How to find an Extensions Architect Company

People want to add a building extension to their homes or business premises for many different reasons. However, the most common reason is to add extra space. Extensions will also often increase the value of a property. A well-designed extension creates more valuable space and can help realize a better sales valuation. 

However, the kind of extension homeowners can vary depending on their budgets, local regulations, and personal tastes and preferences. An extension may be a simple addition to a ground floor, for example, to add an office area, or maybe a more complex one, such as a double-story wrap that changes the overall look of the building.

One thing to note is that when you want to build a house extension, you have to employ the advice and services of a professional extension architect. Always work with a reputable extensions architect company because it brings together various professionals who will help to produce a quality project.

What is extensions architecture? 

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When we mention extension architecture, we refer to a practice in the building industry that is useful during all of the stages of constructing an extension and brings on board a pool of professionals such as planners, interior and architectural designers, and even civil and structural engineers. This helps to ensure the customer gets the best possible outcome in terms of the design and implementation of their proposed building extension project. 

Why hire an extensions architect company? 

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While some buildings extension may not require the services of an extension architect company, hiring specialized consultants in extension is often still a better idea and will guarantee excellent results, cost savings, and compliance with the various requirements. A reputable extensions architectural company has the various professionals needed in constructing extensions and has experience in a wide range of extension projects. They can help to construct various extensions, including but not limited to the following:

  • loft extensions
  • rear extensions
  • kitchen extensions
  • house side extensions

Some of the benefits of hiring an extension architect firm include:

  • Quicker approval: If your extension requires planning permission, you must submit architectural drawings that form part of the application. When you have an architect work on your professional planning drawings, you stand a better chance of having your planning application approved on the first attempt. This will not only save you the additional expenses of resubmitting the application as an appeal but will avoid a lot of hassle and wasted time. 
  • Better space utilization: professional architect firms are professionals who help project owners optimally use the available space. The interior specialists will look into how to design the layout for the best furniture arrangement and other key things.
  • Fewer planning issues: when you use the services of an extensions architect company, their specialists offer the best advice and come up with excellent design solutions to avoid planning issues. For example, the impact of your building on your neighbors. And thanks to their networks and experience, architects can liaise with the local authorities in your area to have a smoother planning permission application process.
  • Better ergonomically-adapted space: an extension is not just an extension because it may be poorly designed, resulting in some awkward areas hampering easy movement and comfortable living. Hiring an extensions architect company such as Humphreysandsons ensures the space is properly planned to be a pleasant and comfortable environment and avoids issues like narrow corridors. All things fall and flow easily.

Why hire Humphreys and Sons for your extension?

With several architectural firms offering services for building extensions in London and other areas in the UK, you need to be careful not to get a raw deal or get into trouble later after hiring an unreliable firm. The good news is that you can count on Humphreys and Sons as your best extensions architect company choice because they are committed to offering a holistic service and leave no gaps that may cost you later. 

The company will ensure that if you are constructing your extension near or over some drainage system, or you want to connect it to a communal drain, they help you get the formal permission that needs to be obtained from the local authorities. Failure to obtain such permission could result in the building inspector stopping your work on the site, or the project may never be signed off, resulting in serious financial losses and being involved in legal tussles. As experts in the planning permission application, Humphrey and Sons allow for such considerations when designing and working on your extension.

Crucial Concern

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Another crucial concern is the responsibilities and strict duties that Construction Design and Management regulations related to health and safety place on the project owners. And it does not matter if you are a homeowner implementing a small project in your home or executing a big construction project; the regulations apply to all. Because the company has expertise in the field, they can help ad advise you accordingly to ensure you abide by all requirements and avoid any problems.

Moreover, the architectural firm is a great expert in various issues and processes that fall under The Party Wall Act and offers its clients the necessary advice and guidance to implement projects as required. This ensures your extension construction is not halted or has the risk of facing severe consequences legally that could result in heavy financial implications. 

Things to consider when building extensions

Before you embark on any extension project, you should have some things at the back of your mind, and they include:

  • the budget you have set aside for the project
  • any need to get planning permission
  • if there are party wall or boundary considerations
  • the location of the drainage system about your proposed extension 
  • if you need to get insurance for the extension 

The above and other considerations can help you understand the various requirements, but working with a reliable extensions architectural company can make things easier for you.


Building an extension improves your living space by enlarging available space and allowing layout. It also makes your property more valuable. Hire the best extensions architect company to get the best results from your extension project. The experts will enable you to save money, get what you wanted (or better) and avoid any problems during the implementation.

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