How to Accent Your Home with Floating Shelves

Create Eye-Catching Vignettes in Every Room

We love a floating wall shelf. It melds seamlessly with your decor, and because there are no visible brackets for mounting, you maintain the crisp, minimal style that’s so on-trend in home interiors right now.

Perhaps even better than how visually appealing they are is that floating shelves are ideal for every room in your house. Get inspired by our favorite ideas for each room, or create a Pinterest board to find new ways to incorporate floating shelves into your home – even in the hallway.

How Do Floating Shelves Hang?

Floating shelves are mounted using a bracket that screws into wall studs – or is anchored in place in the drywall. The shelf then slips over the bracket, completely concealing it inside.

Some hidden brackets are made of wood, while others are crafted out of metal. When properly installed, they hold a surprising amount of weight, making them suitable options for your home.

The Living Room, Family Room, or Den

floating shelves in the living room

  • Top floating shelves with framed family photos and vases of dried pampas, grass, or eucalyptus for long-lasting arrangements. Add small seasonal baubles for each holiday.
  • Display your family’s favorite movies on DVD or Blu-Ray, so movie night is a cinch.
  • Show off souvenirs from your global travels, along with small photos of the places you’ve been. It’s like a 3-D scrapbook of your adventures.
  • Memorialize a beloved family member or pet by dedicating a shelf to them. Framed paw prints or a portrait, their favorite belongings, and other memories will all have a special place of their own.
  • Hang a shelf below your wall-mounted television to create a space-saving TV stand. Call the electrician to add an outlet at shelf height, so your cords and cables are easily contained.
  • Arrange a precious collection for all to see – vintage dishware, rocks, minerals, or whatever your heart desires.

The Primary Bedroom

floating shelves on the bedroom

  • Hang floating shelves above dressers or bureaus to add floor-to-ceiling storage or to display additional decor items.
  • Create a designer walk-in closet using floating shelves instead of mass-produced closet organization systems. An elegant wood shelf looks much better than a flimsy wire one.
  • Display your sneaker or other shoe collection on floating shelves to create a focal wall. It’s artwork you can wear!

Children’s Bedrooms

floating shelves on the children's bedroom

  • Hang a short floating shelf to hold the next day’s outfit, folded up and ready to be put on. You’ll reduce stress in the morning and save lots of time.
  • Use floating shelves as a bookcase to keep floor space open. Check the weight rating of the shelves before loading them up.
  • Stow school supplies on a shelf in cute containers. Crayons, notebooks, scissors, and glue are put away until they’re needed.
  • Organize stuffed animals atop a shelf or two. Arrange them like stadium seating in a sports-themed room.

The Kitchen

floating shelves in the kitchen

  • Add depth to an existing shallow window sill by mounting the shelf just below it to accommodate potted herbs. They’ll be easily accessible when you cook a meal for your family.
  • Remove bulky cabinets and hang open shelving instead for dinner plates, bowls, coffee mugs, and baking dishes. Wood shelves can match your existing cabinets or be in a contrasting but complementary color.
  • Line a pantry with open shelving that looks high-end with labeled matching jars of dry goods. People will ask if you’re an influencer!

The Hallway or Entryway

  • Line one or both sides of a hallway with floating shelves about a foot from the ceiling to add storage in a small apartment. File away paperwork, small treasures, holiday decor, and more in matching boxes with labels.
  • Use a floating shelf in place of a console table in the entryway. It’s the perfect place to catch your keys at the end of a long day at work.

In the Bathroom

  • Install a shelf above the bathroom door to store items like toilet paper or hand soap refills. They’re out of your normal line of sight, but it’s still easy to tell when you need to restock.
  • Use floating shelves like an open linen closet. Put your best towels on display.
  • Organize the beauty items you use every day on a floating shelf. Put the most beautiful jars and bottles toward the front.
  • Hang a shelf above the towel rack and use it to hold a scented soy candle for a spa-like bath experience. (Just remember to blow it out and keep the flame away from the wall and other flammable objects and products.) An LED candle can be a safer option. 

The Laundry Room

  • Mount a floating shelf on the wall above your washing machine and dryer to store detergent and fabric softener.
  • Hang a shelf dedicated to each family member, and place their folded clean clothes on them for easy organization. Have them retrieve their stack at the end of the day.

The Dining Room

  • Display collectible – but not valuable – pieces of china on open shelving.
  • Use a long floating shelf as a modern sideboard. Most are strong enough to hold about 45 pounds if properly installed, which is more than enough for coffee service for your family gathering.
  • Create a bar shelf for your next party. Don’t forget the stemware!

The Guest Bedroom

  • Use short floating shelves in place of nightstands to free up floor space. Choose the size that suits your needs.
  • In lieu of a dresser, hang a couple of shelves for your guests’ belongings. They’re the perfect perch for a purse or laptop bag.

The Home Office

  • Keep everyday necessities on a floating shelf next to your desk so it’s all in reach.
  • Use a deep floating shelf as a standing desk for your laptop when you need to stand up and move around.

The Rec Room

  • Stow ping-pong paddles and balls, games, and billiards supplies on floating shelves to maximize the space for tables and squishy sofas.
  • Use floating shelves as an end table, so there’s one less piece of furniture to move when it’s time to set up Twister.

Get Creative!

When it comes to finding creative ways to decorate and organize your home, you’re limited only by what you can think up. We bet you can come up with even more ways to use trendy floating shelves.

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