on the balcony shelves is incredible. 

Add It to Make Landscaping More Attractive

Folks can use such strands in landscaping regions to build footpaths for their backyard or garden. For example, they can cut the turf into circular, square, or rectangle shapes and attach them to the ground, giving a gap of one or two feet. They can put pebbles in this distance to create a walkway. Another way is to make borders around the landscape and hardscape features. Also, fellows can use it as a carpet to put a small piece of furniture in an isolated area. 

Make Your Patio Yard Stunning 

fake grass for patio ideas
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Do you have a patio yard in your house and wish to make it look more stunning? If so, it is best to wrap a small section or entire patio deck using synthetic grass. Depending on the patio size, you can cut the artificial turf to fit it in the accessible space. 

Create a Small Area to Play with Your Pets 

The artificial turf in Canada can also be used to make an isolated space indoors for playing with your pets. In Canada, fellows might not have many chances to play outdoors with their pets if they live in the northernmost part as it experiences cold temperatures. In addition, non-coastal areas in Canada experience snow for about half a year, whereas the northernmost regions experience snow throughout the year. 

Add It to the Children’s Play Area and Courts 

Artificial turf is durable and can resist constant and rough footing, so putting it on the ground in the kids’ play area is beneficial. So, children who accidentally fall while playing won’t be hurt. 

People often install these in ball courtyards. This way, the court will be clean to be played at any time as the grass strands will not grow, eliminating the weed problem, and it does not need regular maintenance. 

Use It as a Carpet or Mat 

Another best way to use it is as a carpet or mat. You can install it outdoors or indoors as per your convenience. The grass strands are not hard and turn down when a person steps on them, so they would not cause discomfort when people walk over them. 

Attach It to a Wall 

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Many people strive to be unique when designing their homes or any property. Are you a gathering enthusiast and often like to see greenery? In that case, it is best to put a sheet of artificial turf and cover the wall in your home, office, or other areas. You can add custom-built concealing shelves to the green wall and put some plants in them. 

Bottom Line 

The places where you can use artificial turf are not limited. So, if you are creative enough and have sufficient space, you can think of new ways to install it in different areas.

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