How to Set Up a Reinvented Conventional Kitchen

How to Set Up a Reinvented Conventional Kitchen – If you are staying in a builder’s apartment, you would most likely have a conventional kitchen with a typical cemented platform. Such kitchens are finished with traditional marble and granite slabs and attached with a sink structure. If you wish to reinvent your conventional kitchen, you have more than one ways to introduce contemporary elements in your space, which can help you set up your perfect kitchen.

You can dismantle the entire structure of your existing kitchen and remodel it to include modern elements, including frameless cabinets, European-style settings, minimalistic aesthetics, and more. The demand for modern room designs is on the rise. With the increasing expansion of high-rise apartments, it’s only customary for people to decorate their kitchens with modern amenities.

Let us look at some modern cabinetry and innovative designs that can help revamp your kitchens and convert them into a reinvented version. 

Design Ideas For Your Kitchen: Revamping Basic Elements

Flat Panel Style Doors

Most conventional kitchens are decorated with settings that function in a very traditional style. In contrast, modern styles always focus on lending superior functionality and seamless operation to your kitchen. Flat-panel doors are one example of contemporary-style kitchens, where they often become the most significant element to dominate the revamping exercise. These doors make a move over traditional knob-style doors, which can be commonly found affixed in most old kitchens.

Frameless Cabinet Construction

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Built without the wooden face boards, frameless cabinets compete with traditionally styled wooden cabinets to make kitchens appear more modern and offer greater utility. The sleek design and structure of these cabinets help make more space for kitchen items and makes them more accessible to the owner. What comes as a side benefit to the enhanced utility of these cabinets is their modern appearance.

Including Technology At The Counter

Involving technology makes your kitchen’s revamping exercise to the modern-day. Technology solutions have the potential to improve your quality of life and make it easier to conduct routine tasks in your kitchen.

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Certain modern kitchen solutions provide seamless ways of navigating the hassles of daily work without much effort. The pull down tv mount is one such option for your kitchen, which features an easy pull-down mechanism with cable management and offers safe and easy functionality. The innovative solution increases the operational efficiency of appliances and eliminates the hassles involved in the kitchen.

Functional Hardware Options

When it comes to hardware solutions in your kitchen, you should opt for something that is functional. The good thing about the reinvented conventional kitchen is that you can utilize space very efficiently and fix hardware to occupy minimal space. Options that can be easily integrated into your cabinets and wall spaces have a good chance of finding a place in such kitchens. Not only do they help you save a lot of space, but they fulfill their prime function, which is to give your kitchen a modern look.



You can place things that you need the least in a loft, which are placed right on top of the main kitchen cabinets and storage areas. The most common items that you can place in these spaces are big boxes to vessels and other big items. This will leave enough space for essential items which can be placed in the main cabinets. 

Base Units

Using heavier items is best avoided, especially if you don’t need them every day. A base unit provides space for such heavy utensils and other heavy items which are used occasionally. 

Supplies And Stores

Besides the usual vessels and appliances, you will need several accessories and other useful items to help you stay organized. The best way to ensure easy and quick access to items such as washing liquids, scrubbers, and gloves, is to store them right below the sink. This is the perfect way to hide all the clutter that they can create if left in the open and keep them organized in one place.

Having incorporated these, you will be able to work in a convenient setting and save your time while trying to set your kitchen items in a limited space. Some of the best examples of functional hardware options include pull-out trays, electronic style lifts, lightning inserts, and more.

These changes are just a few glimpses of how a kitchen can be remodeled to include modern fixtures and revamp its appearance. There are many other ways in which you can retain the existing elements in your kitchen or renovate the old fixtures to give them a modern look. The following points guide you through a few solutions –

  • Start by planning out the layout of your kitchen. With a strategic plan, you will be able to make your kitchen clutter-free and utilize the given space up to its maximum potential. Whether you plan to introduce new fittings or reuse the old ones, ensure that you are comfortable with the overall layout.
  • Decide on the locations of cabinets, drawers, electrical appliances, gadgets, and RO filters to understand the best positions for each element of your kitchen. Accessing each of them should be convenient, and they should take up as little space as possible in your modern kitchen.
  • Try customizing your cabinets and doors. Since you are revamping your existing kitchen, it is possible to make changes at the modular level and tailor-make every interior element to suit your convenience. So, given the dimensions of your kitchen, you can have cabinets in different sizes and section each drawer to accommodate different kitchen items such as your cutlery or pots and pans. 
  • Opt for laminate paneling to camouflage existing countertops since most of them will be made of vertical supports or concrete.
  • Next, plan smart spaces for your kitchen by installing modular accessories. This includes wire drawers, adjustable shelves, bin holders, and pull-out cabinets. If certain areas in your kitchen are inaccessible, opt for fittings to make them functional and help you utilize the space completely. Corner carousels are typical examples of functional accessories that can be fitted in such corner spaces to create utility for cutlery, spices, bottles, vegetables, and more. Introducing a tall unit may be more beneficial for your kitchen since it will create a separate pantry area to store these items.
  • Introduce modular shelves and wall fittings in your kitchen so that you can keep all your essential items organized and arranged neatly. Choose a wall to place these shelves, such that they are arranged according to how often they’re used. For example, a shelf for storing glasses will be useful on a wall directly above the sink, where you can wash and store them right away. Similarly, items like spoons, spatulas, tongs, and other utilities will prove to be useful right above the stove.
  • Include a chimney in your kitchen because, without it, your reinvented kitchen is almost incomplete. Since you will include multiple functional elements in your kitchen, it is necessary to prevent dust, grime, and oily residue on them for long and durable life. A chimney brings a modern and aesthetic look to your interiors while serving a very useful function. Look for wall-mounted, built-in, or island chimneys to suit your convenience.
  • While you look for effective management of spaces and quick installation, you can also alter the color scheme of your interiors if you want your modernized kitchen to stand out. Right from the cabinets to the doors and kitchen accessories, you can choose from various monochrome and multi-colored laminates that will bring a fresh look to your space.
  • Experiment with tiles and stones in vibrant colors to bring the desired effect to your kitchen. It depends on whether you want something light and breezy or sophisticated and muted. The market is filled with options, so you’re spoilt for choice. 

With this, we conclude the best tips to revamp your traditional kitchen into a conventional kitchen. With so many ways to decorate your kitchen, you can browse for as many options and ways to bring a touch of novelty to your interiors. 


To Sum Up

Your kitchen is the true heart of your home, a place where you spend your time creating art with food. When you have a modern kitchen to walk into, you will feel energized to experiment and try new dishes every day. 

With modern fittings and a contemporary design, you can make use of your kitchen space like never before. Often, traditional kitchen settings lack proper utilization of space and enough fittings to accommodate the multitude of accessories that we tend to use while cooking meals. This lack of space and functionality can pose a challenge when it comes to maintaining and running your kitchen without any hassle. 

Thus, it’s always essential to make the right choices when it comes to reinventing your conventional kitchen, as it can completely change the way you look at cooking. So bring out your mood boards and start revamping your kitchen to make it modern and functional like never before. 

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