Things You Should Know Before Ordering a Pool Storage Shed     

If you have a pool in your house, you will need a pump that draws the water and sends it for heating, treating, and filtering to other devices. Without one, your pool will remain contaminated with algae bloom, debris, and dirt, making it unsuitable for use.

But leaving your pump out in the open makes it highly vulnerable to damage from harsh weather conditions. Without securing it in a sturdy box or container, there are also chances of someone stealing the pumping device.

The best way to protect your equipment is to install a storage shed, preferably made of steel. It looks good, performs its job well, and is a wise investment. Here are some more things you should know before buying a shed.

Why should you get a shed?

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The foremost reason behind getting a pump house is that it protects your equipment from theft and other external hazards. It is a significant investment, and you should be concerned about its safety.

Having a shed with gable roofs and windows makes the pool area more appealing, not to mention its role in decreasing the noise generated by the device. It serves both aesthetic and functional purposes. 

What type of storage should you buy?

If you want to buy pool pumpb storage sheds, it is better to go with those manufactured from steel because they can withstand rain, snow, thunder, and harsh conditions without incurring damage. 

Metal sheds are highly durable, require very little maintenance, and are cheaper compared to materials such as wood. Steel can withstand high temperatures, and if there’s a fire, it will remain largely undamaged, unlike wooden sheds. 

Choosing customizable pump houses

It is a good idea to order your storage unit from a company that offers easy-to-assemble, customizable sheds that meet your requirements. A pre-built non-customized structure might not fulfill your needs.

Having the option to customize allows you to specify the area for pipe openings, select a custom wall height, and have shelves for storing chemicals and cleaning equipment.

For example, one of the popular features of pump storage units is double hinged doors at the front with a hinged roof. A steel-framed house provides an additional layer of security. 

A good company will offer you sheds in various shapes and sizes. You could also ask them if they provide houses for oddly shaped spaces, for example, trapezoidal and corners.

Are they easy to assemble?

DIY pump houses are easy to assemble because you receive them as pre-assembled panels, allowing you to install them without difficulty. You may require some tools like a drilling machine.

In most cases, the company supplying the shed will provide tutorial videos to guide you throughout the installation process, including tips on minor site preparation and attaching the structure to the ground. Instead of spending money hiring people to erect the building, you can do it yourself.

But if you are hesitant about handling the installation process yourself, it’s better to ask the supplier if they provide services like concreting and installation. 

What color options are available?

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Depending on your type, you will find storage units in various color options. For example, some colors available for heavy-duty steel are classic cream, shale grey, wind-spray, and dune/birch. A few color choices for corrugated steel are gully, jasper, cottage green, manor red, basalt, surf mist, and evening haze. 

Having a storage shed for your pool pump is good as it looks good, provides optimum protection, and requires very little maintenance. However, before buying one, you must ensure it is customizable and easy to assemble. 

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